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Fire Sprinkler Shut Off Tool

Quickstop fire sprinkler shut off tool

The Quickstop Fire Sprinkler Shut Off Tool is designed to temporarily stop the flow of water from a fire sprinkler. We highly recommend having this tool on hand in facilities with emergency fire sprinklers. The Talon Fire Sprinkler Tool is a must-have for hotels, classrooms, and commercial buildings.

It can take a long time to shut off the water, especially in larger facilities. Having this tool on hand can save a building from costly water damage. If you want your facility to have the tool it needs to shut off an emergency fire sprinkler, this is the tool you need. It’s reusable, adjustable, and easy to use.

How does the Quickstop Talon Fire Sprinkler Shut Off Tool work?

Quickstop Fire Sprinkler Shut Off ToolThe upper arm slides around the threaded area of the fire sprinkler. The lower arm has a round rubber gasket that seals the opening of the sprinkler head. The gasket fits over the entire opening of the sprinkler which stops the flow of water. The Quickstop Talon is designed to stay out of the direct flow of water so it should be easy to attach to the sprinkler. Then you simply squeeze the clamp to put the tool in place.

On the back of the tool, there is an adjustable screw and nut that can be raised or lowered, enabling the Fire Sprinkler Shut-Off tool to fit various fire sprinkler sizes. Every unit comes preset with the correct settings for the standard fire sprinkler size. There is also a red ‘quick release’ arm that enables the user to release the tool from a sprinkler system with one hand. Inside is a black rubber piece that when heated, expands and causes the tool to release the pressure, which allows the tool to function as a temporary sprinkler in the event of a second fire.

It is made of zinc and chrome plated steel, which protects the tool against rust. The Quickstop Talon has been tested to be 100% water tight up to 350 pounds per square inch (PSI).

Plumbing Fact: According to the International Plumbing Code, a building with water pressure that exceeds 80 PSI requires a pressure reducing valve. This means that this fire sprinkler tool is functional well over the maximum water flow rate. 

What Types of Fire Sprinklers does it work on?

  • • Conventional Fire Sprinklers
  • • Upright Fire Sprinklers
  • • Pendant Fire Sprinklers
  • • Horizontal Sidewall Fire Sprinklers
  • • Vertical Sidewall Fire Sprinklers
  • • Recessed Pendent Fire Sprinklers

This tool works on 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch fire sprinkler heads. Not only does this tool work for various sprinkler head sizes, but it also works on damaged and sheared units as well. The dimensions of the tool are 8 in × 3 in × 2 in.

Order this emergency fire sprinkler shut-off tool by requesting a quote on our website, or by calling us toll-free at 800-442-6622 Monday-Friday, 7:30AM-5:00PM EST.

Share the Quickstop Fire Sprinkler Shut Off Tool PDF with your facility director, maintenance team, or purchasing department to keep your facility prepared in case an activated fire sprinkler needs to be turned off.


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Murdock Fountains: Learn Product Info + View How-to Service Video

How would you like to service your drinking fountain without disassembling the unit? With Murdock water coolers, you can! In this article, you will learn about what differentiates Murdock water coolers from other water cooler brands, how easy it is to service Murdock Maintenance Advantage Water Coolers, the different options now available, and why you should order your Murdock units from Equiparts. We also have an informative video of Bob Murdock during his most recent visit at Equiparts that shows you how easy it is to service Murdock units.

Why Choose Murdock Manufacturing Fountains

Easy to Maintain

Murdock water coolers are designed to make life easier for the maintenance people who service them. The simple configuration of their drinking fountains, water coolers, and bottle fillers allows for easy access to the parts that need attention most often. In addition, there are less moving parts to potentially repair, making maintenance calls less frequent. For example, instead of three push buttons on a water cooler, Murdock fountains have only one.

Service tasks like turning off the water, cleaning the strainer, changing the filter, adjusting water stream height, and replacing the cartridge can be completed easily and without disassembling the unit. See how easy it is to complete these tasks on a popular Murdock Water Cooler model in the video below.


