Smart Fixtures in Commercial Restroom Facilities

We live in an era of smart technology. Not only do most people in the United States carry around a mini computer with multiple camera lenses in their pockets, but they also wear prescription glasses that become shaded when they go outside, and utilize a device in their homes that plays music and even orders groceries through voice commands. These convenient and automated systems are found in all aspects of modern-day life. What is most important to understand as a person in the facility management or maintenance, is that these modern expectations do not end when it comes to commercial restroom facilities. In fact, this is where they are most expected.

The modern patron of today expects commercial restrooms to carry out more efficient and technologically advanced processes. Commercial restroom patrons take note of when a facility is ahead or most likely behind the curve of automated fixtures throughout their restroom facilities.

According to the Healthy Hand Washing Survey conducted by Bradley Corporation this year, 45% of Americans will operate a flush valve with their foot instead of their hand, so they don’t have to touch it. This tells us that unless sensor-operated fixtures are present, manual fixtures will be misused nearly half of the time, resulting in more broken fixtures, more maintenance and more repair parts needed to fix said misused fixtures. This is just one of the reasons why we recommend installing smart fixtures throughout your facility.

In this article, we will share some of our most popular and newly added smart fixtures in a few different categories: hands-free flushometers, sensor-activated faucets, sensor soap dispensers, and automated hand driers. Read one to see and learn more about our most popular fixtures in each category.

Sloan Sensor Flushometers

Complete Hands-Free Sensor Flushometers

When it comes to sensor activated flushometers, there are two ways to make the change: installing new complete flushometer units or retrofitting existing manual flushometers into sensor flushometers. Either one of these options enables touch-free sensor operation, so patrons will no longer touch or kick the handle to flush the toilet. Other benefits of sensor flushometers include a dual-flush design that flushes less water for liquid waste and more water for solid waste. This helps buildings become more water efficient and meet water-saving requirements for LEED certifications.

For new installations, complete flushometer kits like the units shown above will be purchased and installed. This is also a popular choice for restrooms that are updating to the new sensor flushometers when the fixtures are also being replaced at the same time, or when the old flushometers are completely outdated or overly worn, and need to be replaced entirely. Otherwise, facilities updating from manual to sensor flushometers will likely choose retrofit options like the retrofit flushometer parts shown below, which are the less expensive option.

Retrofit Flushometer Options

Retrofit Sensor Flushometer Kits

There are a variety of retrofit options available to convert your current manual operation flushometer into a sensor activated flushometer. Some options are easier than others. Side mount retrofit kits are the easiest options as they require the least amount of exchanged parts – mainly just replacing the handle with a side-mounted operator and a couple other replacement parts. Some of our most popular side-mount retrofit kits include the following Equiparts part numbers: #85605, #85606, and #08532. Other retrofit options include replacing the head of the flushometer with a new G2 retrofit kit (like the #08700) so you can use some of the units preexisting vacuum breaker and replace select parts.

*Whether you are replacing your complete flushometer or taking the retrofit route, remember that one of the benefits of working with us at Equiparts is that as a distributor of all of the top flushometer manufacturers, we will help you choose the right solution for your needs out of all the options available. Call us for help choosing the right sensor flushometers or retrofit parts for your restrooms.

Sloan Automatic Faucets

Sensor Activated Automatic Faucets

Sensor activated faucets automatically distribute water when hands are sensed in the faucet area. This enables users to wash their hands without touching a faucet. It also makes it nearly impossible to leave a faucet running due to its sensor activated operation. There are a variety of easy to install sensor operated faucets available today. The faucets shown in the montage above are just some of the Sloan automatic faucet options. We carry all Sloan faucets, as well as automatic faucets from other manufacturers as well. Note that all units shown here are battery operated automatic faucets.

Learn the differences between the models shown above or learn about even more automatic faucet options by calling in and speaking to one of our product specialists.

Sensor Operated Soap Dispensers

Sensor Operated Soap Dispensers

Sloan recently came out with a new line of matching sensor-operated soap dispensers that match their existing automatic faucets. Sink mounted soap dispensers are a great option because they keep the soap within the sink, instead of on the counter or wall, where soap tends to build up and require more maintenance. We also like how Sloan designed these soap dispensers to match their faucets.

Give us a call to learn more about new sensor operated soap dispensers by Sloan.

Automatic Hand Dryers

Automatic Hand Dryers

Especially after washing one’s hands, public restroom users try their hardest not to touch anything in the restroom. Automatic hand dryers help patrons easily dry their hands without touching anything, and also without paper towels, something that creates unnecessary paper waste and also requires more maintenance. At Equiparts, we sell over 100 different types of hand dryers by a variety of manufacturers including ASI, AJW, Bobrick, Excel, Sloan, Xlerator, World Dryer, and more.

Call us to learn more about our automatic air dryer solutions and find the right air dryer for your facility’s restrooms.

Creating a Hands-Free, Sensor Operated Experience

In today’s world, there are sensor operated options for all of the major fixtures in a restroom. It is not uncommon to use a public restroom with sensor operated flushometers, automatic faucets, sensor soap dispensers, and a sensor operated hand dryer. Now is the time to switch from manual operation to touch-free, sensor operated fixtures. They will help you save water, energy, and time with less maintenance, and smarter technology.

