Faucet Cartridge and Stem Quick Guide

A faucet cartridge or stem is the part in a faucet or shower assembly that controls the amount and flow of water that comes out of the faucet. In some shower applications, stems also divert water from the spout to the shower head. Although cartridges and stems are two different parts, they both do the same thing, just in different ways. In this article, you will learn how to identify which stem or cartridge you need, what signs indicate you need to replace it, the different types of faucet stems and cartridges, the different types of shower cartridges, and how to find and order replacement stems and cartridges.

Faucet Stem and Cartridge Options

There are thousands of different faucet cartridges and stems, which makes it difficult to find and buy the right replacement part when your cartridge stops working. We carry all of the following manufacturers: 

Acorn, Altman, American Standard, Artistic Brass, Auburn, Barrels, Belvedere, Bradley, Briggs, Broadway, Central Brass, CHG, Chicago, Crane, Delta-Delex, Donner, Dornbracht, Eljer, Elkay, Fisher, Frankie, Gerber, Grohe, Harden, Indiana Brass, Jado, Kalista, Kohler, KWC, Milwaukee, Moen, Newport, Nibco, Perlick, Phylrich, Phoenix, Powers, Price Pfister, Royal Brass, Sayco, Sepco, Speakman, Sterling, Streamway, Symmons, T&S, Union Brass, Universal Rundle, Valley, Washers, Wolverine, Zurn, and more. 

This list of manufacturers represents only a fraction of the thousands of stems and cartridge manufacturers we carry. If the stem or cartridge manufacturer you need is not listed, just provide us with a sample and/or manufacturer model number. We can still research, identify, and order it for you.

When to Replace Faucet Stems and Cartridges

This part is really straight forward. Typically, you only replace stems or cartridges when the existing stems or cartridges are no longer working properly. 

How to know if you need to replace your stem or cartridge:

  1. 1. The faucet is dripping.
  2. 2. The faucet won’t shut off.
  3. 3. You are getting either all hot or all cold water. 

Identifying Stems/Cartridges

Stem versus Cartridge: What’s the difference

Stems and cartridges are terms that are used interchangeably by many, although they aren’t the same thing. In most instances, a stem is used in two-handle faucets, one for the cold water and one for the hot water. A cartridge is used in faucets that control both the hot and cold water through one handle. However, it’s worth noting that in some instances, for example in metering faucets, faucets can have two cartridges (one for hot and one for cold water). Some faucets also use two of the same cartridge, one on each side, and they are installed differently for the hot and cold (one side is rotated).

Stem or Cartridge Examples

Stem and Cartridge Material Options

Both stems and cartridges can be made of plastic, brass or ceramic. The most popular material now is ceramic. According to our plumbing parts specialist, everyone is switching to ceramic because they last longer. Hard water is hard on ceramic, but in most places in the US where hard water isn’t an issue, ceramic cartridges can last forever.

Left and Right / Hot and Cold

Most often, when you view our selection of stems, they are listed as Left-Handed (LH) or Right-Handed (RH), instead of hot or cold. This is because LH or RH is not synonymous with hot or cold. The handle type and installation of the stems or cartridge(s) changes if it will dispense hot or cold water (or both for single lever faucets). 

For traditional lever handle faucets, which way the thread rises in the stem determines how it should be installed.  The thread on Left-Handed stems rise to the left. They are turned counterclockwise to turn on. The thread on Right-Handed stems rise to the right. They are turned clockwise to turn on.

However, showers will have different applications for cartridges depending on if it’s a round or cross handle instead of a lever. This is why left and right don’t necessarily equate to being used for hot or cold. 

Another note about lever handle installation:

“When lever handles are used on a deck, they should be rotated in towards the user to turn the water on and pushed away from the user to turn the water off. Thus, the hot side (on the left) should turn off clockwise, and the cold side (on the right) should turn off counter-clockwise.” 

Barry Walters, one of our providers of faucet stems and cartridges.

Faucet Stem/Cartridge Types

Compression Stem – Compression stems are used on standard faucets with bibb washers and bib screws on the bottom. These stems move up and down. When up, they open, when down, the stem compresses against the faucet seat to shut the water off. 

Non-Rising Stem –  Non-Rising stems are similar to compression stems, but work differently – instead of moving up and down on top, they move down and up on the bottom. They exist for cosmetic reasons. Since the top of the stem does not move up and down, the user never sees the stem. This style is mainly available from European stem manufacturers like Grohe and Dornbracht.

Metering Cartridge – Metering cartridges are only used in commercial applications. When pressed, metering faucets function by gradually shutting off over a short time period. This stops faucets from accidentally being left on in places like schools, hospitals, and other facilities where users might be more likely to forget to turn the faucet off. 

Single Handle Cartridge – Single handle cartridges include pressure balancing (newer models are all pressure balancing). Pressure balancing cartridges maintain the proper balance of hot and cold water in order to prevent a user from getting scalded as a result of pressure changes (like if someone flushes a toilet or turns on another faucet while you are in the shower.) They do not change the temperature of the water from the faucet, only the balance of pressure between the hot and cold water. There are also thermostatic cartridge options.

Shower Cartridge Types

Showers don’t use stems, only cartridges. There are older style, newer style, and thermostatic shower valve cartridges. Newer buildings will almost always have single handle shower cartridges. For residential applications, this is a requirement so each faucet is anti-scald. For commercial facilities, this is simply what is most often specified. Commercial facilities usually don’t have to worry about anti-scald at the point of the faucet because the water is already tempered. 

Old Style – Old style shower cartridges had a balancing spool that was separate. 

New Style – New style shower cartridges all have pressure balancing built in.

Thermostatic Shower Valve – Thermostatic shower valves have a built in thermostatic mixing valve.

Finding Faucet Cartridges, Stems, and Related Parts

We have been identifying faucet stems and cartridges for over 50 years. Give us a call today to get help from a knowledgeable plumbing supply specialist. We will help you find the stem or cartridge you need quickly. 

Stem/Cartridge Identification

Providing the following information will make identifying your stem/cartridge easier:

  • Faucet Manufacturer 
  • Faucet Model Number (This will be found in the paperwork that came with the faucet, not on the faucet itself.)
  • Faucet Type (Is it single, 2, or 3 handle?)
  • Images of the cartridge or stem 

We keep thousands of cartridges and stems in stock and ready to ship. We also carry all of the related faucet parts like mixing valves, thermostatic valves, handles, washers, seats, o-rings, spouts, aerators, bonnets, base plates, as well as complete faucets. Anything and everything related to commercial faucets can be ordered through us.

Submit our contact form or give us a call at 800-442-6622 to get started. 

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about working with us:

They always have the part you need. Super knowledgeable!

– John W.

Mike is the man! Looked for a part for my shower that I would guess 40-50 years old. Called Equiparts at a local plumbing supply suggestion after they were suggested to me by Lowes. Literally three minutes on the phone with Mike and he asked for a few pics of the part and said he would see what he could do. 5 minutes later he calls me and asked how many do I need. Impressive! Thanks Mike! I’ll tell everyone I know about the service you provided. Keep up the good work!

– Chuck S.

Exceptionally knowledgeable, very helpful.

– Jon K.

We look forward to helping you find the right faucet stems and cartridges to keep your faucets functional.

NAPSD 2022 Educational Conference and New President Announcement

Equiparts has been a member of the North American Plumbing Specialties Distributors (NAPSD)  for many years. We are excited to announce that during the NAPSD 2022 Education Conference in Seattle earlier this month, our very own Yolanda Frank was elected the new President. Read on to learn more about the event, and Yolanda’s plans for the future of NAPSD.

Seattle NAPSD Conference

This year’s NAPSD Education Conference was at the Westin Seattle in Washington state on July 11-14, 2022. The conference was focused on topics such as leading change in your business, and investing in your business by growing leadership skills and expanding professional networks. It featured vendor presentations by Sloan, Watco, T&S, CSB, Zurn, Tigris, Barry Walters, Kissler, and Chicago Faucet. There were education seminars, committee and business meetings, and the John Mueller Awards Dinner, along with some fun Seattle sightseeing opportunities sprinkled throughout.

Westin Seattle Washington

Tony Ferraro, our Assistant Sales Manager, and Yolanda Frank, our Director of Purchasing & Inside Sales, attended the event on behalf of Equiparts. Read their thoughts below to learn more about the event.

Tony’s feedback about the NAPSD Seattle Education Conference:

“It was a great meeting overall!  It was nice to finally meet the other members of NAPSD and hear about everyone’s success and struggles in the industry.  The vendors did a nice job of training and updating the group with presentations on new products in the market. We had two guest speakers who ran a training session each morning that led to group discussions pertaining to leadership and hiring practices in today’s market.”

-Tony Ferraro, Equiparts Assistant Sales Manager
Westin Seattle Conference

Yolanda’s summary of the event:

“The NAPSD Conference kicked off Monday evening with a reception sponsored by Sloan. Since we haven’t had an in-person meeting in 3 years, much of the conversation during the reception centered around catching up with fellow members.