Many Murdock units that were installed over a century ago are still fully functional today. They are a testament to the high-quality craftsmanship and durability of Murdock units.

How to Service Murdock Water Coolers

See just how easy it is to service a Murdock water cooler, and learn about some of the features and options available for the Murdock model A171408F-BF2S water cooler with bottle filler in the how to video above.

The Murdock unit shown is a refrigerated water cooler that has an all-stainless steel cabinet, with a flexible bubbler that supplies users with 8 GPH. The unit has an all-stainless push button activated bottle filler. View this unit on our website: Barrier Free Water Cooler with Bottle Filler (EC Part #66861)

Murdock Fountains

Series and Options

Murdock has 15 different series of water stations available. Below is a sampling of the different series and the various models and additions available for that series.

The Classic series is designed in likeness to the original Murdock fountains. This series includes tulip-filigree-style pedestal outdoor fountains with brass polished bowls and bubblers and manual foot pedal operation. These units are available in barrier-free, ADA-compliant, and freeze resistant configurations. Other features include child height, dual height, push buttons, and pet fountain attachments with three bowls, as well as other additions.

The Outdoor Bottle Filler Series contains a collection of outdoor hydration stations with bottle fillers. The models in this series are stand alone bottle fillers, bottle fillers with pet fountains, drinking fountain bottle filler combination fountains, and many other variations. These outdoor bottle filler units are available in manual or sensor activation, with finish options including stainless steel or powder coated steel in a variety of colors.

The Water Cooler Series has a variety of wall mounted water cooler units with models that include single manual water coolers and bi-level water coolers with sensor operated bottle fillers and bottle counter displays. This series also contains indoor recessed and semi-recessed sensor and push button bottle fillers as well. These units are available in stainless steel or galvanized steel powder coated finishes. There are different bubbler options and vandal resistant push buttons available for these units as well.


Murdock offers lots of customization options. They can add your logo or mascot onto your fountain, cooler, or bottle filler as a vinyl sticker. They can also leave an area of your unit uncovered during powder coating which will leave the shape of your logo or mascot in stainless steel on your unit.


Every Murdock unit is tested for leaks and other potential problems before it is approved for shipping. In many situations when a Murdock unit in the field needs repair, the company will send a service team to inspect the unit or units and perform any necessary repairs.

Murdock fountains and Equiparts

Murdock and Equiparts

Equiparts is a direct distributor of Murdock fountains, water coolers, bottle fillers, and repair parts. Bob Murdock, the owner of Murdock Manufacturing, visits Equiparts frequently to showcase products and teach our sales managers what makes Murdock fountains different from other drinking fountains on the market. He provides detailed information on the various models available in each series, the options available for each model, and how each unit functions internally, as well as how to service them.

Equiparts carries a variety of fountains, water coolers, bottle fillers, filters, and repair parts in stock. We can supply you with any model, including custom orders. At Equiparts, we work with Murdock to fulfill your order accurately, and we’ll ship it to you as quickly as possible.

Give us a call at 800-442-6622 Monday through Friday, 7:30AM-5:00PM EST to learn more about Murdock fountains and place your order. 


Murdock fountain

Photo from Murdock Manufacturing

Murdock Manufacturing Information

Murdock has been manufacturing fountains and hydrants for over 160 years, since 1853. In 2005, Murdock began a new partnership with Morris Group International (Acorn). Today, Murdock carries a variety of fountain lines, including classic and retro units like they made in the 1800s and 1900s, and new modern lines including bottle fillers, water coolers, pet fountains, contemporary round and square series, and more.


View our selection of Murdock fountains and find out what’s on sale now!

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Budget Faucets Summer 2017 Promo

Currently on our Summer 2017 Promo, we have budget faucets. These faucets are cost effective and easy to replace. Listed below are the budget faucets we currently have on sale until September 29th. If a part number below is not clickable, please give us a call at 800-442-6622, M-F 730AM to 5PM, to place your order.