Speaking of maintenance, we also carry a large variety of cleaning supplies designed to keep restrooms clean, because nobody likes to use a dirty restroom that might be harboring germs and bacteria. Here are 3 of our most popular restroom and drain cleaners and disinfectant foggers:

Crystal Drain Cleaner

Our non-acid drain opener clears drains in minutes. It totally destroys hair and grease, clearing drain pipes of organic debris that slow drainage. Unlike other drain cleaners, this drain cleaner will not damage sinks, tubs, brass, copper, steel, cast iron, plastic, or sewer cables.  It can be used in drains, grease traps, and septic tanks.

Equiparts part #60802200 – Crystal Drain Opener
Equiparts part #60802200CS – Crystal Drain Opener (Case of 24)

Saniguard Commercial Disinfectant Fogger
SaniGuard Fogger Commercial Disinfectant Spray

The SaniGuard® Total Release Fogger sanitizes an entire room in minutes. It’s an easy to use fogger spray that gets rid of disease-causing microbes almost instantly, killing 99.99% of the top 39 germs, bacteria, viruses & fungus in mere seconds. The fogger comes in a 3 ounce and 8-ounce size. The 3 ounce is for areas up to 125 square feet, and the 8-ounce is designed to treat areas up to 625 square feet. Both sizes are available in 12 pack cases. Using this fogger on your restrooms at least once a month ensures that your restrooms aren’t harboring germs year round.

Equiparts part #60350001 – 3 oz. SaniGuard Fogger
Equiparts part #60350001CS – 3 oz. SaniGuard Fogger (Case of 12)
Equiparts part #60350002 – 8 oz. SaniGuard Fogger
Equiparts part #60350002CS – 8 oz. SaniGuard Fogger (Case of 12)

Urinal Scale Remover

Urinal Scale Remover

Our Urinal Scale Remover removes uric acid as well as limescale, calcium, and rust build-up. This spray is great to use on urinal fixtures. It does not harm pipes or release fumes when using.

Equiparts part #60800115 – Urinal Scale Remover
Equiparts part #60800115CS – Urinal Scale Remover (Case of 12)

Get help converting your restroom into a hands-free experience and keeping your restrooms clean and germ-free by giving the Equiparts product experts a call. We help facility managers nationwide who manage hospitals, schools, government buildings, college campuses, prisons, and commercial buildings. We are here to help. Make the change to smart fixtures throughout your commercial restroom facilities with our help today!

Toll-Free: 800-442-6622 // Pittsburgh: 412-781-9100
Phone hours: Monday-Friday 7:30 AM-5:00 PM EST.

Sinchnut: A New Lock Nut for Easy Faucet Installation

Installing a lavatory faucet or a kitchen faucet can be backbreaking work. You need to crawl under the sink into a cramped, dimly lit space in order to thread and tighten the faucet lock nuts, and then install the supply lines. This is often done while laying on your back on a very uncomfortable, uneven surface. You may have thought to yourself, there has got to be a better way to install a faucet. Well, now there is!

Introducing the Sinchnut!

This clever, patented device will make faucet installation much quicker and easier. No longer will you need to work upside down, straining your back muscles, endlessly spinning the faucet nut or locknut up the faucet shank in order to install a lavatory faucet or kitchen faucet.

See how easy it is to install this new style faucet lock nut in our latest how-to video:

Can’t view the video? Scroll down to view the animated image below to see how the Sinchnut is installed. If you would like to read the video transcription, you can read it at the very bottom of this article. 

How the Sinchnut Works

With the Sinchnut, you can connect the supply lines to the faucet first, before you even put the faucet into the holes of your sink. Once the supply lines are attached to the faucet, you can then insert the supply lines and the faucet into the mounting holes. Next comes the Sinchnuts. Unlike regular faucet lock nuts which are usually made of solid pieces of brass, Sinchnuts are made of two plastic pieces that are linked by a hinge that allows you to open and close the nut.

Once your lavatory faucet or kitchen faucet and supply lines have been inserted into the holes of the sink, all you have to do is open your Sinchnut, wrap it high up around the faucet shank, and close the Sinchnut, locking it in place with a click. Then turn it until it is tight, just like you would an ordinary locknut, and you’re done! No more backbreaking, upside down faucet installations.


New Faucet Locknut: The Sinchnut GIF


See how easy it is to install this new faucet locknut called the Sinchnut in the image above. Simply close the clasp, lock it into place and voila! Your new faucet installation is secured with the newest and easiest faucet shank lock nut solution.

How to Order Sinchnuts

Equiparts has Sinchnuts in stock and ready to ship. Give us a call and make your next faucet installation a Sinch!

Sinchnut Locking Faucet Nut View the Sinchnut on our website to add it to your online quote, or give us a call to place your order.

Toll-Free: 800-442-6622
Pittsburgh: 412-781-9100
Monday-Friday 7:30-5:00PM EST.



Not interested in the Sinchnut? Then learn about the SaniGuard Fogger, another fabulous product that sanitizes an entire room, vehicle, or area in mere minutes.


Read the Sinchnut (Faucet Lock Nut) Introductory Video transcription below. This is for those of you that cannot view the video.