Tuesday morning, we had a leadership training session with WiLD Leaders (Whole + Intentional Leader Development). They challenged us to think about what type of leader we are under pressure, and educated us about strategies we can use to manage that pressure. It was quite interesting to realize what your leadership style really is in those situations, and to think about what your team may or may not need from you when everyone is stressed.”

Sloan Cocktail Reception

“Wednesday morning, we participated in an exercise led by Lindsey at LTHJ Global regarding hiring individuals that are just now entering the workforce. Interestingly, it made us ask, who are we, and what is our company culture? That’s what a lot of potential employees want to know. They ask, can they see themselves in that environment/culture? Reflecting on these questions can help address any negative or biased thoughts people might have about the plumbing industry.”

Lindsey Presentation LTHJ Global

“Both of the training sessions had us look inward, which can be tough, but is necessary. Tuesday afternoon and late Wednesday morning were spent with vendors – Sloan, Watco, T&S, CSB, Zurn, Tigris, Barry Walters, Kissler and Chicago Faucet. Each vendor spent 30 minutes discussing new products, new capabilities, and what to expect in the year ahead. Tigris is a new vendor that the Group is pretty excited about…especially us!

Not sure if Seattle is known for its cuisine, but it did not disappoint. We had wonderful dinners all three evenings that really felt unique to Seattle.”

NAPSD Education Conference 2022

“Yours truly was elected President of NAPSD! My service to the organization begins next year, but I’m fully engaged in the NAPSD 2023 Vendor Trade Show to be held in Austin, TX! (April 17th-19th).”

– Yolanda Frank, our Director of Purchasing & Inside Sales

We are excited for Yolanda and her new role as NAPSD President, and look forward to seeing what her enthusiasm, drive, and professionalism bring to the organization.

2022 NAPSD Event

Q&A with Yolanda Frank, NAPSD’s President-elect for 2023

  1. What is your role at Equiparts?
    Currently, I’m the Director of Purchasing & Inside Sales. I oversee our purchasing activity and vendor relationships, and I also support our Inside Sales team in reaching their sales goals.  Both pieces have been critical to the growth we’ve experienced over the past several years.  The vendor relationships allow us to have the correct inventory at the right cost so that we can maximize profitability, while the Inside Sales team allows us to reach customers that our ‘boots on the ground’ cannot.  Their technical knowledge and excellent customer service separates us from our competition.

  2. What do you think is the biggest benefit of being a member of NAPSD?
    It’s hard to narrow it down to just one, but I think it would be the relationships that are developed.  Many of the members are small independent operations that started their business because of their joy and interest in the plumbing parts industry.  When you have the opportunity to meet with others who share the same interest, and who possibly are experiencing similar obstacles, it’s wonderful. You learn about helpful tools, and share best practices.  Many of the members have been personal friends for years.

  3. What was your favorite event or take away at the Seattle conference?
    The Seattle Conference was the first time we had gotten together in person in 3 years, so my favorite part was seeing everyone.  But truly the best event was the Leadership Training. As mentioned, many of the companies are small independent operations, so it’s rare for us to take time to work on ourselves.  The NAPSD Educational Conference allowed us to think about what type of leader we are, what we might do differently, and what our team/business needs from us.  Spending six hours over two days focused on our personal growth, and learning how that can turn into strategic company growth was my favorite part of all the events, and was definitely time well spent.

  4. What are your plans for NAPSD as acting President in 2023?
    I’m so excited about being elected President of NAPSD.  It’s been a journey to get to this point in my career, but it couldn’t have been done without the support of many of the members.  Regarding my plans over the next 2 years while I’m President, I want to increase communication within the group, increase membership in the group, and strengthen our vendor relationships. Within those three areas, I have the following goals:
    1. I would like to develop a quarterly channel of communication that allows members to stay current on industry news. So much happens within a year, and waiting until we are in person to discuss it is too long of a time. 
    2. I hope that my position and visibility as a minority female president will inspire membership in companies that may have been on the fence about joining. The make-up of the companies is changing, and I want to make sure everyone feels welcomed. 
    3. Lastly, I want to make sure that the vendors know we need them. We also need them to see us, and structure programs to support the types and sizes of our businesses. 

My plans may seem ambitious, but I’m up for it, and I am truly excited about the possibilities. 

Yolanda Frank of Equiparts
Yolanda Frank at her office at the Equiparts Headquarters in Oakmont, PA.

Interested in becoming a member of NAPSD? Learn how to join on the NAPSD website.

Sloan Sensor Faucet Guide

Read this Sloan Sensor Faucet Guide to learn everything you need to choose the right sensor faucet for your specifications. After reading our guide, you will be able to convert your manual faucets to touch-free faucets with confidence. If you have any additional questions after reading the guide, give us a call to speak with one of our Sloan product experts. Contact information is listed below.

Tip: Open the PDF viewer in fullscreen on a desktop or laptop computer for the best user experience. Learn more about the controls of the viewer at the bottom of this page.

In this article, we review all of the considerations that will impact your faucet selection. Factors such as requirements, use, and site specifications, as well as options such as flow rate, spray type, power supply options, and more will be addressed. Then, we share general faucet recommendations based on use and some common questions you may have.

Sections in this guide include the following:

  1. 1. Sensor Faucet Component Access
  2. 2. Sensor Types
  3. 3. Flow Rate and Spray Type Options
  4. 4. Site Specifications
  5. 5. Power Supply Options
  6. 6. Additional Considerations: Time and Cost
  7. 7. Faucet Recommendations Based on Facility Type
  8. 8. Bluetooth Faucet Options
  9. 9. Sloan Sensor Faucet FAQs

At Equiparts, we carry sensor faucets by other major commercial faucet manufacturers as well, including American Standard, Chicago Faucet, Delta, Elkay, Moen, Symmons, and more. Click on the “faucet and shower units” link in our side bar menu to begin your search, or give us a call if you don’t see what you need.

Give us a call for more information and to order your sensor faucets.

Toll-Free: 800-442-6622
Pittsburgh: 412-781-9100

Phone hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM EST

Digital PDF Viewer Controls

We highly recommend viewing the PDF on a full-sized computer or laptop to view all of the features and have the best experience viewing our catalog online. When on a laptop/computer, we also recommend viewing the PDF in fullscreen mode.

Below is a breakdown of all of the features of the PDF viewer (visible only on desktop) starting with the icons on the lower menu bar (from left to right):

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Fullscreen – To view the booklet in fullscreen, click on the double arrow button located at the bottom of the screen in the middle-left.

Lower Right Menu
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Can I download the Sloan Sensor Faucet Guide?
Absolutely! To download, simply open up the guide through this link (give it time to load), then click File>Save in your web browser and save it where you can easily find and reference it in the future. Download the Sloan Sensor Faucet Guide through this Link.

Troubleshooting Tip:
If you are having trouble viewing the booklet in the PDF viewer, view the guide as a regular PDF instead. To troubleshoot the viewer, you can first try clearing your browsers cache. If the PDF viewer still isn’t functioning properly, try opening it in a different browser and make sure you are viewing it on a full-sized desktop computer or laptop in fullscreen mode.

Sloan Side Mount Operator Guide

Facilities that are ready to make the change from manual flushometers to sensor flushometers have many options to choose from. This article shares all of Sloan’s manual to sensor retrofit kits so you can choose what type of retrofit you want to use and then select and buy the exact model that best suits your needs. In this article, we discuss all of the retrofit flushometer options available to you, then zoom in on the quickest and easiest retrofit solutions, which are side mount operators.

Definitions of conversion kit terms used throughout this article:

  • Retrofit units, also referred to as retrofit kits in this article refers to all types of units that convert a manual flushometer to a sensor flushometer. This includes both side mount operators, and top mount operators. Sloan’s sensor-operated retrofit kits are designed to fit almost all exposed closet or urinal Sloan flushometers. Their retrofit kits fit Sloan Royal, Regal, Sloan, and Crown model flushometers, as well as many competitors’ manual flushometers.
  • Side Mount Operators are manual to sensor conversion kits that are installed where the manual handle used to be located. They are the easiest conversion kit to install and maintain. Side mount retrofit options include Sloan EBV500A, EBV550A, EBV200A, EBV89A, EL600A, EL700A, and EL750A model units.
  • Top Mount Operators are manual to sensor conversion kits that are installed on top of the flush valve. They are aesthetically pleasing with exceptional performance. Top mount retrofit options include SOLIS, SLOAN, ECOS, and G2 flushometers.

Why choose Sloan Retrofit Flushometer Kits?

Sloan is arguably the most popular flushometer manufacturer in the world, providing flush valves to commercial facilities for over 100 years. Their sensor-operated side mount retrofit kits are designed to fit almost all exposed closet or urinal Sloan flushometers. Their retrofit kits fit Sloan Royal, Regal, Sloan, and Crown model flushometers, as well as many competitors’ manual flushometers. *Note that the retrofit options below are not suitable for GEM flushometers. Call us for GEM retrofit options.

Sloan Side Mount Auto Flush Unit

Here, we focus on side mount retrofit solutions like the flushometer shown above. Side mount retrofit kits are a favorite for a couple of reasons:

  1. 1. Side mounted retrofit kits are the easiest option to install. They can be installed while the water is still on. Over-the-handle options don’t even require any additional adjustments at all.
  2. 2. Side mounted retrofit kits are the easiest option to maintain. They are inexpensive and much more cost effective to replace than top mounted retrofit kits that are more expensive. 

