4 Problem Solving Plumbing Items

Unique Plumbing Items You Should Know About

Save yourself countless hours of unnecessary work with these unique plumbing items!  These four handy repair parts and kits can make quick work of specific problems that would otherwise turn into major, time-consuming jobs. These items can keep you from relocating pipes or tearing into walls or floors. They will also make it easier to meet ADA compliance. Learn about each plumbing solution below, so that if and when you encounter one of these situations, you will already know about these hacks that will make the job ten times easier.

Urinal Flange Repair Kit

1. Urinal Flange Repair Kit

Part #65784

This Urinal Flange Repair Kit repairs 2-inch urinal flanges without having to remove the original flange. It can be used to repair plastic and metal flanges. It comes with all the parts needed to repair your broken flange. The adjustable metal flange opens up and closes around the base of the flange, between the broken flange and the urinal gasket. Close the adjustable metal flange, install your bolts, and voila! Your flange is now repaired. Included in the flange repair kit are the adjustable metal flange, a neoprene gasket, 2-inch bolts (2), nuts (2), and washers (2).

Learn more about this product in the Urinal Flange Repair Kit Blog

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2. Sloan Flushometer Offset Adapter

Part #48691

This Offset Adapter is made by Sloan for select Sloan flush valves. It is needed most often when upgrading a manual flushometer to a sensor unit because making that change can sometimes position the flush valve too close to the grab bar. This can affect ADA compliance, and obstruct access to the override button. The adapter lowers the total height of the flushometer by 1-1/2 inches. This creates enough space for an ADA-compliant grab bar without having to relocate the water supply inlet pipe. The Offset Adapter is designed for use with G2, SOLIS®, and ECOS® flushometers.

Flush valve offset adapter for grab bar ADA compliance

Learn more about this product in the Sloan Offset Adapter Blog

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Sinchnut Faucet Lock Nuts

3. Sinchnut Faucet Lock Nuts

Part #68691

The Sinchnut is a simple and easy-to-use alternative to brass faucet shank nuts. It enables you to more quickly complete faucet installations. Unlike traditional faucet lock nuts, which are usually made of one solid piece of brass, Sinchnuts are made of 2 plastic pieces that are hinged, so you can open and close them over the faucet shank after the supply lines have been inserted into the holes of the sink. Sold in quantities of two.

Learn more about this product in the Sinchnut Blog

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4. Shift and Lift Offset Kit

Part #’s 47400, 47432, 47433

The Shift and Lift Offset Kit is a universal water closet carrier offset kit that enables plumbers and facility managers to offset wall-hung fixtures without tearing out the walls, tiles, or the carrier itself. It’s made by Mifab. This kit is used most often when new toilet partitions, flooring, and other remodeling updates cause the closet fixtures in a restroom to lose compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Available in 3 adjustment sizes:

Learn more about it in our Shift and Lift Offset Kit Blog

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How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

As temperatures start to drop below freezing, it’s time to start preparing your facility for frozen pipes. In this article we share what causes pipes to freeze, as well as prevention tips to reduce the chances of frozen pipes that can burst in your facility. Taking preventive steps now can save you from major headaches later!

Did you know that frozen pipes that burst are one of the most common causes of property damage during cold weather? It can cause thousands of dollars in repairs, along with major problems for facility managers and maintenance personnel. It’s worthwhile to try and eradicate the problem before it occurs.

What Causes Pipes to Freeze?

  1. 1. Lack of insulation. Pipes that are exposed and unprotected are more susceptible to freezing.  Cold water and refrigeration lines can produce condensation which can also freeze.
  1. 2. Cold Spaces. Some areas within a facility are cooler than others. Basements, exterior walls, closets, storage areas, crawl spaces, remote areas used less often, and of course buildings that are currently closed due to the pandemic are all places that are likely to have lower temperatures.
  1. 3. Lack of Water Circulation. If pipes do not have water regularly circulating through them, it increases the likelihood that they will freeze. This can happen to both water supply and drainage pipes that have water sitting in them for long periods of time.

Avoid dealing with freezing pipes and all of the headaches that come with them by preparing your facility for winter. Read our frozen pipe prevention tips below, and take all of the steps you can to make sure your facility is ready for fierce winter weather. There is no such thing as being overly prepared when it comes to prepping your facility for winter and below freezing temperatures. 