Hi this is Jim with Equiparts, I’m here to show you a new item called the Sinchnut. The Sinchnut helps you install a lavatory or a kitchen faucet faster and easier than traditionally. We are here at our test station and normally, what you do is when you install your faucet, you put your faucet in the holes and you tighten up the faucet lock nut. Then you go back under and add your supply lines. In this case with the Sinchnut, you can install your supply lines first, put them down through the holes, and then, you snap on your Sinchnut(s), do a few turns, and it’s tight. As you can see, this is hinged. So you can wrap it around the shaft of the faucet. It opens and closes easily. Call Equiparts today for your new Sinchnuts and thank you for watching. Reference part #68691. 800-442-6622.

Sloan Waterfree Urinal Cartridge Replacement Instructions

If you are a maintenance person who services Sloan Waterfree Urinals, then this article is for you! Sloan waterfree urinals are fantastic fixtures to install if you want to save water, lower sewage bills, and attain LEED certifications. This blog will show you the most up to date Sloan waterfree urinal cartridge information with step-by-step instructions. You will learn the most common mistakes when it comes to servicing Sloan waterfree urinals. You can read our frequently asked questions about waterfree urinals and waterfree urinal cartridge replacement. We also include links to all the waterfree urinal fixtures, cartridges, and cartridge replacement tools we have in our online store. Read on to get all of this information in our waterfree urinal cartridge replacement guide.

Sloan Waterfree Urinal Replacement Instructions

*The step by step instructions below are from Sloan Valve’s Installation & Operating Instruction Manual. We have adapted their instructions to include our tips and additional information.

Sloan waterfree urinal cartridge replacement instructions

1. Insert the key into the cartridge.


2. Turn key to the left (counterclockwise) to unlock the waterfree urinal cartridge.


3. Lift and tilt the cartridge to drain it of all liquids (water, sealant, urine).


4. Place cartridge into the garbage bag. *Caution: After removing the cartridge, sewer gases may escape through the opening until the new cartridge is installed. If cartridge will not be replaced immediately, place a rag or paper towels into the opening to block any sewer gases.


5. Scrub the housing, drain nipple, and deep inside of the tailpipe with a long 1.5-inch diameter nylon brush.


6. Flush the housing with 5 gallons of hot soapy water.


7. Wipe the inner stainless steel rim clean.


8. Insert the new waterfree urinal cartridge using the key. Turn key to the right (clockwise) to lock and click the new cartridge into place.


9. Slowly fill the new cartridge with 1 quart or more of clean water until there are no air bubbles.


10. Add blue sealant (allow time to drain into the cartridge).


11. Spray (mist) cleaner to wipe the surface of the urinal and around the cartridge. Wipe clean.


Common Waterfree Maintenance Mistakes

This is a must read for those who maintain Sloan waterfree urinals or plan on buying them in the future. Below are the two most common mistakes that are made, and these mistakes often result in more problems whose solutions are difficult to identify. Avoid making these mistakes by properly maintaining your waterfree urinals. If you follow these instructions, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Mistake #1: Flushing the waterfree urinal cartridge with water after the sealant has been administered.

The most common Sloan waterfree urinal maintenance mistake is flushing the cartridge with water AFTER the blue sealant has been added. Flushing the cartridge with water after the sealant has been added will flush the sealant down the drain, which in turn causes the causes the cartridge not to work properly. The smell of urine will come back through the cartridge if there is no sealant in the cartridge.

Mistake #2: Failing to clean the housing and drain nipple when changing the urinal cartridge.

The second most common mistake when performing maintenance of waterfree urinals is failing to properly clean all areas of the urinal and housing cartridge each time the cartridge is replaced. The short, horizontal drain nipple gets clogged by struvite, which is a water-soluble biosolid found in urine. Struvite that accumulates in the housing and drain nipple causes a slow flow of urine out of the urinal if the struvite is not properly removed. It can be removed with a bottle brush and some soapy water. This should be done each time a cartridge is replaced.


Waterfree Urinal Cartridge FAQs

How much water do waterless urinals save?

Waterless urinals can save up to 40,000 gallons of water each year. This enables buildings to gain maximum LEED credits for their urinal fixtures. They also greatly reduce water and sewage costs.

When does a waterfree urinal cartridge need to be replaced?

Cartridges need to be replaced every 3 months or every 7,000 uses.

The easiest way to schedule cartridge replacement is to simply replace it every 3 months, which works for most locations. Urinals that get more use, however, may need to be replaced sooner than every 3 months.

One way to figure out how many days your cartridge will last until it needs to be replaced is to count restroom traffic for a duration of time. For example, if you count 10 users over the period of an hour, then divide 7,000 by 10, then you would find that your cartridges need to be replaced every 700 hours which equates to approximately 29 days. (Divide 700 by 24 to convert hours to days.) If there is more than one waterfree urinal in the restroom, then divide the number of users per hour by the number of waterfree urinals. Then divide 7000 thousand by that number, and finally divide that number by 24 to get the numbers of days before you need to change the cartridge.

Other signs that your waterfree urinal cartridge needs to be replaced:

  • If your restroom starts to smell like urine even when they are clean, that is a sign that your cartridges need to be replaced.
  • The blue indicator on top of the cartridge is no longer visible
  • Fluid flows very slowly into the cartridge
  • Blue sealant appears on top of the cartridge

What urinals use waterfree urinal cartridges?