Some facilities choose top mounted retrofit kits because top mounted models like the G2 are often found to be more aesthetically pleasing. Also, generally speaking, top mounted models like G2 units can be repaired, whereas when something goes wrong in a side mount operator, it is commonly just replaced instead of repaired. 

Side Mount Operator Models

Sloan makes four different Side Mount Operator models, SMOOTH, SMO, SFSM, and DFSM. Here is what those acronyms stand for:

  • SMOOTH – Side-Mount Operator Over
    The Handle
  • SMO – Side-Mount Operator
  • SFSM – Single Flush Side-Mount
  • DFSM – Dual Flush Side-Mount

Major differences between the units include the following:

  • The SMO model has an electronic override button, whereas the other 3 units all have a True Mechanical Override (TMO) button. The SMOOTH, SFSM and DFSM also have a ‘non-hold open’ design that prevents intentional flooding.
  • SMOOTH, SFSM and DFSM are available in hardwired models. The SMO does not have a hardwired option. 
  • SMOOTH units are placed over the handle, and the other 3 units replace the handle.
  • SMOOTH side mount operators do not readily attach to GEM flushometers.
  • Dual Flush Side Mount (DFSM) operators do not readily attach to piston type flushometers.

Side Mount Retrofit Kit Flushometer Chart

The chart below compares the following side mount models: Sloan EBV500A (Part #85606), Sloan EBV550A (Part #85605), Sloan EBV200A (Part #08825), and Sloan EBV89A (Part #08532). All four of these side mount kits are battery operated. The hardwired versions of the units are the following: model EBV500A is EL700A (Part #87854), EBV550A is EL750A (Part #87853), and model EBV200A is EL600A-HW (Part #86530). Review the chart to learn what each unit features, and find the right side mount operator to retrofit your manual flushometers.

Looking to retrofit Sloan GEM 2 Flushometers?

Three of the four options listed in the chart can be retrofitted to GEM 2 Flushometers with the addition of the Sloan EBV-157 Flush Valve Adapter Assembly (Part #SP5524). The adapter enables the following side mount/over-the-handle retrofit kits to fit GEM 2 flushometers:

  • EBV-500-A Optima Plus Single Flush Side Mount Retrofit (Part #85606)
  • EBV-550-A Optima Plus Dual Flush Side Mount Retrofit (Part #85605)
  • EBV-89-A Retrofit Side Mount with Metal Cover (Part #08532)

Additional Sloan Side Mount Information

Sloan Side Mount Auto Flush Installation Directions

Installation Directions for Side Mount Sensor Flushometers

Plus directions for how to turn on service mode when performing maintenance.

Directions for installation SMO, SFSM, and DFSM units

  1. 1. Shut the water off (although very experienced installers can make this update without shutting the water off). This avoids any possibility of tripping the relief valve and getting a rush of water. 
  2. 2. Remove the handle.
  3. 3. Install the new side mount operator. The unit comes with the wrench needed to complete the installation. 
  4. 4. Power on the unit or remove the label over the sensor. This enables the unit to enter the ‘start-up’ mode once it detects a target.

Directions for installation of SMOOTH units

  1. 1. Turn the water off.
  2. 2. Slip the unit over the handle.
  3. 3. Tighten the unit with the included allen wrench.
  4. 4. Remove the sticker from the sensor so it can detect a target.
  5. 5. Move out of the way so it can calibrate for 1 minute.

Directions for Service Mode for Side Mount Units

All side mount units can be placed in a “service mode,” which means that maintenance personnel don’t have to worry about setting off the sensor and getting surprise flushes when a unit is being cleaned or sanitized. “Service mode” can be turned on for up to 10 minutes by pushing the TMO button for 15 seconds. After cleaning is complete, press the TMO button once to exit service mode. Otherwise, the unit will return to regular service after 10 minutes.

Sloan side mount sleeve assembly

 Replacing the Sleeve Assembly: When and Why

Note: This section is applicable to Single Flush Side Mount (SFSM) and Dual Flush Side Mount (DFSM) units only.

Side Mount Sensor Flushometers require very minimal maintenance, and are also very easy to install, making them one of our most popular sensor products. However, there is one repair part that you‘ll want to keep on hand: The sleeve assembly. 

How you will know if the sleeve assembly needs to be replaced:

If water begins to leak from the nut, then the sleeve assembly needs to be replaced. This is important to do right away because, if ignored, water will get inside the unit and deteriorate the plug. Then the water will damage the electronics inside the side mount. When that happens, the entire side mount operator needs to be replaced. Directions for making this repair can be found in the “Issues and Solutions” section further down in this blog. Look for the indicator ‘Leaking at the handle coupling during flush,’ and find EBV-500-A SFSM and EBV-550-A DFSM underneath.

We highly recommend keeping sleeve assemblies in stock so you can quickly replace them when needed. If you maintain the sleeve assemblies, your side mounts can last a long time, and you can avoid the expense of replacing the entire unit.

Sleeve Assembly For Single Flush Side Mount (EBV-500-A units)
Sloan model EBV-570-A (Part #88849)

Sleeve Assembly For Dual Flush Side Mount (EBV-550-A units)
Sloan model EBV-505-A (Part #89753)

Sleeve Assembly Installation Tip: 

Be sure to place the sleeve assembly with the flat notch facing upwards into the collar nut. Failure to install flat notch correctly can result in damage to the unit. Tighten collar nut with supplied collar wrench.

Order the Sloan retrofit flush valve kits you need on our website or over the phone.

Toll-Free Phone Number: 800-442-6622  

If you would like additional help, give us a call, and one of our Sloan Repair Specialists will answer all of your questions.

Affordable Touch-Free Faucet: The E-Tronic from Chicago

The E-Tronic sensor faucet from Chicago Faucets is an affordable touch-free faucet that is highly programmable and easy to install. This article will explain more about the faucet, the different solenoids available to service it, and the repair parts and accessories it uses.

The Chicago Faucets E-Tronic 40 Faucet


The Chicago E-Tronic 40 faucet model was one of the first above-deck sensor faucets to hit the market. It has a great price point, making it a popular faucet for commercial facilities. We have sold hundreds of these units to our customers who install them in a variety of facilities, including schools, hospitals, government buildings, and fitness centers.

Equiparts Part Number 81991
Chicago Faucets model 116.606.AB.1
View Online

Faucet Specifications and Features:

  • 4-inch Sensor Faucet 
  • Powered by a 6-volt lithium battery (included)
  • 0.5 GPM Vandal Proof Pressure-compensating Econo-Flo non-aerating laminar spray
  • ECAST® design provides durable cast brass construction with total lead content equal to or less than 0.25% by weighted average
  • Integral body construction 
  • Single supply for cold or tempered water
  • Above-deck electronics
  • Water-tight solenoid with filter screen
  • ½-inch NPSM brass shank with filter screen
  • Includes E-Tronic® 40 module kit
  • Rated Operating Pressure: 20-125 PSI 
  • Rated Operating Temperature: 40-140°

Faucet Compliances & Certifications:

  • ASME A112.18.1/CSA B125.1
  • ADA ANSI/ICC A117.1
  • Complies with CALGreen requirements
  • NSF/ANSI 372 Low Lead Content NSF/ANSI 61, Section
  • Complies with the requirements of the Buy American Act of 1933

E-Tronic Solenoids

E-tronic Faucets have been around for many years. Chicago Faucets has updated its components over time. In particular, the most important part of the faucet has been improved: the solenoid. Because of these updates, there are two different solenoid models, and three different solenoid replacement instructions for faucets bought during certain time periods. We’ve made the chart below to help our customers know which solenoid is the right one for their units, and how to remove and replace it.

Download, save, or print the E-tronic Solenoid Chart PDF so you can reference it at a later date.

Additional E-Tronic Faucet Repair Parts and Accessories

The solenoid is the most common repair part that will need to be replaced in the E-Tronic faucet. But other parts will also need to be replaced over time as well. Listed below are common repair parts and accessories that fit E-Tronic faucets.

8-inch Trim Plate
Equiparts Part Number 81992
Chicago Faucets Number
View online

Brass Locknut
Equiparts Part Number 83680
Chicago Faucets Number 49-004JKRBF
½-inch IPS
View online

Inlet Filter Screen
Equiparts Part Number 82832
Chicago Faucets Number 3300-005JKABNF
View online

Equiparts Part Number 51257
Chicago Faucets Number E2805JKABCP
13/16”-27 Male Vandal Proof 0.5 GPM Aerator with Key
View online

6V Lithium Battery
Equiparts Part Number 32906
View online

Commander Handheld Programming Unit
Equiparts Part Number 87148
Chicago Faucets Number 116.585.00.1
View Online

Order Chicago Faucets, Repair Parts, and Accessories from Equiparts

Give us a call to order all of the Chicago units and parts you need for your facility. We have worked with Chicago Faucets for years and know their products very well. This enables us to provide you with useful product guides like this one, and give you any additional support you may need while placing your order. 

