4 Problem Solving Plumbing Items

Unique Plumbing Items You Should Know About

Save yourself countless hours of unnecessary work with these unique plumbing items!  These four handy repair parts and kits can make quick work of specific problems that would otherwise turn into major, time-consuming jobs. These items can keep you from relocating pipes or tearing into walls or floors. They will also make it easier to meet ADA compliance. Learn about each plumbing solution below, so that if and when you encounter one of these situations, you will already know about these hacks that will make the job ten times easier.

Urinal Flange Repair Kit

1. Urinal Flange Repair Kit

Part #65784

This Urinal Flange Repair Kit repairs 2-inch urinal flanges without having to remove the original flange. It can be used to repair plastic and metal flanges. It comes with all the parts needed to repair your broken flange. The adjustable metal flange opens up and closes around the base of the flange, between the broken flange and the urinal gasket. Close the adjustable metal flange, install your bolts, and voila! Your flange is now repaired. Included in the flange repair kit are the adjustable metal flange, a neoprene gasket, 2-inch bolts (2), nuts (2), and washers (2).

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2. Sloan Flushometer Offset Adapter

Part #48691

This Offset Adapter is made by Sloan for select Sloan flush valves. It is needed most often when upgrading a manual flushometer to a sensor unit because making that change can sometimes position the flush valve too close to the grab bar. This can affect ADA compliance, and obstruct access to the override button. The adapter lowers the total height of the flushometer by 1-1/2 inches. This creates enough space for an ADA-compliant grab bar without having to relocate the water supply inlet pipe. The Offset Adapter is designed for use with G2, SOLIS®, and ECOS® flushometers.

Flush valve offset adapter for grab bar ADA compliance

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Sinchnut Faucet Lock Nuts

3. Sinchnut Faucet Lock Nuts

Part #68691

The Sinchnut is a simple and easy-to-use alternative to brass faucet shank nuts. It enables you to more quickly complete faucet installations. Unlike traditional faucet lock nuts, which are usually made of one solid piece of brass, Sinchnuts are made of 2 plastic pieces that are hinged, so you can open and close them over the faucet shank after the supply lines have been inserted into the holes of the sink. Sold in quantities of two.

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4. Shift and Lift Offset Kit

Part #’s 47400, 47432, 47433

The Shift and Lift Offset Kit is a universal water closet carrier offset kit that enables plumbers and facility managers to offset wall-hung fixtures without tearing out the walls, tiles, or the carrier itself. It’s made by Mifab. This kit is used most often when new toilet partitions, flooring, and other remodeling updates cause the closet fixtures in a restroom to lose compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Available in 3 adjustment sizes:

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Sinchnut: A New Lock Nut for Easy Faucet Installation

Installing a lavatory faucet or a kitchen faucet can be backbreaking work. You need to crawl under the sink into a cramped, dimly lit space in order to thread and tighten the faucet lock nuts, and then install the supply lines. This is often done while laying on your back on a very uncomfortable, uneven surface. You may have thought to yourself, there has got to be a better way to install a faucet. Well, now there is!

Introducing the Sinchnut!

This clever, patented device will make faucet installation much quicker and easier. No longer will you need to work upside down, straining your back muscles, endlessly spinning the faucet nut or locknut up the faucet shank in order to install a lavatory faucet or kitchen faucet.

See how easy it is to install this new style faucet lock nut in our latest how-to video:

Can’t view the video? Scroll down to view the animated image below to see how the Sinchnut is installed. If you would like to read the video transcription, you can read it at the very bottom of this article. 

How the Sinchnut Works

With the Sinchnut, you can connect the supply lines to the faucet first, before you even put the faucet into the holes of your sink. Once the supply lines are attached to the faucet, you can then insert the supply lines and the faucet into the mounting holes. Next comes the Sinchnuts. Unlike regular faucet lock nuts which are usually made of solid pieces of brass, Sinchnuts are made of two plastic pieces that are linked by a hinge that allows you to open and close the nut.

Once your lavatory faucet or kitchen faucet and supply lines have been inserted into the holes of the sink, all you have to do is open your Sinchnut, wrap it high up around the faucet shank, and close the Sinchnut, locking it in place with a click. Then turn it until it is tight, just like you would an ordinary locknut, and you’re done! No more backbreaking, upside down faucet installations.


New Faucet Locknut: The Sinchnut GIF


See how easy it is to install this new faucet locknut called the Sinchnut in the image above. Simply close the clasp, lock it into place and voila! Your new faucet installation is secured with the newest and easiest faucet shank lock nut solution.

How to Order Sinchnuts

Equiparts has Sinchnuts in stock and ready to ship. Give us a call and make your next faucet installation a Sinch!

Sinchnut Locking Faucet Nut View the Sinchnut on our website to add it to your online quote, or give us a call to place your order.

Toll-Free: 800-442-6622
Pittsburgh: 412-781-9100
Monday-Friday 7:30-5:00PM EST.



Not interested in the Sinchnut? Then learn about the SaniGuard Fogger, another fabulous product that sanitizes an entire room, vehicle, or area in mere minutes.


Read the Sinchnut (Faucet Lock Nut) Introductory Video transcription below. This is for those of you that cannot view the video.

Hi this is Jim with Equiparts, I’m here to show you a new item called the Sinchnut. The Sinchnut helps you install a lavatory or a kitchen faucet faster and easier than traditionally. We are here at our test station and normally, what you do is when you install your faucet, you put your faucet in the holes and you tighten up the faucet lock nut. Then you go back under and add your supply lines. In this case with the Sinchnut, you can install your supply lines first, put them down through the holes, and then, you snap on your Sinchnut(s), do a few turns, and it’s tight. As you can see, this is hinged. So you can wrap it around the shaft of the faucet. It opens and closes easily. Call Equiparts today for your new Sinchnuts and thank you for watching. Reference part #68691. 800-442-6622.