The following Sloan urinal models are waterfree urinals that utilize WES-150 waterfree urinal cartridges:

  • WES-1000
  • WES-4000
  • WES-7000

How do I clean the urinal bowl without using water?

Cleaning the urinal bowl without ruining the urinal cartridge (water removes the sealant) is simple. Use a spray cleaner and then wipe the bowl down with a rag, sponge, or mop.


Where to Buy Waterfree Urinal Cartridge Filters and Cartridge Removing Tools

We sell the waterfree urinal cartridge filter kits and the heavy duty cartridge removing tool at Equiparts. The waterfree urinal cartridge filter comes with everything needed to complete the repair: the cartridge, disposable gloves, a small garbage bag, a cartridge removing tool, and blue sealant. We also sell a heavy duty cartridge removing tool that is a higher quality cartridge removing tool than the tool that comes in the kit. It is a one time purchase that makes cartridge extraction easier. It features a longer handle which enables the maintenance personnel removing the cartridge to stand further away from the urinal and thus be further away from the sewage gases that may escape from the open drain during cartridge replacement.

Use the links below to view the cartridge filter kit and the cartridge removing tool on our website, or give us a call to order today.

Toll-Free: 800-442-6622

Pittsburgh: 412-781-9100
Mon-Fri 7:30am – 5pm EST

Sloan waterfree urinal cartridge kit 05317

Waterfree Urinal Cartridge Filter

Sloan Model WES150

EC Part #05317

Call or submit a quote online to order


Cartridge removing tool 56706

Heavy Duty Cartridge Removing Tool

Sloan Model WES7

EC Part #56706

Call or submit a quote online to order










Korky’s Beehive Plunger: The Best Toilet Plunger By Far

The Beehive Toilet Plunger tool clears blockages and clogs in toilet bowl drains and pipes. The model promoted in this article is the Korky Beehive Plunger Model 99-4A. It is hands-down, the absolute best plunger on the market for a couple of different reasons. Mainly, because it creates the proper seal to generate clog-busting suction on both old and new high efficiency toilet drain styles.

Many facilities have a mixture of old style and new low-consumption toilets currently in use in their school, office building, hospital, or business. This is mainly because of new water regulation requirements that promote high-efficiency toilet bowls to lessen water waste. This change has resulted in many buildings having a variety of toilet bowl drain shapes, creating the need for a plunger that functions properly on both units. The Beehive Plunger does just that. Old stereotypical plungers do not.

Read on to learn why and how the Beehive Plunger is the plunger you should have throughout your facility. Then Purchase the Beehive Plunger while it is on sale for Summer.

Korky’s Beehive PlungerKorky beehive plunger

The beehive plunger is designed and manufactured by Korky Toilet Repair. It is a versatile plunger that works well on both old style and new style toilets.

Beehive Plunger Specifications:

Model: The model number of the Korky Beehive Plunger is Part number 99-4A. Equiparts Part number 66629.

Design: Named after it’s design, the beehive plunger head is shaped like a beehive which makes it flexible and able to fit round and oblong toilet bowl drains. The plunger cup is 6 inches in diameter. It also features a 16 inch T-handle which enables an optimal grip. The Beehive Plunger is made in the USA.

Material: The Beehive plunger is constructed of a soft, non-marking rubber. This helps the plunger create a tight seal.

Use: The Korky plunger fits both high efficiency toilets (HET) and older toilet styles.

Fact: Old Plungers Do Not Properly Seal New High-Efficiency Toilets.

This is why Korky’s Beehive Plunger is the best plunger option available.

Why is it that old plungers are ineffective on new toilets?

The old, traditional plunger style does NOT fit all toilets. This is important because it means that most old style plungers will not create the proper seal on new style toilet bowls, and therefore will not generate the suction needed to loosen a clog.

Toilet Plunger Comparison

Traditional toilet plunger pictured left, Korky Beehive Plunger pictured right.

The Evolution of Toilet Bowl Shapes: Out with the Round, In with the Keyhole

Not all toilets are created equal. New toilet bowls have drains that are a different shape than older toilet bowl drains. Older toilet bowls have a classic round shape, whereas new high efficiency toilets have a new keyhole shape. Old style round plungers do not properly fit the new drain shape.

Korky Plunger Fits Both Old and New Toilet Bowls

The Korky Plunger is guaranteed to fit all toilet bowl shapes and sizes. It fits toilets made by TOTO, Kohler, Sloan, American Standard, and all other toilet brands.

New and new toilet drain shapes

The Wirecutter, an online review entity created by the New York Times, has an article called “The Best Toilet Plunger”. In the article, they considered almost 40 different plungers. They tested a total of 8 of those plungers on three different toilet drain mock-ups. They found that the only plunger which loosened the debris that they stuffed in the drain was the Korky Beehive Plunger. They describe the Korky plunger as ‘…easily surpassing all of the other plungers in pure pipe-clearing power.” Read the full article here.

Order the Beehive Korky Plunger today.

Equiparts Part #66629
Submit a quote online or call to place your order.

Toll-Free: 800-442-6622
Pittsburgh: 412-781-9100
Mon-Fri 7:30am – 5pm EST

Looking for more innovative washroom products for your facility? Check out our article on the Block-Aide, a 2-in-1 Out of Service Sign and Lock for Partition Stalls or watch a video about the Hurricone, a safety-centered Cordless Floor Dryer.