Toll-Free: 800-442-6622
Pittsburgh: 412-781-9100

Phone hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM EST

Commercial Door Weatherstripping and Seals

How do you know what weatherstripping, sweeps, or seals to choose for the doors in your facility? The countless options can make finding the most fitting solutions for your doors seem confusing. In this article, we will share our most popular commercial door sealing options from the leading manufacturer of commercial door weatherstripping – National Guard Products.

How to Choose the Right Commercial Door Seals, Sweeps, and Weatherstripping

Properly installing and maintaining commercial door insulation is both necessary to meet certain building codes and ratings, and beneficial for maintaining the building. It’s necessary because the International Building Code (IBC) requires certain commercial doors (like classroom doors and swing fire doors) to have an edge sealing system. This is because an excessive gap between the door and the door frame can jeopardize the integrity of the door. Certain doors, like doors in schools that lead to core learning spaces, have to meet certain sound transmission class (STC) ratings too. Both of these requirements are achieved by installing proper door seals. Weatherstripping also helps to decrease energy usage by letting in less air from outside, and stopping insects or other creatures from getting into buildings or rooms.

National Guard Products

National Guard Products (NGP), founded in 1935, is a leading manufacturer of commercial door hardware including thresholds, gaskets, and a variety of other specialty products like food shields, anti-ligature tips and gasketing, and fire door accessories. NGP creates their door products with code requirements for certain locations and facilities in mind. Equiparts has been supplying our customers with National Guard Products for over 20 years. We carry many items in stock and ready to ship, and will help you order any specialized or custom National Guard Products you need.

Comparing Seals to Sweeps to Weatherseals

National Guard Products carries hundreds of options for door sweeps, seals, weatherstripping, and other door hardware accessories and parts. The commercial door hardware items they make are available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and/or materials. For this article, we are going to compare 3 popular types of door weatherizing options: seals, sweeps (also called brushes), and weatherstripping in commonly ordered sizes. Note that these options are not chosen exclusively of one another, but are often used in conjunction with one another.

Neoprene Door Seal for Double Doors

The door seal shown above is a Neoprene Smoke-Rated Astragal Seal Set. It features an anodized aluminum astragal with EPDM seal. These door seals are designed to be installed in between double doors. They eliminate the gap between the doors.


  •  Very Good Abrasion Resistance, Tensile Strength, and Memory
  •  Flame Resistant
  •  Moisture Resistant
  •  Temperature Range -60°F to 250°F
  •  Good Resistance to Ozone, Sunlight, and Aging
  •  BHMA Certified to ANSI/BHMA A156.22 Performance Tests for
    Heat, Cold, Air Infiltration, and Smoke Infiltration
  •  Fire-Rated Astragal Seals Cannot Replace Any Astragal Required
    on the Door by the Door Manufacturer to Maintain Its Fire Label
  •  IBC, NFPA 80, NFPA105, and NFPA 252 Require the Gap at the
    Meeting Edge Between Fire Labeled Doors To Not Exceed 1/8″
  •  #6 x 3/4″ Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Screws Furnished
  •  Screw Holes are Slotted for Adjustment


  • CERTIFIED by UL to CAN/ULC-S104 and ANSI/UL10B, complies with NFPA 80 and NFPA 252 for application to Hollow Metal fire doors rated up to 3 Hours, and Wood fire doors rated up to 90 minutes.
  • POSITIVE PRESSURE – CERTIFIED by UL to ANSI/UL10C, complies with IBC, NFPA 80 and NFPA 252 for application to Hollow Metal fire doors rated up to 3 Hours, and Wood fire doors rated up to 90 minutes.
  • AIR INFILTRATION TESTED to ASTM E283, Standard Test Method for Determining Rate of Air Leakage Through Exterior Windows, Curtain Walls, and Doors.
  • SMOKE & DRAFT CONTROL GASKETING. Certified by UL to ANSI/UL10C and ANSI/UL1784 Category ‘H’; complies with IBC and NFPA 105 for use on ‘S’ labeled Positive Pressure Hollow Metal fire doors rated up to 3 hours, and Wood fire doors rated up to 90 minutes.
  • ANSI/BHMA CERTIFIED. Certified Gasketing complies with American National Standard for Door Gasketing and Edge Sealing Systems ANSI/BHMA A156.22 and is listed in the BHMA Certified Products Directory.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Cut astragal to length.
  2. Position on doors.
  3. Mark screw holes.
  4. Drill pilot holes for screws using a 7/64″ drill bit.
  5. Install with screws provided.
  6. Adjust astragal so it does not impede proper closing and latching of doors.

Popular Door Seal Products

These door seals are priced per foot. Two pieces must be ordered to make a set.

⅜-Inch Neoprene Door Seal

Satin Aluminum – Part #10150 
National Guard Products model 115NA

Dark Bronze – Part #10152 
National Guard Products model 115NDKB

Nylon Brush Door Sweep

These door sweeps are nylon brush perimeter seals or sweeps. It is made of anodized aluminum with a nylon brush. Door sweeps or brushes are designed to be installed at the bottom of doors. They help minimize air leaks. This kind is considered an sweep since it screws into the door (versus other sweep options that can slide onto the door).


  • Aluminum alloy 6063, T5 temper
  • Synthetic polymer: Polyamide
  • Excellent abrasion resistance, flexibility and memory
  • Moisture resistant
  • Retains insecticides well
  • Temperature range -70°F to 425°F
  • REACH and RoHS compliant
  • Not effective against water penetration
  • #6 x 3/4″ stainless steel sheet metal screws furnished
  • Screw holes slotted for adjustment
  • Nylon brush is gray
  • Anodized aluminum


  • CERTIFIED by UL to CAN/ULC-S104 and ANSI/UL10B, complies with NFPA 80 and NFPA 252 for application to Hollow Metal fire doors rated up to 3 Hours, and Wood fire doors rated up to 90 minutes.
  • POSITIVE PRESSURE – CERTIFIED by UL to ANSI/UL10C, complies with IBC, NFPA 80 and NFPA 252 for application to Hollow Metal fire doors rated up to 3 Hours, and Wood fire doors rated up to 90 minutes.
  • AIR INFILTRATION TESTED to ASTM E283, Standard Test Method for Determining Rate of Air Leakage Through Exterior Windows, Curtain Walls, and Doors.
  • SMOKE & DRAFT CONTROL GASKETING. Certified by UL to ANSI/UL10C and ANSI/UL1784 Category ‘H’; complies with IBC and NFPA 105 for use on ‘S’ labeled Positive Pressure Hollow Metal fire doors rated up to 3 hours, and Wood fire doors rated up to 90 minutes.

Door Sweep Installation Instructions

  1. Remove brush from metal retainer.
  2. Cut brush to fit opening, using the cutting section of pliers or diagonal cutters. If bristles are not secure, crimp the end of the metal or use a drop of adhesive to secure the brush.
  3. Cut the metal retainer to length.
  4. Replace brush in metal retainer.
  5. With door closed, position sweep at bottom of door and tap down until contact is made between the sweep
    and the threshold. Mark screw holes.
  6. Drill pilot holes for screws with a 7/64″ bit.
  7. Install with screws provided.
  8. Slightly peen the ends of each retainer to secure the brush from moving.
  9. Adjust position so sweep does not impede proper closing and latching of door.

Popular Door Sweep Products

The door sweep shown here is priced per foot. There are two popular sizes (1/2-inch and 1-inch) listed below, each with part numbers for satin aluminum and dark bronze. Both sweeps can be used on the bottom of doors, but the ½-inch can also be used in between double doors.

½-inch Nylon Brush Perimeter Seal or Sweep (Model 600)

Satin Aluminum – Part #10129 
National Guard Products model 600A
½-inch size brush

Dark bronze – Part #10131
National Guard Products model 600DKB
½-inch size brush

1-inch Nylon Brush Perimeter Seal or Sweep (Model 601)

Satin Aluminum – Part #10132
National Guard Products model 601A
1-inch size brush

Dark bronze – Part #10134 
National Guard Products model 601DKB
1-inch size brush

Self-Adhesive Siloxane Weatherseal (also called Weatherstripping)

The Self-Adhesive Weatherseal is a silicone bulb fire and smoke seal that is self-adhesive. Designed to be installed in the door seam of interior or exterior doors. Keeps outdoor air and bugs from coming through the door.