Frozen Pipe Prevention Tips

  • Complete a walk-through of your facility to identify cold areas in the building. Resolve any issues causing cold air leaks. This includes adding weather stripping to doors and windows, insulating walls, closing off crawl spaces, etc.
  • This will decrease the chances of pipes freezing in that area, and also lower your energy bills.
  • Cover pipes in cold areas with insulation. Also, insulate pipes that have water sitting in them for long periods of time, since lack of circulation can lead to pipes freezing. See our insulation tape below for an effective solution.
  • Check all shutoff valves and levers to make sure they are in proper working order. Replace if needed.
  • Always have repair parts and supplies on hand. See below for some great pipe repair items. Ensure that all staff knows the location of these items.
  • Protect your water meter and the pipes leading to it. Make sure all exposed pipes are well insulated. This is a great area to use electrical heat tracing wire. Make sure the meter pit lid is closed tightly. Leave any snow that falls on it, since snow will actually act as insulation. 
  • Keep heat at or above 55°F or winterize facilities that are closed.
  • Create a plan that clearly describes what to do if a pipe bursts. Educate all staff on the plan, and make sure there is always someone on hand who is capable of executing it. Affirm that they all know where the main water shut-off is located, and how to turn it off.
  • Inspect all of your water pipes on a regular basis. Look for any signs of leaks or fatigue that could cause them to fail when the temperature drops below freezing.

We carry all of the parts needed to prepare your facility for winter weather and frozen pipes. See the list of our most popular pipe repair items below, or give us a call to find any other winterizing gear you need. 

View our Line Card to learn which manufacturers we carry. We have more pipe repair parts than we list in this article or on our website.

Mifab Shift and Lift Offset Kit Product Spotlight

New toilet partitions, flooring, and other remodeling updates can sometimes cause the closet fixtures in a restroom to lose compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you are experiencing this problem, the Mifab Shift and Lift is a solution that can save you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in additional renovations!

The ADA has a variety of requirements that must be met to ensure that persons with disabilities can safely use public restrooms. For example, the ADA requires that the centerline of water closets (an imaginary line running through the middle of the toilet, perpendicular to the back wall) be located no less than 18” from the walls or partition panels to the left and right of the toilet. 

In some cases, after renovations have been completed in a restroom, the centerline of one or more toilets end up shifting to a distance under this 18” requirement. If the extra clearance needed to be in compliance is only one inch or less, then the Mifab Shift and Lift is the solution to the problem. The Mifab Shift and Lift is a universal water closet carrier offset kit that enables plumbers and facility managers to offset wall-hung fixtures without tearing out the walls, tiles, or the carrier itself. The Shift and Lift will enable you to move the toilet by up to 1” to bring your restroom back into ADA compliance. Save a ton of time and money by using the Shift and Lift!

The Mifab shift and Lift Offset Kit includes the following:

  • 1 Offset Carrier Nipple
  • 4 Offset Carrier Bolts
  • 8 Mounting Nuts

The Shift and Lift replaces the existing carrier nipple. It can be installed to shift the unit to the right, left, or up. The Shift and Lift offset hardware package is designed to support up to 500 pounds with rear anchor support. The Mifab Offset Kit is available in three different size adjustments:

Mifab Shift and Lift Kit

1-inch Adjustment
Equiparts Part #47400

¾” Adjustment
Equiparts Part #47432

½” Adjustment
Equiparts Part #47433

Keep the Mifab Shift and Lift Universal Fixture Carrier Offset Kit in mind, especially when renovating a commercial restroom so if your renovations result in no longer meeting those ADA compliancy specifications, you know of a solution that doesn’t involve extra work that isn’t needed.

Mifab Shift and Lift Product Spotlight PDF

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Korky’s Beehive Plunger: The Best Toilet Plunger By Far

The Beehive Toilet Plunger tool clears blockages and clogs in toilet bowl drains and pipes. The model promoted in this article is the Korky Beehive Plunger Model 99-4A. It is hands-down, the absolute best plunger on the market for a couple of different reasons. Mainly, because it creates the proper seal to generate clog-busting suction on both old and new high efficiency toilet drain styles.

Many facilities have a mixture of old style and new low-consumption toilets currently in use in their school, office building, hospital, or business. This is mainly because of new water regulation requirements that promote high-efficiency toilet bowls to lessen water waste. This change has resulted in many buildings having a variety of toilet bowl drain shapes, creating the need for a plunger that functions properly on both units. The Beehive Plunger does just that. Old stereotypical plungers do not.

Read on to learn why and how the Beehive Plunger is the plunger you should have throughout your facility. Then Purchase the Beehive Plunger while it is on sale for Summer.

Korky’s Beehive PlungerKorky beehive plunger

The beehive plunger is designed and manufactured by Korky Toilet Repair. It is a versatile plunger that works well on both old style and new style toilets.

Beehive Plunger Specifications:

Model: The model number of the Korky Beehive Plunger is Part number 99-4A. Equiparts Part number 66629.