Block-Aide Restroom Out of Order Sign and Stall Lock

Fixing out of order toilets and urinals is probably not your favorite repair job. But unfortunately, toilets and urinals do clog and leak. Flushometers need to be repaired or replaced. Whatever the problem is, the restroom stall will be out of service while you get the fixture back in working order. This is where the Block-Aide comes in handy. It can do the following simultaneously, and in a more professional manner:

  1. 1. Inform patrons that the restroom stall is out of service
  2. 2. Locks patrons out of the stall so that they don’t see the broken fixture or accidentally use a non-functioning unit.

Watch our video to learn more about the reusable Block-Aide door lock and sign.

Can’t see the video? Read the article below to learn the features of the Block-Aide and see how it works as 2-in-1 out of service sign and stall lock.

The next time you have a restroom out of order and you need to let people know, instead of making a handwritten restroom out of order sign on a piece of cardboard, or covering the fixture with a garbage bag, you should use a Block-Aide door lock and out of service sign.

What is the Block-Aide?

It’s a nifty little device that is a 2-in-1 out of order sign and door lock designed specifically for out of order partition stalls. The Block-Aide sign has the following dimensions: ⅝”H x 3”W x 1-½”D.

Block Aide Features

  • Professional ‘Sorry, Out of Service’ signage
  • Constructed of sturdy ABS resin
  • Unique design that locks the stall door when in use

The unique locking design of the Block-Aide makes it so patrons cannot open the stall door when it is in use. It locks people out of the restroom stall, so that they cannot go in and see the out of order fixture, or worst yet, use it by mistake.

Learn how the BlockAide works as a restoom stall out of order sign and stall lock

How to Use

The Block-Aide is very easy to use. You just slide it down between the pilaster and door. The placement of the sign then works as a stall lock, blocking customers, students, patrons and the like from entering the out of order restroom stall.

You already have enough to deal with when a fixture stops working. Fix broken fixtures faster by focusing on the problem at hand instead of making a sign. With the Block-Adie, you can quickly slip the bathroom out of order sign and stall lock between the pilaster and the partition door. Then you can move on to complete the repairs you need, and focus on getting the toilet or urinal working again. Make your job easier by keeping a couple of Block-Aides in stock so you can easily inform and lock-out patrons when a stall is temporarily out of service.

Call to Order The Professional ‘Out of Order’ Restroom Stall Block-Aide Sign

Keep a couple of Block-Aides in stock, and make your next out of order restroom stall repair job easier on yourself, and professionally identify the situation to restroom users. Call to place your order.

Equiparts Part #16764

Toll-Free: 800-442-6622
Pittsburgh: 412-781-9100
Mon-Fri 7:30am – 5pm EST

Want to Share the Block-Aide Restroom Out of Service Sign and Stall Lock?

Save, Download or Email the Block-Aide PDF.

Block-Aide PDF






Better than Rubber and Wax Gaskets: New Elastomer Gaskets

Elastomer Gaskets for toilet and urinal installations are a revolutionary new sealing option for plumbers and facility managers. We are excited to provide our customers with this innovative new gasket that will most likely make wax and rubber gaskets obsolete. Watch our video and read our article below to learn more about Elastomer Gaskets by Tight Seal, and gain a full understanding of Elastomer Gaskets in comparison to Wax and Wax-Free Rubber Gaskets. Know your options when it comes to gaskets, and why more and more of our plumbing and facility maintenance customers are switching to new Elastomer Gaskets.

Tight Seal Elastomer Gaskets Video

The Best Gasket Material: Elastomer

Tight Seal Elastomer Gaskets are named after the material they are made of: Elastomer. Elastomer is a sticky, springy material that bounces back after being compressed. Elastomer Gaskets share the best qualities of wax and rubber gaskets, without the drawbacks. They provide an airtight seal like wax gaskets, while maintaining their shape under pressure. They also hold up under hot/cold temperatures like rubber gaskets. Read on for the full benefits of Elastomer Gaskets by Tight Seal.

The Benefits of Elastomer Gaskets

  • Won’t melt in hot weather or become hard
    in cold weather
  • Reusable
  • Springs back into shape after being squeezed
  • Allows repositioning of fixture
  • Sticky Elastomer ensures a tight seal
  • No more scraping messy wax off of fixtures

Now that you know what makes Elastomer Gaskets so great, let’s take a look at other gasket types and compare their pros and cons for a full picture of toilet and urinal sealing options. (Or skip down to find out How to Purchase)

The Pros and Cons of Wax Gaskets

Wax Rings are used as a gasket for toilet and urinal installations for three reasons:

Wax Ring Pros

  • The wax material conforms to the fixture, creating a seal that is airtight.
  • They are cheap.
  • They can be stacked.

Wax Ring Cons

  • A wax gasket needs to be lined up completely accurately when installing, or else you may need to use an entirely new wax gasket when repositioning the fixture.
  • Wax gaskets can melt. Leave them in your truck in the Summer, or install them near a floor with radiant heat, and a wax seal will melt, losing its shape and its ability to properly seal.
  • Wax toilet and urinal gaskets can also freeze in the winter.
  • Wax rings can become misshapen. For example, when a heavier person sits on a toilet with a wax ring, the ring can flatten in an area, and then fixture will become tilted which in turn can break the seal of the gasket.
  • Wax rings leave a waxy residue that creates a mess.