  • Synthetic rubber polymer: Siloxane
  • Self-Adhesive
  • Excellent flexibility and memory
  • Flame resistant
  • Moisture resistant
  • Temperature range -100°F to 500°F, remains flexible at extreme temperatures
  • Excellent resistance to ozone, UV and aging
  • Recommended for areas using FM200 or Halon Fire Suppression Systems
  • BHMA Certified to ANSI/BHMA A156.22 performance tests for heat, cold and air infiltration
  • Modified acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive protected by release liner
  • Provides high initial adhesion and long term holding power for permanent mounting in exterior or interior locations
  • Resistant to aging, weathering, UV radiation, water, detergent, alcohol and the influence of chemicals
  • End use temperature range of adhesive, long term exposure -30°F up to 250°F
  • Shelf life of adhesive prior to installation is one year when stored at 75°F and 50% relative humidity or less
  • Edge Sealing System – category “G” for 20 minute rated category B wood doors perimeter application up to: single swing 4’0 x 8’0, pairs 8’0 x 8’0. Use 9550 at the meeting edge of pairs
  • Smoke and draft control – category “H”, up to 3 hours hollow metal fire doors, up to 90 minutes wood fire doors
  • Meets requirements of RoHS directive
  • 1/2″ wide x 1/4″ tall
  • Brown


  • CERTIFIED by UL to CAN/ULC-S104 and ANSI/UL10B, complies with NFPA 80 and NFPA 252 for application to Hollow Metal fire doors rated up to 3 Hrs., and Wood fire doors rated up to 90 minutes.
  • POSITIVE PRESSURE – CERTIFIED by UL to ANSI/UL10C, complies with IBC, NFPA 80 and NFPA 252 for application to Hollow Metal fire doors rated up to 3 Hrs., and Wood fire doors rated up to 90 minutes.
  • AIR INFILTRATION TESTED to ASTM E283, Standard Test Method for Determining Rate of Air Leakage Through Exterior Windows, Curtain Walls, and Doors.
  • ACOUSTICAL TESTED to ASTM E90 Standard Test Method for Laboratory Measurement of Airborne Sound Transmission Loss of Building Partitions and Elements, and ASTM E2235 Standard Test Method for Determination of Decay Rates for use in Sound Insulation Test Methods. Refer to information on pages G4 and G5 of our Gasketing catalog for test result data.
  • SMOKE & DRAFT CONTROL GASKETING. Certified by UL to ANSI/UL10C and ANSI/UL1784 Category ‘H’; complies with IBC and NFPA 105 for use on ‘S’ labeled Positive Pressure Hollow Metal fire doors rated up to 3 hours, and Wood fire doors rated up to 90 minutes.
  • NGP-EDGE® SEALING SYSTEM. Certified by UL to ANSI/UL10C Category ‘G’; required for Category B wood fire doors to meet positive pressure requirements complying with IBC, and NFPA 252. See individual products for maximum door size and ratings.
  • ANSI/BHMA CERTIFIED. Certified Gasketing complies with American National Standard for Door Gasketing and Edge Sealing Systems ANSI/BHMA A156.22 and is listed in the BHMA Certified Products Directory.

Installation Instructions

  1. The surface temperature of the frame must be above 50°F for the adhesive to bond.
  2. Clean frame with clean wipe provided to remove dust, oil, grease and dirt. Wax coated or high gloss painted surfaces may require roughening of the surface with a Scotch-Brite pad or sandpaper so door adhesive will properly bond.
  3. Measure and pre-cut pieces to fit the head and jambs.
  4. Remove protective backing 1 to 2 feet at a time.
  5. Position on frame where illustrated, allowing approximately 1/16″
    between seal and frame for clearance when compressed.
  6. Adhere by pressing firmly (approx. 15 lbs. pressure required) straight down along the entire length of gasketing. Do not remove and relocate. WARNING: Do not rub along length from one end toward the other end during installation as the gasket will stretch and not adhere properly.
  7. Make sure the seal does not impede proper closing and latching of the door.

Popular Weatherseal Products

Self Adhesive Weatherseal (½-inch x ¼-inch) – Part #10096 
National Guard Products model 5050B
20-Foot Roll

Self Adhesive Weatherseal (⅜-inch x ¼-inch) – Part #10097 
National Guard Products model 5050B
20-Foot Roll

We also carry double-sided tape weatherstripping and brush-tape that can be used to winterize doors and windows.

How to Order Commercial Door Seals, Sweeps, and Weatherproofing

Give us a call to work with one of our sales reps. If you know exactly which door sweep, seal, or weatherstripping you need, they will help you place your order. If you need help figuring out what solution is best for your application, they can do that as well. 

To place an order or receive a quote, just give us a call at 800-442-6622 M-F 8:00AM – 4:00PM EST. One of our knowledgeable repair parts specialists will be happy to help you.

Sloan Diaphragm Kit Guide

Sloan Diaphragm Kits are arguably the most popular part within a Sloan flushometer that needs to be replaced. Because the diaphragm kit (also called a drop-in kit) is a popular replacement part, we think it is important to have a full understanding of how it works, how long it should last, what factors affect its longevity, how to properly service and replace it, and how to make sure you are ordering the correct model for your toilet or urinal. Read this Sloan Diaphragm Kit Guide to gain a full understanding of this common replacement part, and become a Sloan Diaphragm Kit expert. 

*Note: Sloan Drop-In Kits are a MisnomerAlthough we refer to a Diaphragm Assembly as a ‘Drop-In Kit’ we do not recommend actually dropping it into place. Diaphragm Assemblies are actually quite intricate and can easily become damaged if mishandled. We recommend just lowering the kit carefully onto the valve seat.

Understanding the Sloan Diaphragm Kit

The diaphragm assembly regulates the pressure within the flush valve. When the flushometer handle is pulled, or the sensor activated, the diaphragm acts as a regulator, controlling the volume of the flush and maintaining the necessary pressure within the unit in order to prevent water from flowing when it isn’t supposed too. 

Where is the diaphragm located within the flush valve?

The diaphragm kit sits directly below the inside cover in the top of a flush valve. 

How long will it last?

Sloan flushometer bodies last a very long time. However, some of the working parts inside them like the diaphragm assembly, need to be replaced more often. After about 250,000 flushes or about 4 years in a high traffic facility, expect parts like the diaphragm assembly and the vacuum breaker to need replacing. This is completely normal. These functional parts within the flushometer simply wear out and need replacing. This is why it is important to understand the signs that your Sloan drop in kit needs to be replaced, how to order the right drop-in kit to replace it, and how to properly install it without damaging it.

What are indicators that your Sloan drop-in kit needs to be replaced?

Signs that your drop-in kit needs to be replaced include:

  • Flushometer no longer flushes
  • Flushometer will not shut off
  • Flush is too short
  • Flush is too long

Sloan Drop-In Kit Options

Dual-Filtered versus Single Filtered: What’s the Difference?

Over time, Sloan has improved their diaphragm assemblies so they are more durable and longer lasting. Sloan came out with Permex diaphragm assemblies in 1998, and have been installing them in new Royal Flushometers ever since. These assemblies feature a dual-filtered bypass, meaning that instead of only one bypass hole for water to filter through, there are two. This lessens the strain on the bypass and makes clogging less likely. These improvements resulted in diaphragm assemblies that last up to 4 times longer than the old rubber diaphragms. 

Note: Dual-filtered permex assemblies do not come installed in Regal flushometers, but they can be installed in them when replacing regal flush valve drop-in kits.

Sloan Closet Drop-In Kit Chart

The Sloan drop-in kits listed above are for the following model Sloan flush valves: G2, ECOS, and SOLIS. They are designed for closet applications only. Click on the links below to go to the part page for the model you need:

Part #08710 Drop-In Repair Kit w/ Batteries – 2.4 GPF (Sloan model number EBV1021A)

Part #08285 Drop-In Repair Kit Closet w/ Batteries – 1.6 or 3.5 GPF (Sloan model number EBV1020A)

Part #83565 Drop-In Repair Kit Closet w/ Batteries – 1.28 GPF (Sloan model number EBV1024A)

Sloan Urinal Drop-In Kit Chart

The Sloan drop-in kits listed above are for the following model Sloan flush valves: G2, ECOS, and SOLIS (the last drop-in kit is for G2 models only). They are designed for urinal applications only. Click on the links below to view the model needed:

Part #08137 Drop-In Repair Kit Urinal w/ Batteries – 1.0 or 1.5 GPF (Sloan model number EBV1022A)

Part #08695 Drop-In Repair Kit Urinal w/ Batteries – 0.5 GPF (Sloan model number EBV1023A)

Part #85629 Drop-In Repair Kit Urinal w/ Batteries – 0.25 GPF (Sloan model number EBV1025A)

Sloan Royal Drop-In Kit Chart

The Sloan drop-in kits listed above are for Sloan Royal flushometers. They can also be installed in Regal flush valves for a longer lasting Regal diaphragm assembly replacement. They are designed for either closet or urinal applications, as per listed in the chart. Click on the links below to view the model needed in our online store:

Part #08563 Drop-In Repair Kit Dual Filtered Closet – 3.5 GPF Hi-Performing (Sloan model number A1038A)

Part #08752 Drop-In Repair Kit Dual Filtered Closet – 2.4 GPF Hi-Performing (Sloan model number A1044A)

Part #08564 Drop-In Repair Kit Dual Filtered Closet – 1.6 GPF Hi-Performing (Sloan model number A1041A)

Part #08937 Drop-In Repair Kit Dual Filtered Closet – 1.28 GPF Hi-Performing (Sloan model number A1045A)

Part #08562 Drop-In Repair Kit Dual Filtered Urinal – 1.5 GPF Hi-Performing (Sloan model number A1037A)

Part #08565 Drop-In Repair Kit Dual Filtered Urinal – 1.0 GPF Hi-Performing (Sloan model number A1042A)

Part #08566 Drop-In Repair Kit Dual Filtered Urinal – 0.5 GPF Hi-Performing (Sloan model number A1043A)

Part #82110 Drop-In Repair Kit Urinal – 0.25 GPF w/ Synthetic Diaphragm (Sloan model number A1047A)

Part #83612 Drop-In Repair Kit Urinal – 0.13 GPF w/ Synthetic Diaphragm (Sloan model number A1050A)

Sloan Regal Drop-In Kit Chart

The Sloan drop-in kits listed above are for Sloan Regal flushometers. They are designed for either closet or urinal applications, as per listed in the chart. Click on the links below to view the model needed in the webstore:

Part #08057 Drop-In Repair Kit Closet – 4.5 GPF Old Style (Sloan model number A36A)

Part #08000 Drop-In Repair Kit Closet – 3.5 GPF (Sloan model number A38A)

Part #08571 Drop-In Repair Kit Closet – 2.4 GPF (Sloan model number A44A)

Part #08114 Drop-In Repair Kit Closet – 1.6 GPF (Sloan model number A41A)

Part #08001 Drop-In Repair Kit Closet – 1.5 GPF (Sloan model number A37A)

Part #08115 Drop-In Repair Kit Closet – 1.0 GPF (Sloan model number A42A)

Part #08573 Drop-In Repair Kit Closet – 0.5 GPF (Sloan model number A43A)

Save, print, or share the Sloan Drop-In Kit Chart (PDF) for future reference.