Design: Named after it’s design, the beehive plunger head is shaped like a beehive which makes it flexible and able to fit round and oblong toilet bowl drains. The plunger cup is 6 inches in diameter. It also features a 16 inch T-handle which enables an optimal grip. The Beehive Plunger is made in the USA.

Material: The Beehive plunger is constructed of a soft, non-marking rubber. This helps the plunger create a tight seal.

Use: The Korky plunger fits both high efficiency toilets (HET) and older toilet styles.

Fact: Old Plungers Do Not Properly Seal New High-Efficiency Toilets.

This is why Korky’s Beehive Plunger is the best plunger option available.

Why is it that old plungers are ineffective on new toilets?

The old, traditional plunger style does NOT fit all toilets. This is important because it means that most old style plungers will not create the proper seal on new style toilet bowls, and therefore will not generate the suction needed to loosen a clog.

Toilet Plunger Comparison

Traditional toilet plunger pictured left, Korky Beehive Plunger pictured right.

The Evolution of Toilet Bowl Shapes: Out with the Round, In with the Keyhole

Not all toilets are created equal. New toilet bowls have drains that are a different shape than older toilet bowl drains. Older toilet bowls have a classic round shape, whereas new high efficiency toilets have a new keyhole shape. Old style round plungers do not properly fit the new drain shape.

Korky Plunger Fits Both Old and New Toilet Bowls

The Korky Plunger is guaranteed to fit all toilet bowl shapes and sizes. It fits toilets made by TOTO, Kohler, Sloan, American Standard, and all other toilet brands.

New and new toilet drain shapes

The Wirecutter, an online review entity created by the New York Times, has an article called “The Best Toilet Plunger”. In the article, they considered almost 40 different plungers. They tested a total of 8 of those plungers on three different toilet drain mock-ups. They found that the only plunger which loosened the debris that they stuffed in the drain was the Korky Beehive Plunger. They describe the Korky plunger as ‘…easily surpassing all of the other plungers in pure pipe-clearing power.” Read the full article here.

Order the Beehive Korky Plunger today.

Equiparts Part #66629
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Looking for more innovative washroom products for your facility? Check out our article on the Block-Aide, a 2-in-1 Out of Service Sign and Lock for Partition Stalls or watch a video about the Hurricone, a safety-centered Cordless Floor Dryer.

Better than Rubber and Wax Gaskets: New Elastomer Gaskets

Elastomer Gaskets for toilet and urinal installations are a revolutionary new sealing option for plumbers and facility managers. We are excited to provide our customers with this innovative new gasket that will most likely make wax and rubber gaskets obsolete. Watch our video and read our article below to learn more about Elastomer Gaskets by Tight Seal, and gain a full understanding of Elastomer Gaskets in comparison to Wax and Wax-Free Rubber Gaskets. Know your options when it comes to gaskets, and why more and more of our plumbing and facility maintenance customers are switching to new Elastomer Gaskets.

Tight Seal Elastomer Gaskets Video

Note: This video was created before Elastomer Gaskets changed the color of their gaskets from yellow to blue. The gaskets are only available in blue now. 

The Best Gasket Material: Elastomer

Tight Seal Elastomer Gaskets are named after the material they are made of: Elastomer. Elastomer is a sticky, springy material that bounces back after being compressed. Elastomer Gaskets share the best qualities of wax and rubber gaskets, without the drawbacks. They provide an airtight seal like wax gaskets, while maintaining their shape under pressure. They also hold up under hot/cold temperatures like rubber gaskets. Read on for the full benefits of Elastomer Gaskets by Tight Seal.

The Benefits of Elastomer Gaskets

  • Won’t melt in hot weather or become hard
    in cold weather
  • Reusable
  • Springs back into shape after being squeezed
  • Allows repositioning of fixture
  • Sticky Elastomer ensures a tight seal
  • No more scraping messy wax off of fixtures

Now that you know what makes Elastomer Gaskets so great, let’s take a look at other gasket types and compare their pros and cons for a full picture of toilet and urinal sealing options. (Or skip down to find out How to Purchase)

The Pros and Cons of Wax Gaskets

Wax Rings are used as a gasket for toilet and urinal installations for three reasons:

Wax Ring Pros

  • The wax material conforms to the fixture, creating a seal that is airtight.
  • They are cheap.
  • They can be stacked.