Rubber Gaskets: The Pros and Cons

Rubber Gaskets are chosen as gaskets for toilet and urinal installations mainly for the following reasons:

Pros of Rubber Gaskets

  • Rubber gaskets can help direct flow with angled flanges, which helps deter potential leakage.
  • Rubber gaskets are wax-free, which means they are less messy.
  • Rubber gaskets will not flatten or become misshapen, which helps to keep the drain open and the fixture in the correct position.
  • When toilets or urinals need to be replaced, or when maintenance requires the fixture to be disconnected, then that rubber gasket can be easily removed

Rubber Gasket Cons

  • Rubber gaskets don’t have as tight of a seal as more sticky gaskets do
  • Rubber gaskets are more expensive than wax gaskets

Why Choose One Gasket Type Over Another?

Gasket choice really comes down to personal preference, which is why we carry wax gaskets, wax-free or rubber gaskets, as well as our latest offering, the newest innovation in gasket material, Elastomer Gaskets.

Elastomer Gaskets in different sizes and styles

3/4” Elastomer Closet Gasket #67931
1-1/8” Jumbo Elastomer Closet Gasket #67933
1/2” Elastomer Tank To Bowl Gasket #67935
1/2” Elastomer Urinal Gasket #67938
3/4” Elastomer Closet Gasket With Flange #67932
1-1/8” Jumbo Elastomer Toilet Gasket With Flange #67934

We highly recommend trying out these new gaskets.

How to Purchase Elastomer Gaskets from Equiparts

Call to place your order or submit a quote through our online quote system and we will get back to you.

Toll-Free: 800-442-6622
Pittsburgh: 412-781-9100
Mon-Fri 7:30am – 5pm EST

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Guardian Dome Drain Lock

The Best Commercial Drain Dome

The Guardian Dome D-Lock™ is designed to withstand the ultimate abuse in high volume restaurants, school and commercial facility cafeterias, and other kitchen environments. It prevents debris from entering the drain lines. This drain allows water to flow despite debris build-up in the sink. This incredibly durable drain lock is constructed of a glass filled polypropylene base, cast aluminum dome top, brass nut, and a tamperproof pin-in-head stainless steel bolt.

Easy Installation of the Guardian Dome D-Lock

The Guardian Dome D-Lock™ doesn’t require assembly, training, or a plumber to install. Simply insert the Dome D-Lock™ into the floor sink drain, and tighten the Torx tamperproof bolt with a ratchet. Install time is as quick as 10 seconds. Save money on repair bills and keep your kitchen running smoothly with the Guardian Dome D-Lock™!

Guardian Drain D-Lock 2", 3" and 4"View, save or share the Guardian Dome D-Lock PDF, which highlights the different drains available. Click on the blue part numbers on the PDF to get to the specific drain listing on our website or view them through the links listed below.

View the Guardian Dome D-Lock’s on our website. Submit a quote through our website for the drains you need, and a sales rep will get back to you shortly. You can also give us a call to speak with a rep directly and place your order. 800-442-6622 M-F 7:30AM to 5:00PM (EST).

Guardian Dome D-Lock Strainer 2” – EC Part #88218

Guardian Dome D-Lock Strainer 3” – EC Part #88219

Guardian Dome D-Lock Strainer 4” – EC Part #88220

Spring 2018 Equiparts Sales Meeting

Spring 2018 Equiparts Sales Meeting

The Spring 2018 Equiparts Sales Meeting was a very motivational and informative event. Big thanks to all of our presenters and attendees! These meetings are an important part of the ongoing process that keeps our sales reps up-to-date about the products and manufacturers we carry, as well as changes in the industry.

This year, we had a motivational speaker address our sales team to energize and inspire them. We also had six round-robin style vendor presentations, which further educated us about plumbing repair products, installation requirements, and industry codes. Read on for more details about what we learned during this successful sales meeting.


Speaker – Kelly Roach Coaching


Our motivational speaker was Kelly Roach from Kelly Roach Coaching. Our President, Joel Weiss, and Yolanda Frank, our Purchasing Manager, saw Kelly speak at a North American Plumbing Specialty Distributors (NAPSD) event earlier this year. They were very impressed by her presentation and decided to ask her to speak at our sales meeting. Kelly’s “Rituals of the Most Successful Sales People” were very inspiring. She spoke of the importance of spending time with your customers, listening carefully to their needs, and using your expertise to make informed recommendations.

Vendor Presentations

  • Kevin Morrisey

          Watson McDaniel

  • Casey Devlin and Adam Kupec

          Elkay and Sloan

  • Scott Dolgos

          Haws and Chicago

  • Marie Helene Pernin and Rose McCullough


  • Jesse Smyers






Watson McDaniel is a manufacturer of steam traps, condensate pumps, pilot-operated and direct-operated regulators, control valves, liquid drainers, and other specialty products. They are a family-owned company based out of Pennsylvania that does 90% of their production in the United States.

Watson McDaniel presented by Kevin Morrisey

Kevin Morrisey, our Watson McDaniel rep, reviewed a variety of problem-solving products made by Watson McDaniel. He explained how a Watson condensate pump saves water and money by keeping steam loss to a minimum. He also demonstrated how a thermostatic trap works. He said that many pump parts (except discs) made by other manufacturers can be repaired by high-quality, made-in-the-USA Watson McDaniel parts at a lower cost.