Two Handle Lavatory Faucet with Pop-Up
1.5 GPM, 50/50 Waste Assembly, Lever Handles, 1/2 IPS Connection
#65021 – Chrome Plated – $83.44
#65021BN – Brushed Nickel – $113.36
#65020 – Chrome Plated (Less Pop-up Assembly) – $73.79
#65020BN – Brushed Nickel (Less Pop-up Assembly) – $113.36

Single Handle Lavatory Faucet with Pop-Up
1.5 GPM, 50/50 Waste Assembly, Lever Handle, 3-Hole Application, 1/2 IPS Connection
#65025 – $60.03
#89601 – (Less Pop-Up Assembly) – $52.85

Two Handle High Arc Lavatory Faucet with Pop-Up
1.5 GPM, Lever Handles, 3-Hole Application, 1/2 IPS Connection
#65013 – Chrome Plated – $113.69
#65013BN – Brushed Nickel – $153.35
#65012 – Chrome Plated (Less Pop-up Assembly) – $102.36
#65012BN – Brushed Nickel (Less Pop-up Assembly) – $153.35

Two Handle Lavatory Faucet with Pop-Up
1.5 GPM, Lever Handles, 50/50 Waste Assembly, 3-Hole Application, 1/2 IPS Connection
#65014 – Chrome Plated – $92.90
#65014BN – Brushed Nickel – $126.66
#65015 – Chrome Plated (Less Pop-up Assembly) – $79.65
#65015BN – Brushed Nickel (Less Pop-up Assembly) – $112.19

Two Handle High Arc Kitchen Faucet
8″ Centers, Lever Handles, Gooseneck Spout, Ceramic Stems
#89598 – $85.97

Two Handle Kitchen Faucet
8″ Centers, Lever Handles, Washerless, Ceramic Stems
#54856 – With Spray – $76.42
#54855 – Less Spray – $66.06

Single Lever Washerless Lavatory Faucet
4″ Centers, Uses Delta Type Parts
#54851 – $56.50

Single Handle Kitchen Faucet
8″ Centers, Single Lever, Washerless, Uses Delta Type Parts
#54860 – With Spray – $68.51
#54859 – Less Spray – $60.69

ADA Lavatory Faucet
4″ Centers, Lever Handles, Washerless, Uses Delta Type Parts
#54850 – $37.48

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T&S Pre-Rinse Repair #02001

Right now on the Summer 2017 Promo, we have the T&S Pre-Rinse #02001 (B-0113) currently on sale. This Pre-Rinse unit is ideal for most food service settings. The user has a wider range of use with the spring action type gooseneck. The unit all together is 40 inches high with a 15 inch overhang and a 9 inch clearance. This page breaks down all the repair parts necessary to keep the unit operating properly. Listed below the page are the parts listed on our site. If one of the parts is not listed, please give us a call to place your order.


Click the any of the part numbers below

#02007 – Spray Valve – $65.08
#02010 – Repair Kit for #02007 – $20.52
#02012 – 36 inch Stainless Steel Pre-Rinse Hose – $85.69
#02013 – 44 inch Stainless Steel Pre-Rinse Hose – $54.76
#02014 – 66 inch Stainless Steel Pre-Rinse Hose – $103.99
#02021 – Wall Bracket (Supports Riser Arm) – $53.28
#02022 – Dummy Wall Hook – $53.63
#02115 – Hot Stem (Uses Spring #51807 and Seat Holder #51818) – $10.84
#02116 – Cold Stem (Uses Spring #51807 and Seat Holder #51818) – $10.84
#02160 – Lever Handle – Hot – $1.91
#02161 – Old Style Hot Stem (Uses Flat Washer and Screw) – $7.20
#02162 – Hot Barrel – $6.94
#02163 – Bottom Gasket – $1.07
#02164 – Cold Barrel – $6.94
#02167 – Old Style Cold Stem (Uses Flat Washer and Screw) – $7.20
#02168 – Top Gasket – $3.55
#02170 – Packing – $3.55
#02171 – Packing Nut – $5.51
#02172 – Lever Handle – Cold – $1.91
#02213 – 18 inch Riser – $36.59
#02258 – Spring Body – $13.69
#02260 – Chrome Finger Hook with Mounting Screw – $30.64
#02276 – Old Style Spreader Unit Gasket – $3.90
#51807 – Spring – 98¢
#51818 – Seat Holder – $1.42
#58321 – 21 inch Riser – $39.55
#SP4443 – Bonnet – $9.56

