Spring Inventory Specials

*NOTE* These Inventory Specials were on sale during our Spring 2017 Promo. If you are still interested in one of these items, please give us a call at 800-442-6622 M-F 730AM-5PM EST to see if any are still in stock.


Right now at Equiparts, we’ve got a special One-Time Only Inventory Sale going on that you don’t want to miss! This sale is on select items only, and once our stock of them is gone, the savings will be gone! Check these out:

InventorySpecialsGerm-Free Workplace

Cut down on employee sick time and keep your building healthy with The Aeramax Pro Am III Air Cleaner. The Aeramax Pro Am III will help reduce the spread of airborne germs in your building or facility. It’s perfect for hospitals, health care facilities, schools, office buildings, assisted living facilities, restrooms, and many other types of buildings. The special sensor also helps reduce odors by activating automatically upon detection of unpleasant smells.

Another great product to help reduce illness is the Sloan Sensor Operated Sanitizer Dispenser and Stand. The dispenser automatically delivers a pre-measured pattern of anti-bacterial mist to ensure full hand coverage. The see-through cover allows you to easily check sanitizer levels. The dispenser can be mounted on the wall, or you can place it in the portable Dispenser Stand, and move it when you need to. The Stand is sold separately from the dispenser and can be used in conference rooms, auditoriums, gyms, meeting areas, near entrances and exits, and any other area where frequent hand contact takes place.

Electronic Faucets

Looking for an affordable sensor activated faucet? We have them at Equiparts! Toto’s Ecopower Faucet uses a self-generating hydropower system to run the unit. The micro-sensor is positioned underneath the spout head for accurate hand detection and consistent water distribution. We also have an electronic faucet from Technical Concepts with Surround Sensor Technology that can save you up to 70% in water usage.

We also have a Moen shower handle and shower escutcheon, as well as a Sloan Flush Valve body with no handle opening as part of this Special Inventory Sale.

The prices on all of these items have never been lower, and will only be around while supplies last. So don’t miss out! Call us now at 800-442-6622 M-F 730AM-5PM EST.

To see our full Spring 2017 Promotion, click here:

Equiparts Spring 2017 Special Promotion!

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