New MaxiFlex Ultimate Cooling Gloves

The Newest Glove from Protective Industrial Products: MaxiFlex® Ultimate™ Cooling Gloves

If you’re looking for a glove that offers top-of-the-line comfort and dry grip, MaxiFlex Ultimate Cooling Gloves are the answer. MaxiFlex Ultimate Cooling Gloves are made with AD-APT™ technology that keeps hands 31% cooler than the standard MaxiFlex Ultimate gloves.

How Do MaxiFlex Ultimate Cooling Gloves Keep Hands Cool?

MaxiFlex Ultimate Cooling Gloves have a unique design that enables the following:

  • Regulation – Keep hands cool to reduce sweat

  • Circulation – 360-degree breathability moves air in and out

  • Ventilation – Channels heat away

  • Excellent Dexterity – Rounded fingertips and increased sensitivity allow for detailed work

What exactly is “AD-APT technology”?

AD-APT technology is a proprietary system that releases microencapsulated, natural cooling agents as the temperature rises on the inside palm area of the glove. This keeps your hands dry, comfortable, and more productive all day long. Patented AIRtech® channels give these gloves the ultimate ventilation.

MaxiFlex Ultimate Cooling Gloves

When should you wear MaxiFlex Cooling Gloves?

This style of MaxiFlex gloves are designed to be worn in primarily dry environments, but they can also be worn when working with light oils. They have micro-foam nitrile coated palms and fingers, giving you excellent grip and dexterity in chemicals including oils, petrochemicals, fuels, and most acids. Here are some example situations when MaxiFlex Cooling Gloves should be worn:

  • Maintenance tasks
  • General assembly
  • Micro-engineering
  • Automotive components
  • Painting
  • Horticulture
  • Warehousing

MaxiFlex® Ultimate Cooling Gloves Sizes and Equiparts Part Numbers:MaxiFlex-Ultimate-Cooling-Gloves

#38349  SM MaxiFlex Ultimate with AD-APT
#38350  MED MaxiFlex Ultimate with AD-APT
#38351  LG MaxiFlex Ultimate with AD-APT
#38352  XL MaxiFlex Ultimate with AD-APT
#38353  XXL MaxiFlex Ultimate with AD-APT


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MaxiFlex Ultimate Glove Size Chart

MaxiFlex Ultimate Glove Size Chart

*Note: We do not stock the XS size of this glove. To inquire about ordering XS in bulk, please give us a call.

Why does Equiparts love MaxiFlex Gloves?

Equiparts has supplied our customers with MaxiFlex Gloves by Protective Industrial Products for many years. We like MaxiFlex gloves mainly because they provide excellent dexterity. In fact, we have found that most MaxiFlex gloves, like the cooling gloves featured in this article, pass the “Dime Test”. This means that while wearing MaxiFlex Gloves, you can pick a dime up from a flat surface. This proves that the gloves enable the wearer to be nimble. This is the opposite of some thicker, looser gloves that make the wearer more clumsy and unable to grip small items, like screws or hand tools. We also like MaxiFlex and MaxiDry gloves because they are comfortable, high-quality, reusable and long lasting gloves.

Other MaxiFlex Gloves

MaxiFlex® Elite™ – Ultra Lightweight Seamless Knit Nylon Glove

The lightest, fully breathable coated glove

#36967  XS MaxiFlex Elite
#36968  SM MaxiFlex Elite
#36969  MED MaxiFlex Elite
#36970  LG MaxiFlex Elite
#36971  XL MaxiFlex Elite
#36972  XXL MaxiFlex Elite


MaxiDry® – Ultra Seamless Knit Lightweight Nitrile Glove

MaxiDry GlovesPrecision handling in oily and wet environments

#36962 SM MaxiDry
#36963  MED MaxiDry
#36964  LG MaxiDry
#36965  XL MaxiDry
#36966  XXL MaxiDry



MaxiFlex® Ultimate™ – Seamless Knit Nylon/Lycra Glove

Precision handling in dry environments

#36973  XSM MaxiFlex Ultimate
#36974  SM MaxiFlex Ultimate
#36975  MED MaxiFlex Ultimate
#36976  LG MaxiFlex Ultimate
#36977  XL MaxiFlex Ultimate
#36978  XXL MaxiFlex Ultimate

*Note: This is the earlier version of the MaxiFlex Ultimate glove and does not have AD-APT cooling technology.

Where to Buy MaxiFlex Gloves

Want to Buy MaxiFlex Gloves in Bulk?

At Equiparts, we buy MaxiFlex Gloves in bulk, which means that we have them in stock and ready to ship. Inquire about buying MaxiFlex Gloves in Bulk by submitting a quote online or giving us a call.

View our online selection of gloves now or call to place your order.

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