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ClogChopper™ Drain Cleaning Tool



The ClogChopper™ from GClogChopper by General Pipe Cleanerseneral Pipe Cleaners is a powerful drain cleaner that cuts through debris without damaging pipes. Unlike snakes or drain cleaning tool heads that go around tough clogs, the ClogChopper cuts right through them. Clogs caused by roots, scale, and crystallized urine are easily ground up and released by using this tool. The ClogChopper can safely be used in metal, plastic, & clay pipes.


How the ClogChopper™ Works

The ClogChopper has a spherical head with six self-sharpening blades that cut through a large variety of substances that clog a drain. As the snake spins, the blades work together to slice through blockages and safely scrape the walls of pipes to remove built up substances. One of the best features of the tool is that it is specifically designed to safely maneuver around bends and traps while maintaining a central line position. Maintaining that central line position greatly reduces the chance of damaging pipe walls, elbows, connections, and joints. The tool’s “all surface” cutting blades not only clear major blockages, but they also scrape the debris that is coated on the walls of the pipe. This helps stop more debris from collecting and causing another clogged pipe down the line.


The tool connects to the head of General Pipe and Ridgid drain cleaning machines. When in use, the tool glides smoothly through the pipe without rattling or jumping. It filters all debris into and out of the tool in one smooth operation. It attaches to the coupling of the snake, and works on everything from handheld snake tools to mini-rooters and maxi-rooters. The combination of the ClogChopper’s cutting power, smooth maneuverability, and safe wall scraping feature make this a much more effective tool than augers, spiral saws, spade cutters, or similar instruments.

*Order Tip: Standard models connect to General Pipe Products. If you need a ClogChopper that connects to Ridgid snakes or drain cleaning machines, be sure to note that when ordering so we give you the right model for your needs.) 

Rip Through Tough Stoppages with Ease!

The ClogChopper drain cleaning tool is available in many different sizes. We have the following sizes available on our website, and can get  other sizes for our customers:

• 1″ ClogChopper – for 5/16″ and 3/8″ cables. Part #36505 (Part #36505R for Ridgid snakes)
• 2″ ClogChopper – for 5/16″ and 3/8″ cables. Part #37733 (Part #37733R for Ridgid snakes)
• 3″ ClogChopper – for 5/8″ and 3/4″ cables. Part #37741 (Part #37741R for Ridgid snakes)
• 4″ ClogChopper – for 5/8″ and 3/4″ cables. Part #37740

This drain cleaning tool can safely be used in downspouts and mains, for drain lining jobs, and clearing stacks.

General Pipe Cleaners manufacturers high-quality drain cleaning products and tools. All General Pipe Cleaner products are manufactured in the United States. Equiparts has a strong relationship with General Pipe Cleaners. We have been a distributor of their drain equipment for over 40 years. According to the manufacturer, since parts like cutters are subject to severe wear, they will be replaced or repaired  only if a flaw in the material causes the breakage, and if it’s within a year since the purchase.

View, save, or share the Clog Chopper PDF with your colleagues.

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The Benefits of Oxygenated Shower Heads

The Benefits of Oxygenics Shower Heads make them a no-brainer for all situations, in both residential and commercial applications. These high-performance showerheads are water efficient and also improve user shower experience.

OxygenicsShowerHeadGraphic• Supercharging Water with oxygen gets the absolute most out of each drop, making the most efficient use of available resources.