Fact: Watson McDaniel makes parts that fit all of the industries biggest heat pump manufacturers.




Elkay is a leading manufacturer of drinking fountains, water coolers, and bottle fillers. Equiparts has been a Master Distributor of Elkay for 25 years. We have many Elkay units, repair parts, and filters in stock and ready to ship.

Casey Devlin, our Elkay rep, talked about the best applications for a variety of Elkay water coolers, which Elkay water coolers can be retrofit with bottle fillers, and information about filters.



Sloan is a well-known manufacturer of plumbing fixtures and parts. Equiparts is a Master Distributor of Sloan products, and we have been selling Sloan for over 40 years. Sloan is most famous for their timeless flushometers, innovative electronic faucets, high-quality china and sink systems, and hands-free technology.

Sloan parts information

Sloan presented by Casey Devlin

Casey is also our Sloan rep, and he reviewed Sloan sink systems, new faucet-soap dispenser pairings, the benefits of Sloan’s AER-DEC system, and the differences between regular Sloan flushometers and the new reclaimed water system flushometers.

Haws is a manufacturer of drinking fountains, bottle fillers, emergency equipment, and tempered water systems. We carry a variety of Haws products at Equiparts.

Scott Dolgos, our Haws rep, reviewed the new requirements for eyewash and facewash units. He demonstrated how eyewash stations work, how to install them, and where to best utilize them.

Chicago Faucets is one of the top commercial faucet manufacturers. We have carried their units and parts for many years. They continue to create products that push the evolution of the faucet industry. One example is their new line of faucets that have a thermostatic mixing valve integrated right into the faucet.

Chicago Faucet presented by Scott Dolgos

Chicago Faucet presented by Scott Dolgos

Scott, who is also our Chicago Faucet rep, discussed the newest 410-T Thermostatic faucet option. He also reviewed the EQ faucet series, citing where and how to make sensor and aerator adjustments, as well as water temperature adjustments.

Did you know that thermostatic mixing valves are a requirement for every faucet in public buildings within Allegheny County?

Neoperl is a manufacturer of aerators, check valves, and flow regulators. At Equiparts, we have a large number of Neoperl aerators in stock and ready to ship. Neoperl creates a variety of traditional, cache (hidden, vandal resistant,) and special faucet aerators.

Neoperl presented by Marie Helene Pernin and Rose McCullough

Neoperl presented by Marie Helene Pernin and Rose McCullough

Marie Helene Pernin and Rose McCullough, our Neoperl reps, reviewed the complete line of Neoperl products. They focused primarily on their aerators, describing the various types, which faucets they fit, the benefits of utilizing aerators, and their water saving capabilities. They also reviewed the application of pressure compensating aerators as well. Much of the information Marie and Rose discussed in their presentation can be found in our Commercial Faucet Aerator Guide.

Trerice is a well-known manufacturer of pressure gauges, thermometers, valves, regulators, controls, and more. Trerice products meet the needs of a variety of specialized commercial and industrial markets. They have been manufacturing specialty commercial products since 1923.

Trerice presented by Jesse Smyers

Trerice presented by Jesse Smyers

Jesse Smyers, our Trerice rep, described different types of gauges available from Trerice, and which styles are best for a particular customer application. He also explained the benefits of various parts and features. For example, the liquid in liquid filled gauges reduces the vibration of the needle, and are highly recommended for water pumps. Also, pigtail siphons are a must have for steam systems. Pigtails reduce the temperature of the steam by creating a water barrier. This prevents the 500-degree steam from damaging the gauge by cooling it down to around 300 degrees. He also explained that the ideal setup for a steam system includes a pressure gauge, a snubber, and a needle valve. The needle valve is a shut-off valve that can allow you to change out a gauge without shutting down the system.

Tip: When buying a gauge, you should select a model whose maximum number is twice the operating pressure of your system.

At Equiparts, we continually strive to educate ourselves about the products we sell so that we can provide the best recommendations to fit our customers’ needs. If you’re interested in any of the manufacturer product lines featured in our Spring Sales Meeting, give us a call so we can help you choose the best option. See the other manufacturers we carry in our Product Line Card, or give us a call to start working with one of our knowledgeable product specialists: 800-442-6622 Monday-Friday, 7:30AM-5:00PM EST.

View our current sale now: the Summer Spectatular.


The Clogged Roof Drain Solution: Mifab RoofGuards

The Clogged Roof Drain Solution: Mifab RoofGuards

Standing water on flat roofs is a major problem, especially for large commercial facilities that have multiple buildings to manage. As a distributor of a variety of plumbing and maintenance fixtures and repair parts, we like to show you how our most innovative products make maintenance tasks easier, and solve the problems you face at your facility. This RoofGuard by Mifab will greatly reduce the number of maintenance visits you will need to make to the rooftop. It virtually eliminates standing water on flat roofs because it’s almost impossible for these well-designed drain covers to clog and cause water dams – an occurrence that happens regularly with the less-than-perfect design of regular roof drain domes.