Wax Ring Cons

  • A wax gasket needs to be lined up completely accurately when installing, or else you may need to use an entirely new wax gasket when repositioning the fixture.
  • Wax gaskets can melt. Leave them in your truck in the Summer, or install them near a floor with radiant heat, and a wax seal will melt, losing its shape and its ability to properly seal.
  • Wax toilet and urinal gaskets can also freeze in the winter.
  • Wax rings can become misshapen. For example, when a heavier person sits on a toilet with a wax ring, the ring can flatten in an area, and then fixture will become tilted which in turn can break the seal of the gasket.
  • Wax rings leave a waxy residue that creates a mess.

Rubber Gaskets: The Pros and Cons

Rubber Gaskets are chosen as gaskets for toilet and urinal installations mainly for the following reasons:

Pros of Rubber Gaskets

  • Rubber gaskets can help direct flow with angled flanges, which helps deter potential leakage.
  • Rubber gaskets are wax-free, which means they are less messy.
  • Rubber gaskets will not flatten or become misshapen, which helps to keep the drain open and the fixture in the correct position.
  • When toilets or urinals need to be replaced, or when maintenance requires the fixture to be disconnected, then that rubber gasket can be easily removed

Rubber Gasket Cons

  • Rubber gaskets don’t have as tight of a seal as more sticky gaskets do
  • Rubber gaskets are more expensive than wax gaskets

Why Choose One Gasket Type Over Another?

Gasket choice really comes down to personal preference, which is why we carry wax gaskets, wax-free or rubber gaskets, as well as our latest offering, the newest innovation in gasket material, Elastomer Gaskets.

Elastomer Gaskets

3/4” Elastomer Closet Gasket #67931
1-1/8” Jumbo Elastomer Closet Gasket #67933
1/2” Elastomer Tank To Bowl Gasket #67935
1/2” Elastomer Urinal Gasket #67938
3/4” Elastomer Closet Gasket With Flange #67932
1-1/8” Jumbo Elastomer Toilet Gasket With Flange #67934

We highly recommend trying out these new gaskets.

How to Purchase Elastomer Gaskets from Equiparts

Call to place your order or submit a quote through our online quote system and we will get back to you.

Toll-Free: 800-442-6622
Pittsburgh: 412-781-9100
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Tight Seal Gaskets Product Spotlight

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Rothenberger Emergency Pipe Repair Clamp



Save the Day

Be prepared to repair pipes with the Emergency Pipe Repair Clamp – The quick, easy, and professional way to temporarily repair a burst, perforated, or leaky pipe. This Emergency Pipe Repair Clamp is a great item to have in virtually any building. In cases of emergency, such as when a pipe has burst in an area where the water supply cannot be shut off, this clamp can reduce water damage and save a lot of time, energy, and money, not to mention water!

Rothenberger-RepairClamp-EquipartsNo tools required!

Simply open the device, center it around the problem area, firmly close both housing members, engage the latch mechanism and close the device around the problem area with a squeeze of your hand.

Use On:

• Use on Copper, CPVC or PEX piping
• Both domestic and commercial heating & water pipes
• Frost damaged or perforated water pipes

The Emergency Pipe Repair Clamp is now on sale at Equiparts! To place your order, give us a call on our toll-free number: 800-442-6622 Monday through Friday, 8AM-5PM EST. Or add the products to your quote request on our website! Available in two sizes:

Emergency Pipe Repair Clamp for ½” Pipe
 (EC Part #38012)

Emergency Pipe Repair Clamp for ¾” Pipe (EC Part #38013)

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Water Pipe Repair Clamps

Insta-Clamps™ are a great item to have to stop leaks in copper tube and sweat fittings with a professional repair clamp available in various sizes. We also carry an Insta-Clamp™ Plumbers Kit for those of you who would like to have a variety of Insta-Clamp™ sizes on hand.

Insta-Clamps™ can repair M, L, and K copper tubing solder joint pipe leaks on tees, 90s, 45s, reducers, valve ends, threaded adapters and on straight pipe. Insta-Clamp™ is the only copper repair clamp on the market that will stop all leaks with a 360 degree seal on both fitting and tube side on copper solder joints.

Insta-Clamp™ is made specifically to fit the copper tube O.D. on one end and the solder joint fitting O.D. on the other end. The unique stepped rubber design creates a full 360 degree seal around both surfaces.

Insta-Clamp™ is designed to be only 3″ wide with the step offset in the rubber seal, the 60 percent seals on the copper tube and the other 40 percent on the solder joint connection. The 60/40 ratio in the rubber width allows the repair clamp to fit into tight areas.

RepairClamp-CopperPiping-EquipartsNothing compares to the Insta-Clamp™ for 100% positive stop of leaks in copper tube and sweat fittings. We have Insta-Clamp™ Repair Clamps available for the following copper pipe sizes: 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″, 2″, 2-1/2″, 3″, 4″, and 5″.