• Adding Oxygen to water is like filling up a balloon with air. It makes the water droplets expand so they come out of the shower heads larger and wider, covering more of you when you shower.

• The Mixture of oxygen and water that occurs in an Oxygenics shower head creates an effect like a jet engine, blasting away dirt and odor with incredible strength.

Anti-Clog properties like Delrin nonstick internal components and the single flow design helps stop clogs like calcium build up from occurring, a common problem in areas with hard, mineral-rich water.

New Showerhead Technology Delivers Power AND Efficiency

Oxygenics showerheads bring you great water pressure while saving water at the same time. They use only 1.5 gallons of water per minute, a whopping 1 GPM less than the maximum the US government mandates (2.5 GPM). Oxygenics showerheads do this without sacrificing pressure. Here’s how:

The Oxygenics Engine: It’s what drives these shower heads. Originally developed in 1981, it has been perfected over three decades to make the most of the available water resources and give you a powerful, water saving shower experience at any pressure.

1. Pressure Chamber: Water is introduced into a pressure chamber that works like a mini-turbine jet, increasing water velocity.

2. Air Vacuum: Water passes through an air vacuum at high speed, infusing oxygen into each drop.

3. Spray Head: The pressurized combination of water and oxygen is released through an expanding nozzle, widening coverage and greatly increasing water power.

Click on any of the showerheads shown below to see them on our website, then request a quote, or call to order Oxygenic showerheads for your facility today! Choose the Oxygenics showerhead model below that is most fitting for your application. These models work well in a variety of settings including: hospitals, schools, multi-family housing, locker rooms, nursing homes, hotels, clubs, and upscale facilities.

Locker Room Showrheadhand held massager water saver showerhead






oxygenics powers showerhead

water efficient showerhead oxygenics multisetting







For assistance choosing the right unit for your facility, and to make sure you order all of the parts needed to install the unit you are looking for, give one of our parts experts a call toll-free at 800-442-6622 Monday-Friday, 7:30AM-5:00PM EST. We ship throughout the contiguous United States.

Are you thinking of a friend or colleague who might be interested in these high-quality, water efficient showerheads? Share the Oxygenics Shower Heads PDF with them!

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The Tools Needed to Complete Flushometer Repairs


The right repair parts aren’t going to help you much if you don’t have the proper tools to install them. At Equiparts, we have all the tools you need for repairing your Sloan flushometers and other flush valve brands.

The tools needed to repair Sloan flush valves are described in detail below. They are also shown in the diagram above to help you identify which tool(s) you need to help you repair all of the different areas of a flushometer. Utilize the flushometer repair picture above to find out which flush valve tools you need to complete your necessary repairs. Read on below to learn more about each flushometer repair tool in the diagram.

Sloan Super Wrench

Sloan Super Wrench

Equiparts Part #08047

This wrench can be used on every exposed nut and hex on any Sloan flush valve. Each area of the Sloan Super Wrench is marked with the Sloan OEM number of the part of the flushometer the tool is meant to fix. It can also be used on Zurn and Toto flush valves too. View the Sloan Super Wrench in our online store.



Cover and Nut Removing Tool Plumbing Tool

Equiparts Part #08010

This tool allows you to, (you guessed it,) remove nuts and covers from Sloan flush valves. It provides a different grip from the Sloan Super Wrench, and can give you more leverage, depending on the situation. View the Cover and Nut Removing Tool on our website.


Flush valve repair toolNon-Marking Offset Adjustable Pipe Wrench

Equiparts Part #08070

This wrench can do everything the Sloan Super Wrench can, and more! Since it’s adjustable, it can be used in a large variety of plumbing repairs. The non-marking feature allows you to use this wrench on units with chrome plating or other specialty finishes without damaging the finish. The offset design helps you access awkward spaces with ease. Use on flush valves, faucets, fittings, tubular, etc. See the Non-Marking Offset Adjustable Pipe Wrench product listing.