Watch the video below starring Brian Tupper of Triumph Sales. He explains the problems that occur on flat roofs, why they happen, and how the new, patent-pending RoofGuard by Mifab is designed to solve the expensive and maintenance-intensive problems caused by regular dome-shaped roof drains.

The Problem with Regular Roof Drain Domes

Regular roof drain domes often get clogged by leaves, plastic bags, and other debris that collects on flat roofs. This creates a water dam, and prevents rainwater from flowing down the roof drain. This results in standing water on the roof, which can cause a variety of expensive problems.

As described in the video above, the dome shape of regular roof drains is not ideal for preventing clogs and enabling proper water drainage. The tall shape, vertical drain ports, and 12” diameter of dome-style roof drain covers is what makes them less than effective roof drain covers.

The Damage Caused by Clogged Roof Drains

Standing water can occur on flat roofs when roof drains or roof drain covers become clogged. The water around them has nowhere to go, so it simply collects on the rooftop and causes big, expensive problems. Since this standing water occurs on the roof, a place where people don’t usually frequent, it may collect for long periods of time before it is noticed. This leads to water damage that causes discoloration, sagging roofs, leaks and roof damage that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix.

The damaged caused by clogged roof drains is such a large problem that building codes for buildings with flat rooftops require a secondary overflow roof drain. However, even with a secondary roof drain, both dome-shaped roof drain covers can become clogged, and cause water to collect.

This is where Mifab’s new Roof Drain’s come in.

The Solution for Better Roof Drain Covers: Mifab RoofGuards

Mifab RoofGuards are the covers that are placed over Mifab roof drains and other roof drains, and prevent debris from entering and clogging roof drains. Roofguards are ideal for replacing existing roof drain domes on the roofs of schools, warehouses, factories, office buildings, and any other building that has standing water on the roof due to clogged roof drain domes. The horizontal slots of the RoofGuard design are much more effective than the vertical slots of other roof drain domes in preventing clogs and keeping the water flowing down the drain instead of collecting on the roof.

Mifab RoofGuard Diagram

They enable the debris like leaves that collect and clog regular roof drains to float above the guard when there is a surplus of water, enabling the water to flow below the debris and into the roof drain. The diagram above shows how horizontal Roofguards by Mifab enable water to flow down through the drain, with debris floating to the top.

Two Types of Mifab Roof Drains

Mifab makes two different styles of RoofGuards. One is plastic and adheres to the roof with an adhesive (included), and the other is made of cast iron and attaches to the roof with hardware (also included). The roof is not penetrated with either of these guards. They are both universal in the sense that they fit most any roof drain on a flat roof. Compare these two Mifab Roof Drain RoofGuards below:

Mifab RoofGuard PlasticPolyethylene RoofGuard
Equiparts part #66298PK
Mifab model RG2016DDC


  • Made of Polyethylene, which is a tough, light, flexible synthetic resin.
  • Patented design increases surface area by up to 5x or more, making a RoofGuard protected drain virtually uncloggable.
  • Guard diameter size is 19 inches.
  • Eliminates leaks and costly repairs caused by clogged drains.
  • RoofGuard can replace any roof drain dome strainer up to 15″ in diameter.
  • Removable top allows easy access to drain and piping without detaching Roof Guard.
  • Installation is fast, simple, and requires no tools.
  • Attaches to the roof with an Adhesive. Adhesive is included. No tools required.

Cast Iron Roof Drain CoverCast Iron RoofGuard
Equiparts part #68004
Mifab model RG2016DDC


  • Made of heavy-duty cast iron
  • The patented design increases surface area by up to 5x or more, making a RoofGuard protected drain virtually uncloggable.
  • Guard diameter size is 19 inches.
  • Eliminates leaks and costly repairs caused by clogged drains.
  • RoofGuard can replace any roof drain dome strainer up to 15″ in diameter.
  • It is bolted to the roof drain body and membrane. Hardware is included.

Call now to order RoofGuards:

Toll-Free: 800-442-6622

Pittsburgh: 412-781-9100

Monday through Friday from 7:30AM – 5:00PM, EST.

View, print, share and save the RoofGuard Product Spotlight PDF.

Interested in the Poly RoofGuard Scupper Drain shown in the video? Call to order and mention part #68090.



Fire Extinguisher Cover Replacement Guide

Fire Extinguisher Cover Replacement Guide

Is the fire extinguisher cover at your facility broken? Then you probably should replace it. Read this article and use the Fire Extinguisher Cover Measurement PDF to get the proper replacement for your broken fire extinguisher cover. It’s important to get the correct size replacement cover for your fire extinguisher case. Work with us at Equiparts can help you get the right sized cover for your fire extinguisher, the first time.

If you are unsure what size fire extinguisher cover you need, we can help you figure out the basic measurements. Simply fill out the form below and submit it to us so we can help you replace your fire extinguisher cover.

Fire Extinguisher Cover ReplacementDownload, save or print the Fire Extinguisher Cover Measure Form PDF.

Click the link to download the Fire Extinguisher Cover Measure Form shown above. Follow the measurement directions to fill out the form, then submit it to Equiparts via email or by fax (412-781-3085). Once received, we will identify the right cover to fit your fire extinguisher case. Be sure to include your contact information, including your name, company, phone number, and email address. We carry a large number of covers and even have the most popular sizes and types (shown below) in stock at our facility for quick replacement.