Zurn EZ Gear Electronic Flushometers

The EZ Gear Flush Valve harnesses technology from Zurn’s three proven solutions: E-Z Flush®, AquaSpec®, and GO BLUE®. They combined the dual action of E-Z Flush’s motor-gear operation and AquaSpec’s ceramic disc cartridge to create a flush valve with no solenoid! Zurn’s tough and chemical-resistant GO BLUE® diaphragm, gaskets, and seals are also utilized in these new flushometers. The result? The next generation of optimized gear-driven sensor technology.

EZ Gear Flushometer Features

E-Z Flush®
No Solenoid – Motor gear technology from the E-Z Flush eliminates the use of solenoids and reduces moving parts in the waterway. 

Long Lasting – EZ Gear technology uses a ceramic disc cartridge that is the pulse of the AquaSpec faucet line. Together with the motor gear, it withstands heavy use. Count on it to last up to 1,000,000 uses! 

Chemical Resistant – Zurn’s TPE GO BLUE diaphragm, gaskets and seals resist chemicals and last 8-10 times longer than traditional rubber parts. Clog and Chloramine resistant.

Additional Features

Durable Brass Body – The heavy-duty brass body has a polished chrome finish that stands up to extreme wear without losing luster. The brass body is made with a proprietary dezincification-resistant, low-lead brass alloy.
Actuator – Electronic automatic sensor, battery-operated (standard).
Manual Override Button
Control Stop – Internal siphon-guard protection, vandal-resistant stop-cap sweat solder kit. Cast wall flange with set screw.
Vacuum Breaker – High back pressure, one piece hex coupling nut.
Chloramine-resistant internal seals
Adjustable tailpiece
Spud coupling and flange – For top spud connection

Compliance and Certifications:

  • ADA Compliant
  • ASSE 1037/ASME A112.1037/CSA B125.37
  • cUPC
  • Texas Accessibility Standard (TAS)
  • WaterSense Compliant

Zurn EZ Gear Electronic Flushometer Units

Available in 0.125-1.6 GPF flow rates for urinal and closet applications. Dual flush options are also available. The units have a polished chrome-plated finish, modern top-mount design, and quiet diaphragm operation.

Closet Flushometers:
1.1/1.6 – Part #48653
1.1 GPF – Part #48655
1.28 GPF – Part #48654
1.6 GPF – Part #48657

Urinal Flushometers:
0.125 GPF – Part #48659
0.5 GPF – Part #48658
1.0 GPF – Part #48660

Zurn EZ Gear Sensor Retrofit Kits

Retrofit kits are also available to turn manual flushometers into sensor-operated EZ Gear flush valves. These conversion kits are available for Zurn flushometers and Sloan flushometers in dual flush and single flush options with flow rates from 0.125 to 1.6 GPF. All EZ Gear Retrofit kits also include a strap wrench for installation.

Kits for Zurn Units:
Closet Kits
1.1/1.6 GPF – Part #48661
1.1 GPF – Part #48663
1.28 GPF – Part #48662
1.6 GPF – Part #48664

Urinal Kits
0.125 GPF – Part #48666
0.5 GPF – Part #48665
1.0 GPF – Part #48667

Kits for Sloan Units:
Closet Kits
1.1/1.6 GPF – Part #48661S
1.1 GPF – Part #48663S
1.28 GPF – Part #48662S
1.6 GPF – Part #48664S

Urinal Kits
0.125 GPF – Part #48666S
0.5 GPF – Part #48665S
1.0 GPF – Part #48667S

Learn More and Buy EZ Gear Units

We carry all items made by Zurn, with many units in stock and ready to ship today. To learn more about individual EZ Gear units, click on the links above. You’ll see more product information, as well as a link to their spec sheet. To place an order, either submit a quote request online and we will get back to you with pricing, or for a more immediate response, simply give us a call.

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Offset Adapter for Sloan Flushometers

Avoid split grab bars and expensive wall modifications with Sloan’s new Offset Adapter! This adaptor enables you to install grab bars above a closet flushometer without relocating the inlet pipe. You can stay in ADA compliance without ripping into the wall. It is designed for use with G2, SOLIS®, and ECOS® flushometers.

How Does Sloan’s Offset Adapter Work?

This unobtrusive adapter lowers the total height of the flushometer by 1-1/2 inches. This creates enough space for an ADA-compliant grab bar without having to relocate the water supply inlet pipe. It’s a simple update that saves your facility from the costs and complexities of opening walls or workarounds like split grab bars. It also helps keep your facilities accessible and aesthetically pleasing while keeping labor costs to a minimum. It is also precisely engineered to maintain full pressure and flow to the flushometer.

Where Can the Offset Kit be Used?

The Offset Adapter is designed for use with G2, SOLIS®, and ECOS® flushometers. It’s great for restroom stalls that require ADA compliance, such as those in healthcare facilities, airports, stadiums, schools and universities, convention centers, and other commercial facilities. 

Make sure the adapter kit can be installed in accordance with applicable codes and regulations by reviewing Sloan’s Offset Adapter Installation Instructions PDF. The instructions will help you determine whether recessed sweating is required, and which wall flange to use in conjunction with the adapter. 

Sloan H-1018-A Offset Adapter

Sloan H-1018-A Offset Adapter Features, Specs, and Compliances


  • Updates flushometers to enable ADA grab bar installation
  • Lowers total height of flushometer by 1-1/2″
  • Avoids costly wall modifications
  • Includes mud guard and flange for easy installation
  • Extensively tested for optimal performance and pressure 


  • 1″ Female x 1″ Male 1-1/2” Offset Adapter      
  • 1″ FPT Inlet           
  • 1″ MPT Outlet           
  • Standard 1″ NPT connection to the control stop 


  • The offset adapter shall be in conformance with ASTM Alloy Classification for Red Brass
  • Low lead compliant          

Save, Share, or Download the Sloan Offset Adapter Product Spotlight PDF

Where to Buy

View the Offset Adapter product page on our website where you can request a quote. If you’re ready to place an order, give us a call. Mention Part #48691 when ordering. Bulk orders may qualify for discounted pricing.

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