Where to Buy Sloan Diaphragm Kits

We carry all Sloan drop-in kits And also have 6-pack quantities available for select models. To place an order, give us a call and speak with one of our Sloan product experts:

Toll-Free: 800-442-6622
Pittsburgh: 412-781-9100
Mon-Fri 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM EST

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Sloan Maintenance Schedule

Sloan Master Repair Kits

We have supplied our customers with Sloan repair parts for over 50 years. We know what parts facility managers need to repair Sloan fixtures and how often they need to be replaced. That’s why we have created these custom Master Repair Kits. They contain everything needed to service certain Sloan fixtures, all within a labeled metal case. With these Master Repair Kits, maintenance personnel can remain organized and prepared for any Sloan repair situation.

What our customers are saying:


“Excellent Purchase. Exceptional. This kit is

outstanding for a service tech with skills.” 

– John B.

Sloan Master Repair Kits

Facility managers have many items they need to service within the buildings they maintain. Our custom-made repair kits create an organizational solution that makes it easy to service some of their fixtures. Namely, their Sloan flushometers and faucets. This enables them to continuously keep their Sloan fixtures functioning at peak performance with the shortest down time.

You won’t find these kits anywhere else because we custom make them in-house. We have worked with Sloan for decades, supplying customers with the Sloan repair parts and fixtures needed for their schools, hospitals, and other professional buildings. We know what parts are needed and how often they need to be replaced. Read our Flushometer Parts: Learn How to Anticipate Needed Parts article for more information on anticipating which parts you will need to service your Sloan flushometers.

Sloan Repair Kit Types

Our kits range in size, price, and contents to provide the parts needed to service specific sloan faucet and flushometer models. This makes them very helpful for facilities that have multiple faucets and/or flushometers throughout their facility that are the same model. In this article, we are focusing on Sloan Master Repair Kits. Our master repair kits include all of the parts needed to service flushometers are for certain Sloan faucet and flushometer models. They include metal cases with dividers to help keep needed parts organized. 

Sloan Master Repair Kits

Click ‘View Online’ to go to the kits listing on our website. There you can view a list of the parts found in the kit and add it to your cart for purchase. 

Sloan Master Repair Kit 102 Pieces

Manual Flushometer Master Repair Kit
Part #08066
For Sloan Manual Flushometers.
Includes 102 parts
View Online

Sloan Dual Filter Repair Kit

Master Dual-Filtered Flushometer Repair Kit
Part #08730
For New Style Royal Dual-Filtered Bypass Flushometer Units. 
Includes 71 parts
View Online

Sloan Optima Plus Repair Parts Kit

Master Optima Plus Flushometer Repair Parts Kit
Part #08588
For Sloan Optima Plus Battery-Operated Flushometers.
Includes 56 parts
View Online

Sloan G2 Repair Kit

Master G2 Flushometer Repair Kit
Part #08890
For Sloan G2 Battery-Operated Flushometers.
Includes 23 parts
View Online 

BASYS Master Repair Kit

BASYS Master Repair Kit
Part #86924
For low, medium, and high profile BASYS faucets.
Includes 40 parts *See profile specific kits below
View Online

Additional BASYS Repair Kits: We also make BASYS Repair Kits for specific profiles only as well. See the specific BASYS kits below if your facility only has high, medium, or low profile BASYS faucets.

BASYS Low Profile Master Repair Kit 
Part #86925
For low profile BASYS faucets.
Includes 38 parts
View Online

BASYS Medium Profile Repair Kit 
Part #86926
For medium profile BASYS faucets.
Includes 38 parts
View Online

BASYS High Profile Master Repair Kit 
Part #86927
For high profile BASYS faucets.
Includes 38 parts
View Online

Toilet Partition Guide

Partition purchases can be difficult. ADA compliance, proper measurement, hard to find replacement parts, and lack of partition replacement know-how can make purchasing partitions for your restrooms seem a challenge to get right. This Toilet Partition Guide is specifically written for facility managers who are looking for help in repairing or replacing their toilet partitions.

Reading our guide will help you gain an understanding of the different types of toilet partitions available. You will also learn what the major partition manufacturers offer, what information and measurements are needed to order new partitions and parts, and more. 

They say that you can judge a building by the quality of its restrooms. This is why it is so important to keep your facility’s restroom partitions well maintained. Not only do they need to look good, but they also need to be functional, and provide all expected amenities like privacy and ADA compliance.

Types of Toilet Partitions

There are different styles of toilet partitions, each designed for different facility needs or requirements. Below are drawings of five different types of toilet partitions.

Floor Supported Partition

Floor Supported Partitions

Floor Supported: When no overhead bracing is required, and ceiling hung partitions are impractical, floor supported partitions are ideal. Space and durability are important features.

Floor supported with headrail partitions

Floor Supported with Headrail Partitions

Floor Supported with Headrail: This is our most popular style. Recommended for new and old buildings where economy, ease of installation, and rigid overhead bracing are required.

Ceiling Hung Partitions

Ceiling Hung Partitions

Ceiling Hung: Ceiling hung partitions allow ease of floor maintenance. Used when dropped ceiling or open span type construction is practical.

Floor to Ceiling Partitions

Floor to Ceiling Partitions

Floor to Ceiling: Recommended for all areas subject to heavy usage. For problem areas, we recommend the use of full-length aluminum brackets and hinges.

Privacy Partitions

Ultimate Privacy Partitions

Ultimate Privacy: When maximum privacy is desired, the Ultimate Privacy configuration can be incorporated into any of our partition styles. Panels and doors are 67″ high, and mounted 3-12″ off of the floor. Continuous brackets and no-sight doors will minimize any sight gaps.

Partition Checklist

There is some important information you should gather before sending us your partition order or quote. This information is key to getting the right partitions to meet your facility’s needs.

  1. 1. Your preferred material of your new partitions (Stainless steel, solid plastic (HDPE), powder-coated, steel, plastic laminate, black core phenolic, or color-thru phenolic)
  2. 2. Color of new partitions
  3. 3. Specify headrail braced, ceiling hung, or floor supported
  4. 4. Finished wall dimensions of room
  5. 5. C x C dimensions between fixtures (if possible)
  6. 6. ADA requirements
  7. 7. Door swings
  8. 8. Location of obstructions (radiators, windows, floor drains, etc.)
  9. 9. If ceiling hung, must specify floor to ceiling height

If you don’t know the answers to all of the questions above yet, that’s okay! Fill out the checklist as much as you can, then give us a call. We will help you with any questions you have. 

When beginning your order for partitions, please submit the above information on a drawing of the room layout. Print our Partition Ordering Checklist (PDF) to make sure you give us all of the introductory information needed to get your partition quote started.

Manufacturers, Materials, Colors, and Styles

We are distributors for all major partition manufacturers including Global Partitions, Bobrick, Scranton Products, General Partitions, and more. Each of them provides a different collection of materials and colors for you to choose from.

Global Partitions is a major manufacturer of partition doors and parts. They offer a variety of materials and colors for toilet partitions: Stainless Steel, Solid Plastic (HDPE (High-Density Polymer)), Powder Coated Steel, Plastic Laminate with Moisture Guard™, Black Core Phenolic, and Color-Thru Phenolic. Each material has its own set of color options and styles. Global Partitions says that they are LEED Friendly, Designer Friendly, ADA Friendly, and Customer Friendly.

Many of their partition products have a 48-hour delivery timeframe.

Stainless Steel offers a modern and sleek look. It is corrosion resistant and easy to maintain. If a textured finish is added, it increases this material’s resistance to vandalism. Can have a satin or textured finish, and is available in all styles.

Solid Plastic (HDPE)) is very resistant to most cleaning chemicals used in public restrooms. It is also resistant to moisture, mildew, and graffiti. It is highly recommended for heavy traffic locations and areas with high humidity. Does not dent easily, rust, or delaminate. It is available in a wide variety of colors and finishes. Styles available: Floor Supported with Headrail, Ceiling Hung, and Floor to Ceiling.