Repair Clamp Specifications:

  • Panel and bridge plate constructed of stainless steel type 304
  • Gasket made of molded step waffle NBR gasket design
  • Rated for 150# PSI
  • Lugs constructed of ductile iron per ASTM A536 with galvanized plating finish
  • Bolt and Nut are zinc-chromate finished carriage bolt, nut and washer.

Interested in buying a bunch of the Insta-Clamps? Then you may be interested in the Insta-Clamp™ Plumbers Kit, which comes in its own tool bag! It includes one size of each Insta-Clamp™ from 1/2″ to 2″, a 24″ OD Tape Measure, and in a 12″ canvas tool bag.



To order either individual Insta-Clamp™ repair clamps, or the Insta-Clamp™ Plumber’s Kit, simply give us a call to Monday through Friday, 8AM-5PM EST on our toll free number: 800-442-6622 or submit a quote on our website.

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Urinal Flange Repair Kit

Quick and Easy Repair Urinal Flanges

See how the Urinal Flange Repair Kit works in our video below, with Chris Pofi, Operations Manager at Equiparts.

This Urinal Flange Repair Kit is a quick and easy kit that repairs 2” flanges without having to remove the original flange. This repair kit repairs both plastic and metal flanges, and comes with all the parts needed to repair your broken flange. The adjustable metal flange opens up and slides around the edge of the flange, between the broken flange and the urinal gasket. Close the adjustable metal flange, and install your bolts and voila! Your flange is now repaired.

Included in the Urinal Flange Repair Kit:UrinalFlangeRepairKit-Equiparts

  • Adjustable Metal Flange Repair Part
  • Neoprene Gasket
  • 2” Bolts (2)
  • Nuts (2)
  • Washers (2)


The Flange Repair Kit is now on sale at Equiparts! To place your order, give us a call on our toll free number: 800-442-6622 Monday through Friday, 8AM-5PM EST. Or view the Flange Repair Kit on our website to add it to your quote (EC Part #65784)

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Inexpensive Flexible Drain Cleaning Tool for Every Plumber’s Toolbox

This new Drain Cleaning Tool by Tornado unclogs drains quickly and easily with a new patent pending design that is more efficient than other drain cleaning tools. It’s length makes it reach further into the pipe – through S and P traps to the problem area. Its single side barb and spearhead design helps it move through the pipe smoothly, and rotate through any resistance while simultaneously grabbing onto any hair or debris stuck in the drain.


  • Unclogs sink, tub, and shower drains easy and fast
  • 26” length reaches further into pipe than other drain cleaning tools
  • Durable, flexible and lightweight Poly construction
  • Patented single-sided barb and spear head design for more effective reach and grab
  • Reaches through the P or S trap to grab clogs
  • Environmentally safe with no chemicals required.
  • No disassembly required for most drains
  • Rinse and reuse

To order, call us toll-free at 800-442-6622 Monday-Friday, 7:30AM-5:00PM or submit a quote through the 26″ Flexible Hand Held Drain Cleaning Tool on our website. You can also share or download our 38010 Flexible Drain Cleaning Tool PDF.

Power Outage Protection for Commercial Facilities: The Stormcell Battery Backup

What Happens if There is a Power Outage at Your Place of Business?

The Stormcell™ Battery Backup Pump by Liberty Pumps provides uninterrupted flood control for basements during power outage or main pump failure. It is one of the most advanced pump systems on the market, and features high output pumping, an energy efficient DC pump for longer run times, and professional grade charger and controls. It also includes high performance 12-volt batteries that are made in the USA and designed for optimal performance in back-up pump applications. Install a backup pump system at your place of business and feel secure knowing that you have a fail safe plan in case of emergency.

StormcellBackupBattery-EquipartsSystem Includes: 

  • Backup Pump (12V DC)
  • Battery Case
  • Activation Switch
  • Control Panel/Alarm
  • Charger Unit (10 AMP)
  • Check Valve
  • Plumbing and mounting components
  • AC Power Supply


Remote wall-mount user interface with LCD display

Control Panel features a super bright LED alarm ring to notify backup pump is in use. Other notifications include: high water, AC power lost, Blown Fuse/DC pump failure, 12-volt battery charge levels, critically low battery warning, and user set basement temperature warning.

View the Stormcell Back-up Battery Pump on Equiparts.net (EC Part #38017) to learn more about it, then give us a call to place your order learn more and be prepared in case of power outage! To order, call us toll-free at 800-442-6622 Monday-Friday, 7:30AM-5:00PM or submit a quote on our website. You can also share or download our Stormcell Battery Backup Pump PDF.