Flush valve repair toolTailpiece Removing Tool 

Equiparts Part #08063

This is an absolute MUST HAVE if you need to remove tailpieces from a Sloan flush valve. Sometimes when you’re upgrading a urinal, you need to change the rough-in from the standard 2-3/16″ in order to make it fit, and so the tailpiece needs to be removed. Attempting this with a pipe wrench or any other tool can be a nightmare. The Tailpiece Removing Tool will save you a ton of effort and frustration. It works internally which prevents marring of the chrome. Do yourself a favor and pick one of these up today. View the Tailpiece Remover Tool on our website.


Spud Wrench

Spud Wrench

Equiparts Part #03118HD

Yes, this tool does just that – removes spuds. This heavy-duty tool is rugged and adjustable, and works for most any spud. Makes removal simple! View the Spud Wrench in our online store.



Work with Equiparts to get these handy tools as well as the repair parts needed to service your flushometers. Place your order by giving us a call toll-free at 800-442-6622 Mon-Fri 7:30am-5pm EST or submit a quote through and we will contact you to complete your order.

Download or Share the Flushometer Tool Diagram PDF with other facility maintenance professionals, plumbers, or other professionals who perform maintenance or repairs on flush valves and help others find the tools they need easily and quickly by utilizing our plumbing tool picture.

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Spring Inventory Specials

*NOTE* These Inventory Specials were on sale during our Spring 2017 Promo. If you are still interested in one of these items, please give us a call at 800-442-6622 M-F 730AM-5PM EST to see if any are still in stock.


Right now at Equiparts, we’ve got a special One-Time Only Inventory Sale going on that you don’t want to miss! This sale is on select items only, and once our stock of them is gone, the savings will be gone! Check these out:

InventorySpecialsGerm-Free Workplace

Cut down on employee sick time and keep your building healthy with The Aeramax Pro Am III Air Cleaner. The Aeramax Pro Am III will help reduce the spread of airborne germs in your building or facility. It’s perfect for hospitals, health care facilities, schools, office buildings, assisted living facilities, restrooms, and many other types of buildings. The special sensor also helps reduce odors by activating automatically upon detection of unpleasant smells.

Another great product to help reduce illness is the Sloan Sensor Operated Sanitizer Dispenser and Stand. The dispenser automatically delivers a pre-measured pattern of anti-bacterial mist to ensure full hand coverage. The see-through cover allows you to easily check sanitizer levels. The dispenser can be mounted on the wall, or you can place it in the portable Dispenser Stand, and move it when you need to. The Stand is sold separately from the dispenser and can be used in conference rooms, auditoriums, gyms, meeting areas, near entrances and exits, and any other area where frequent hand contact takes place.

Electronic Faucets

Looking for an affordable sensor activated faucet? We have them at Equiparts! Toto’s Ecopower Faucet uses a self-generating hydropower system to run the unit. The micro-sensor is positioned underneath the spout head for accurate hand detection and consistent water distribution. We also have an electronic faucet from Technical Concepts with Surround Sensor Technology that can save you up to 70% in water usage.

We also have a Moen shower handle and shower escutcheon, as well as a Sloan Flush Valve body with no handle opening as part of this Special Inventory Sale.

The prices on all of these items have never been lower, and will only be around while supplies last. So don’t miss out! Call us now at 800-442-6622 M-F 730AM-5PM EST.

To see our full Spring 2017 Promotion, click here:

Equiparts Spring 2017 Special Promotion!

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Case Study: Pittsburgh International Airport


Pittsburgh International Airport Updates

Congratulations to Pittsburgh International Airport for being the very first United States airport to be named Airport of the Year by Air Transport World Magazine! We are thrilled to have such a first-class facility in Pittsburgh, and we are proud to have contributed to their success by providing them with modern plumbing fixtures and upgraded drinking water solutions.

Equiparts has facilitated many updates to the Pittsburgh International Airport to increase traveler comfort and improve airport ambiance. Major updates included selecting and procuring new drinking fountains, bottle filler units, and new restroom fixtures. With support from our vendors such as Sloan and Elkay, we helped the airport choose the best solutions for their facility.