Powder Coated Steell is great quality at an economical price. Powder coated finish on galvanized steel makes this partition material resistant to corrosion, acids, grease, caustics, mars, and stains. Does not wear or fade, and can be easily managed. Comes in 15 different colors, and is available in all styles.

Plastic Laminate with Moisture Guard™ has a seamless edge that helps hide any black lines that appear in standard Plastic Laminate. It has been tested to be 3 times more durable against moisture and humidity than Legacy Plastic Laminate (another laminate material option from ASI). It is available in 45 different colors. Styles available: Floor Supported, Floor Supported with Headrail, Ceiling Hung, and Floor to Ceiling.

Black Core Phenolicis fused at a high pressure. This gives it strength, and allows it to be easily maintained. It can withstand severe moisture areas, such as saunas, pools, and showers. This material can also withstand being hosed down when cleaned. Great for areas that are more prone to vandalism. Available in 10 colors. Styles available: Floor Supported, Floor Supported with Headrail, Ceiling Hung, and Floor to Ceiling.

Color-Thru Phenolic has the color throughout the entire material. Great for areas that are more prone to vandalism. It can withstand impacts and scratches, and is graffiti resistant. Available in 6 colors. Styles available: Floor Supported, Floor Supported with Headrail, Ceiling Hung, and Floor to Ceiling.

Learn more in the ASI Global Partitions Brochure.

*Product Updated from Global Partitions: We learned in early January, 2022, that Global Partitions has updated their partition doors. Their new standard door is an Integrated Privacy door. Panels and pilasters have not changed, the only difference is the door. It’s a no cost upgrade. Now, every door has privacy. The only change that this will affect is if you are replacing doors in your facility, new doors you receive will not match any existing doors you keep. If you must stick with the coin latch hardware, it is a 15 business day lead time and a $100 setup charge for each door. 

Bobrick Washroom offers three distinct material options available in different styles and colors. They offer Solid Color Reinforced Composite, Compact Laminate, and High-Pressure Laminate partitions. Bobrick is a 100+ year-old washroom accessory and toilet partition company. Their headquarters is located in North Hollywood, California. Many of Bobrick’s products are made in the USA. 

Solid Color Reinforced Composite has color throughout the entire material. It is scratch, impact, moisture, and dent resistant. Graffiti can easily be removed from this material with no ghosting. Comes in four different earth tone colors. Styles available: Floor Supported, Floor Supported with Headrail, Ceiling Hung, and Floor to Ceiling.

Compact Laminate is durable and has solid construction throughout. Removal of graffiti is easy and leaves no ghosting. It has a black edge design that gives it a sleek and modern look. Comes in 18 different colors. Styles available: Floor Supported, Floor Supported with Headrail, Ceiling Hung, and Floor to Ceiling.

High-Pressure Laminate has concealed stainless steel hardware, and is scratch, dent, and impact resistant. Optional stainless steel trim is available. Comes in 35 different colors and can be mounted in the following styles: Floor Supported, Floor Supported with Headrail, and Ceiling Hung.

Learn more in the Bobrick Washroom Equipment Partitions Brochure.

General Partitions offers seven different partition materials, each with their own unique qualities. They offer Powder Coated Steel, Stainless Steel, Plastic Laminate, Solid Phenolic Core, High-Density Polymer, Fiberglass Reinforced, and Color-Thru Solid Phenolic Core. General Partitions is an internally owned and operated partition manufacturer. They bond their metal panel skins under pressure, resulting in strong construction. General Partition has 2-day shipping on many of their product offerings. They also utilize a specific way of packaging that results in 99% damage-free shipments of their powder-coated steel partitions. They also promote corner reinforcement on the exposed corners of their steel partitions. 

Powder Coated Steel provides more protection and is moisture resistant. The material is very durable and easy to maintain. Has an anti-graffiti option. Comes in 17 standard colors and 4 textured colors. Available in all styles.

Stainless Steel is the ultimate in toilet partition protection. It offers a clean and sleek look while being strong and durable. Scratches can easily buff out, making this material easy to manage. Comes in Satin, Leather Grain, and Diamond textures. Powder coated finish is also available. Available in all styles.

Plastic Laminate is very economical and durable. It will not rust or dent. Dirt, grease, and cosmetics will not be able to penetrate the surface. Comes in 30 different color options, and is available in all mounting styles.

Solid Phenolic Core is constructed into one solid piece, and therefore it will not delaminate. It is also water, soap, detergent, and steam resistant. Comes in 30 different color options, and is available in all mounting styles.

High-Density Polymer color is solid throughout the entire material. It will not rust, rot, delaminate, or absorb any odors. Utilizes full height continuous aluminum brackets at all connections. Comes in 20 different color options. Styles available: Floor Supported with Headrail, Floor to Ceiling, and Ultimate Privacy.

Fiberglass Reinforced is highly durable and strong. Its surface is easy to clean, and is graffiti resistant. Ideal for heavy traffic areas and schools. This material meets USDA standards. Comes in four different color options. Styles available: Floor Supported with Headrail, Floor to Ceiling, and Ultimate Privacy.

Color-Thru Solid Phenolic Core has the same qualities as the Solid Phenolic Core mentioned above, but has the advantage of having the color throughout the entire material. This makes it great for high traffic areas and areas prone to vandalism. Comes in 15 different color options, and is available in all mounting styles.

Learn more in the General Partitions Brochure.

Scranton Products focuses solely on Solid Plastic Partitions. Their partitions are solid color throughout. They have three different collections/styles: Aria, Eclipse, and Hiny Hiders. Scranton Products has been making partitions for over 30 years. Their partitions are “premium, American-made solid plastic.” 

Aria Partitions are solid plastic partitions that feature durability, highly customizable components, and a design for ultimate privacy. Scranton Products claims that within the Aria family of partitions, there are millions of design combinations to choose from. This enables you to bring your restroom design to life with a large variety of options. This includes choosing from over a dozen door and panel styles, as well as color, texture, trim and hardware options. 

Eclipse Partitions are also constructed of solid plastic. They feature a privacy centered design including innovative hinges and post design structure. They also feature a contemporary anti-grip head rail.

Hiny Hiders is also a solid plastic partition. This style is Scranton Product’s more economical partition option, but it still has multiple hardware options, design configurations, and high privacy options. 

Learn more in the Scranton Products Partitions Brochure.

Many partition manufacturers also carry additional partitions for other applications besides toilet partitions. They include:

  • Urinal Screens
  • Privacy Screens
  • Shower Cubicles
  • Dressing Compartments
  • Shower Stall & Dressing Compartment Combination Units
  • Vanities
  • Lockers
  • And more.

Toilet Partition Parts

Toilet partitions utilize a wide variety of parts, and Equiparts carries them all. These include brackets, hinges, latches, strikes and keepers, bolts, pilaster shoes, screens, and more. We carry hundreds of manufacturer parts for all of the major toilet partitions brands. We have many of these parts in stock and ready to ship, so you can always quickly get the items you need to keep your partitions in proper working order. See more of our many partition parts in our Catalog on pages 570-596, or give us a call to order the parts you need to repair your restroom partitions.

Top 10 Most Popular Partition Parts

Listed below are the ten most popular partition repair parts that our customers order through us.

Part NumberProduct NameManufacturer
14212HD S/S HOOK W/CONCEALED MTGBobrick Washroom Equipment
11947SATIN SS TOWEL PIN – PROJECTS 3″Bobrick Washroom Equipment
16151PARTITION BUMPER HOOK & PLATE FIX IT KITEquiparts Approved Vendor
14075ADA LEVER PARTITION LATCH SETEquiparts Approved Vendor
01443CHROME BUMPER HOOKEquiparts Approved Vendor
15647LH CONTINUOUS PARTITION HINGE-54″Equiparts Approved Vendor

How to Order Partitions and Partition Parts

Refresh the look of your restrooms by working with Equiparts! We have everything you need to keep your commercial restroom in working order. Whether you need complete partitions, or just partition repair parts, Equiparts is here to help.

Our partition experts can help you create a fresh new look for your restrooms that your employees and patrons will love. We work with all of the top partition manufacturers including ASI Global, General, Bobrick, and Scranton Products.

To place an order or receive a quote, just give us a call at 800-442-6622 M-F 8:00AM – 4:00PM, EST. One of our knowledgeable repair parts specialists will be happy to help you.

Control Stop Guide for Sloan Flushometers

A control stop is a device found within a closet or urinal flushometer that functions as an on/off valve. When properly installed, it operates by either enabling or disabling water from coming into the flushometer. A common misconception is that a control stop is a regulator. It is not. This is the job of the diaphragm. A control stop is exactly what it sounds like, either controlling or allowing water through the unit or stopping it from coming through. 

How a Control Stop Works

A control stop functions like a check valve. It’s a spring-loaded mechanism that opens when pressure from incoming water is present, and it is closed when that pressure is not there. This means that the control stop disables water from moving in the wrong direction, so backflow does not occur. 

Control Stop Breakdown
Note that some control assemblies include the
vandal resistant cap assembly and others do not.

