New NIBCO High Performance Ball Valves

New from NIBCO®: The 585HP High Performance Ball Valve. Their new ball valve is on the cutting edge of manufacturing technology with its user friendly features, ease of installation, and high quality standards. NIBCO has rethought and reimagined the traditional ball valve to create the most advanced commercial ball valve on the market today.

The proof is in the performance of their new 585HP Lead-free Ball Valve. It is the industry’s only 2-piece, full-port, bronze ball valve with a 1,000-CWP pressure rating that’s backed by their 10-year, 125% limited warranty. The triple-sealed stem and patented laser-welded design make it the perfect choice for a wide variety of commercial facilities, especially mission-critical applications where performance matters.

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Learn more about the features of the NIBCO 585HP Ball Valve and the NIBCO company below. View the current promotional pricing at the bottom of the article. Sale pricing ends on December 30, 2022.

585HP High Performance Ball Valve Features:

Reversible Handle

Why is it important? 

It’s common that prefabrication requires handle modification. This interference requires uninstalling the valve, flipping it around, and reinstalling it, or cutting/bending the handle. Press valves cannot be uninstalled and require cutting out the valve, replacing the old valve with a new one, and adding an additional union and pipe. This wastes labor time, and adds cost to the project.

Pain Points Solved:

  • Reversing the handle direction is easy and fast
  • Relocate the pin and swing the handle around
  • Pin is removed with a hex key

Simply unscrew and relocate the stop pin, reverse the handle, and you’re done!

Accessible Packing Nut

Why is it important? 

Pain points of traditional valve:

  • Packing nut adjustment adds labor when the system is first pressurized
  • Current configuration requires a special wrench to fit under the handle
  • Without the special packing wrench, the handle must be removed to tighten the packing nut

The 585HP solves these pain points:

  • Large and accessible packing nut allows it to be easily tightened with an adjustable wrench
  • No need to remove the handle
  • Less hassle, thus saving time and money

Triple-Sealed Stem

Why is it important? 

The 585HP High Performance Ball Valve has three stem seal elements — compared to the industry standard of one in most commercial ball valves.

  • Triple-sealed stem
    • Two elastomer O-rings
    • Replaceable PTFE packing
  • PTFE packing and adjustable packing meet engineering specification requirements
  • Specialized high temperature polymer O-rings for steam applications

NIBCO Company Information

NIBCO is a worldwide manufacturer of flow control system solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, marine, and irrigation markets. NIBCO has been manufacturing products for over a century. They are under their fifth generation of family leadership and employee ownership. NIBCO’s current Executive Vice President is Ashley Martin. She co-founded the American Supply Association’s Women in Industry. She supports diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace.

NIBCO’s headquarters is in Elkhart, Indiana. They are a U.S. based manufacturing company with all-American ownership.

Current Sale Pricing on NIBCO Ball Valves

Listed below are the sale prices on select sizes of NIBCO’s new 585HP Ball Valves. Call to place your order. Sale Pricing ends December 30, 2022. 

Add-a-Stop Repair Valve


This add-a-stop Dahl valve makes it so you can perform maintenance on your water outlet without having to shut off the water. When an existing stop valve is leaking, or not working properly, and it would be difficult to remove it, the Add-A-Stop Repair Valve is the perfect solution. It piggybacks on the existing stop, so there is no cutting or resoldering needed. If the old stop valve is leaking just slightly, you can just disconnect the supply hose, screw on the Add-A-Stop to the old stop, and reconnect the hose. If the old stop cannot close at all, turn off the water supply elsewhere, and then connect the Add-A-Stop to the malfunctioning stop valve. Then connect the supply hose to the new valve, turn the water back on, and you’re back in business! The Add-A-Stop is a quick and easy solution that every plumber should keep in their truck or van.

RetrofitValve-Dahl-EquipartsDahl Add-a-Stop Repair Valves are made of lead-free brass and have a chrome plated finish. Dahl retrofit valves are known for their high-quality components and the limited lifetime warranty. At Equiparts, we stock two different sized Add-a-Stop Repair Valve by Dahl:

The  3/8″ Straight Stop Valve (EC Part #51407) which has a ⅜” Inlet Female OD by ⅜” Outlet OD. (Dahl Model #111-41-31)

The 1/2″ Straight Stop Valve (EC Part #56885) which has a 1/2” OD x 1/2” OD. (Dahl Model #111-42-32)

We can order other sizes to meet your needs as well. Give us a call to learn more about the Dahl products we offer and their many applications: 800-442-6622 Monday-Friday, 7:30AM-5:00PM (EST). View our downloadable Add-a-Stop Repair Valve PDF