One of our knowledgeable representatives, Joe Ferraro, worked directly with the head of plumbing, as well as other key maintenance personnel at PIT Airport to implement these upgrades. As an outside sales rep at Equiparts, Joe frequently works with our Pittsburgh area customers on site to provide hands-on support. Joe continues to work with the maintenance department at PIT airport as a knowledgeable source for all of their plumbing and maintenance needs.


Additional Drinking Fountains and Bottle Filling Stations

Patrons of the airport cannot bring opened containers through checkpoint locations. That is one of the reasons why it is important that an airport has water coolers placed directly before and after security checkpoints, as well as throughout the airport, to make drinking water easily accessible. So far, Equiparts has added over 30 new water coolers throughout the airport. We have also added over a dozen bottle filler water cooler units to the Airside concourses where the majority of the shops and restaurants are located. The water cooler and bottle filler units we supplied are made by Elkay Manufacturing. These stainless steel units include the Vandal Resistant Bi-Level Water Cooler and EZH2O Bottle Filling Stations (View on our website). These multi-level units accommodate children and adults and allow two people to drink simultaneously, which is ideal for an airport, given the heavy traffic and the need for ADA compliance.


Restroom Updates

Joe used his experience and expertise to help Airport personnel select the best new fixtures for the airport’s needs.  Fixtures such as new faucets, flush valves, urinals, as well as American Standard sinks and soap dispensers were provided to upgrade the airport’s restrooms. Most of the new units chosen for these updates were from Sloan, for which Equiparts is a master distributor. PIT Airport updated their restrooms with top of the line Royal flushometers for urinals and closets, as well as electronic sensor faucets. All of these fixtures provide the highest quality in terms of functionality, appearance, and longevity.  

The PIT International Airport is constantly striving to improve the user experience for all of its travelers. We will be there to support them in any way we can, as their #1 source for plumbing and maintenance repair parts and fixtures!



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The Benefits of Working with Plumbing and Maintenance Experts

The Benefits of Working with Equiparts:


The Equiparts team is comprised of educated product specialists with unparalleled knowledge and technical expertise. In addition to many years of industry experience, our team receives ongoing training from our manufacturers in order to stay up-to-date with new products, revisions, and industry standards. This allows us to make intelligent recommendations that get the job done right.


Large InventoryWe have thousands of parts and units in stock, including all of the Large most popular brands, as well as our specialty: hard-to-find parts. Our comprehensive product lines and ready-to-ship positioning make us a strong source for businesses, large or small.




CustomizationEquiparts puts extra effort into acquiring uncommon, non-stock items that our customers need. We always tell them, if you don’t see it in our catalog, just ask us for it! Our strong vendor relationships enable us to request custom modifications to meet our customers’ unique requirements. We’re not just order takers. We do what it takes to provide outstanding customer service.




Equiparts is part of an industry-specific network. As a member of TMS, Total Maintenance Solutions, we have greater buying power with our vendors. That enables us to pass the savings on to our customers. This network also gives us access to multiple warehouses, giving us support for very large orders. Our customers benefit by getting expedited shipping and reduced shipping costs.



The Benefits of Equiparts Sales Reps Graphic

Sales Reps at Equiparts
There are a lot of advantages to working with an Equiparts Sales Rep. Our team is comprised of knowledgeable repair parts specialists, many of whom have worked in the industry for more than 10 years. They know our parts, the industry, and the best way to solve your maintenance repair problems. We’re not just “order-takers.” Our technical expertise is what sets us apart, and keeps our customers coming back.

Give us a call to start working with one of the knowledgeable sales reps at Equiparts. Our office hours are 7:30am-5pm, Monday through Friday, EST  toll-free at 800-442-6622 or on our local Pittsburgh line at 412-781-9100.

Share or save the Benefits of Working with Equiparts PDF