The Wrong Way to Use a Control Stop

We often see the following scenario which is a perfect example of how not to use a control stop:

What NOT to do: A facility manager, let’s call him Jimmy, has a urinal that is designed for a 0.5 flush volume, but only has a 1.5 GPF diaphragm in stock. Instead of ordering the correct diaphragm for the urinal, Jimmy installs the 1.5 GPF diaphragm he has in stock. Then in an effort to make the flushometer function properly with an incorrect diaphragm, he attempts to use the control stop (incorrectly) like a regulator. To do this, he opens the control stop incorrectly by turning the slotted screw of the control stop so it opens only partially. This causes the control stop to not fully close or open, but remain partially open.

The problem with not opening a control stop fully: Not opening a control stop fully can cause the unit to overflow. It may not happen initially, which will lead the maintenance person to believe that their ‘jimmy-rigged’ fix works, but it will not work long term, and might not even work come morning. Why? Because the pressure within a building’s plumbing system fluctuates, with higher pressure often occurring at night, when the building experiences low or no use overnight. This pressure, without a control stop in the fully open position, will cause the flushometer to overflow the urinal with water. Other factors like different fixtures flushing at the same time will also affect water pressure to the flushometer as well, which is why a control stop cannot be used to regulate water. It needs to be fully opened so it can function as intended, as an on/off valve and nothing in between.

Control stop opened and closed

Left: Control Stop Closed. Right: Control Stop Opened

When the correctly sized diaphragm is used and the control stop is fully opened, then and only then will the flushometer function properly and reliably. 

How Often Do Control Stops Need to Be Replaced?

There is no direct answer to how long a control stop should last or will last. How long a control stop lasts is dependent on a variety of factors including water quality, pressure, usage, water main breaks, and even the weather. The good thing is, when a control stop is no longer working, there will be tell-tale signs like the signs listed below in our troubleshooting control stops section. 

Troubleshooting Control Stops

Flushometer Continuously Runs/ Valve Will Not Shut Off

One sign that a control stop is not fully opened is a unit that continuously runs. This occurs when a control stop does not open all the way when the unit is flushed, which then causes the water pressure to not be high enough for the diaphragm to function properly and reset. This causes water to continuously run into the unit. To fix this, the control stop needs to adjusted so it can fully open as intended. If the control stop is fully opened but still not functioning properly, the control and/or the diaphragm kit may also need to be replaced. The diaphragm will also need to be replaced if the wrong sized diaphragm was initially installed.

Control Stop No Longer Opens/Closes

If the control stop on your flushometer no longer opens or closes all the way, then the control stop needs to be replaced. This is the most common reason why a control stop needs to be replaced. It occurs for one of three reasons: 

  1. The screw on the control stop is stripped. This happens because the metal screw goes into plastic. 
  2. The rubber portion of the bottom of the control stop wears away and no longer seals the unit when in the closed position. 
  3. The spring within the control stop breaks.

How to open and close a control stop

The image above illustrates how to open or close the stop valve

How to Adjust a Control Stop

Control stops are fairly easy to adjust. Read the directions below to learn how to adjust a control stop in a flushometer.

  1. If a stop cap is present, you will first need to remove the stop cap. Below are directions from Sloan on how to properly remove a vandal resistant stop cap: 
    Use a large flat screwdriver as a lever to remove the cap from the control stop. Insert the screwdriver blade between the bottom edge of the cap and the flat surface of the control stop body as shown. Push the screwdriver handle straight back toward the wall to gently lift the cap. If necessary, work the screwdriver around the diameter of the cap until you can grasp the cap and lift it completely off the sleeve. The sleeve should remain attached to the bonnet of the control stop.
  2. Use your flat head screwdriver to either open (turn counterclockwise) or close (turn clockwise) the stop valve. 

How to Replace the Control Stop

Follow the directions below to replace the control stop in your flushometer. The directions here are for a sloan flushometer, however, they most likely will not differ for other flushometers either.

  1. Gather the items needed to complete the replacement. You will need the following: the control stop repair kit, a flat blade screwdriver, a smooth jaw wrench, and a bucket. 
  2. Turn off the water supply.
  3. Flush the valve to clear the flushometer of any remaining water in the unit with the bucket placed underneath. 
  4. Remove the cap. (use directions from Sloan in the adjustment directions above if vandal proof cap is present)
  5. Use the smooth jaw wrench to remove the bonnet nut. 
  6. Then remove the stem, along with the spring and the rubber button. 
  7. Install the new control stop in the reverse order you removed the old control stop: First the button, then the spring, then the stem. It may be easiest to do this all together, by placing the constructed control stop into the opening altogether. 
  8. Replace the cap nut and screw it back on and use the wrench to tighten it into place.
  9. Then use the flat head screwdriver and turn the screw in the center of the cap nut clockwise until it will no longer turn to close the stop valve. 
  10. Turn the water supply back on, and test the unit to make sure the control stop in the correct setting. Adjust as needed.
  11. Replace cap.

How to Disable Water Flow Using the Control Stop

The control stop can be used to disable the water flow to the flushometer when servicing the rest of the unit. Simply remove the stop cap and turn the stop screw clockwise until it can’t turn anymore. Flush any remaining water then complete your repairs. When finished servicing the unit, open the control stop again by turning the stop screw in the opposite direction until it can fully open once more. 

Sloan Control Stop Repair Kits

Sloan control stops are available in two basic inlet sizes:

  • 3/4” NPTF — Fits urinal flushometers (pre 2013)
  • 1” NPTF — Fits water closet flushometers new urinal flushometers (post 2013)

In 2013, Sloan changed their flushometers so that all closet and urinal flushometers use the same control stop repair kit (Part #08032 / Sloan Model H541ASD). Closets always use this size, and new Sloan urinals made after 2013 use this size now as well. Older urinals use the ¾” stop assembly (Part #08033 / Sloan Model H543ASD).

If you are unsure whether your urinal flushometer was made before or after 2013, then you will need to shut off water to the restroom, remove the bonnet and pull out the control stop to see if it is a ¾-inch or 1-inch control stop. 

Order Control Stop Repair Kits

Control Stop Assembly Repair Kit for 1″ or 3/4″
Sloan Model Number: H541ASD
Part #08032

The 08032 control stop assembly is by far the most common stop assembly purchased today. This is because Sloan consolidated all of its urinals (which use ¾” stops) into using the same body as the 08032.

Control Stop Assembly Repair Kit for 3/4″
Sloan Model Number: H543ASD
Part #08033

The 08033 Sloan Control stop is used in old style sloan urinal flushometers. In 2013, Sloan switched their urinals over so they can use #08032, the same control stop used for closets. The 08033 unit is designed for use on Sloan urinal flushometers built prior to 2013.

Control Stop Assembly Repair Kit for Old Style w/ Bonnet
Part Number: #08718 / Sloan Model Number.: H39ASD 
Call to order Part # 08718.

For very old flushometers that were built in the 1950-1960’s and earlier, there is a different control stop repair kit. It can be purchased as a full kit with bonnet (listed below) or just the inner mechanisms (call to order).

Order Complete Control Stop Assemblies

Sloan makes complete control stop assemblies in a variety of sizes and styles to match different flushometer models. Control stops are also available with different features like vandal resistant cap assemblies, BAK-CHEK®, and other features.

Although there are different styles and features suited to match different flushometer models, control stop assemblies are interchangeable as long as the inlet tee measurement matches the size of the water supply inlet pipe you are installing the assembly on.

Sloan H-700-A Control Stop Assembly – Angle 3/4-inch with Vandal Resistant Cap for Royal or Regal
Part #08460

Sloan model H-700-A / Sloan code number: 3308384
H-700 Stop, chrome plated: Screwdriver Angle Stop with H-1010-A Vandal Resistant Cap. 3/4” NPTF inlet for adjustable tail

Control Stop Assembly – 1-inch with Vandal Resistant Cap for Royal or Regal
Part #08029

Sloan model H-710-A / Sloan code number: 0388022
H-710 Stop, chrome plated: Screwdriver Angle Stop with H-573-A Locking Vandal Resistant Cap. 1” NPTF inlet for adjustable tail

Control Stop Assembly – 3/4-inch for Royal or Regal
Part #08469
Sloan model H-790-A / Sloan code number: 3308875
H-790-A Stop. 3/4” Screwdriver Bak-Chek® Stop CP – complete

Control Stop Assembly – 1-inch for Royal or Regal
Part #08471

Sloan model H-790-A / Sloan code number: 3308876
H-790-A Stop. 1’’ Screwdriver Bak-Chek® Stop CP – complete

Control Stop Assembly – Angle 3/4-inch with BAK-CHECK Screwdriver and Vandal Resistant Cap for Crown and GEM 2
Part #08037
Sloan model H-700-A / Sloan code number: 0388001
H-700-A Stop. 3⁄4” (20 mm) Bak-Chek® Control Stop

Control Stop Assembly – 1-inch with BAK-CHECK for Crown and GEM 2
Part #80791
Sloan model H-700-A / Sloan code number: 0388000
H-700-A Stop. 1” (25 mm) Bak-Chek® Control Stop

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