Sloan Side Mount Operator Guide

Facilities that are ready to make the change from manual flushometers to sensor flushometers have many options to choose from. This article shares all of Sloan’s manual to sensor retrofit kits so you can choose what type of retrofit you want to use and then select and buy the exact model that best suits your needs. In this article, we discuss all of the retrofit flushometer options available to you, then zoom in on the quickest and easiest retrofit solutions, which are side mount operators.

Definitions of conversion kit terms used throughout this article:

  • Retrofit units, also referred to as retrofit kits in this article refers to all types of units that convert a manual flushometer to a sensor flushometer. This includes both side mount operators, and top mount operators. Sloan’s sensor-operated retrofit kits are designed to fit almost all exposed closet or urinal Sloan flushometers. Their retrofit kits fit Sloan Royal, Regal, Sloan, and Crown model flushometers, as well as many competitors’ manual flushometers.
  • Side Mount Operators are manual to sensor conversion kits that are installed where the manual handle used to be located. They are the easiest conversion kit to install and maintain. Side mount retrofit options include Sloan EBV500A, EBV550A, EBV200A, EBV89A, EL600A, EL700A, and EL750A model units.
  • Top Mount Operators are manual to sensor conversion kits that are installed on top of the flush valve. They are aesthetically pleasing with exceptional performance. Top mount retrofit options include SOLIS, SLOAN, ECOS, and G2 flushometers.

Why choose Sloan Retrofit Flushometer Kits?

Sloan is arguably the most popular flushometer manufacturer in the world, providing flush valves to commercial facilities for over 100 years. Their sensor-operated side mount retrofit kits are designed to fit almost all exposed closet or urinal Sloan flushometers. Their retrofit kits fit Sloan Royal, Regal, Sloan, and Crown model flushometers, as well as many competitors’ manual flushometers. *Note that the retrofit options below are not suitable for GEM flushometers. Call us for GEM retrofit options.

Sloan Side Mount Auto Flush Unit

Here, we focus on side mount retrofit solutions like the flushometer shown above. Side mount retrofit kits are a favorite for a couple of reasons:

  1. 1. Side mounted retrofit kits are the easiest option to install. They can be installed while the water is still on. Over-the-handle options don’t even require any additional adjustments at all.
  2. 2. Side mounted retrofit kits are the easiest option to maintain. They are inexpensive and much more cost effective to replace than top mounted retrofit kits that are more expensive. 

Some facilities choose top mounted retrofit kits because top mounted models like the G2 are often found to be more aesthetically pleasing. Also, generally speaking, top mounted models like G2 units can be repaired, whereas when something goes wrong in a side mount operator, it is commonly just replaced instead of repaired. 

Side Mount Operator Models

Sloan makes four different Side Mount Operator models, SMOOTH, SMO, SFSM, and DFSM. Here is what those acronyms stand for:

  • SMOOTH – Side-Mount Operator Over
    The Handle
  • SMO – Side-Mount Operator
  • SFSM – Single Flush Side-Mount
  • DFSM – Dual Flush Side-Mount

Major differences between the units include the following:

  • The SMO model has an electronic override button, whereas the other 3 units all have a True Mechanical Override (TMO) button. The SMOOTH, SFSM and DFSM also have a ‘non-hold open’ design that prevents intentional flooding.
  • SMOOTH, SFSM and DFSM are available in hardwired models. The SMO does not have a hardwired option. 
  • SMOOTH units are placed over the handle, and the other 3 units replace the handle.
  • SMOOTH side mount operators do not readily attach to GEM flushometers.
  • Dual Flush Side Mount (DFSM) operators do not readily attach to piston type flushometers.

Side Mount Retrofit Kit Flushometer Chart

The chart below compares the following side mount models: Sloan EBV500A (Part #85606), Sloan EBV550A (Part #85605), Sloan EBV200A (Part #08825), and Sloan EBV89A (Part #08532). All four of these side mount kits are battery operated. The hardwired versions of the units are the following: model EBV500A is EL700A (Part #87854), EBV550A is EL750A (Part #87853), and model EBV200A is EL600A-HW (Part #86530). Review the chart to learn what each unit features, and find the right side mount operator to retrofit your manual flushometers.

Looking to retrofit Sloan GEM 2 Flushometers?

Three of the four options listed in the chart can be retrofitted to GEM 2 Flushometers with the addition of the Sloan EBV-157 Flush Valve Adapter Assembly (Part #SP5524). The adapter enables the following side mount/over-the-handle retrofit kits to fit GEM 2 flushometers:

  • EBV-500-A Optima Plus Single Flush Side Mount Retrofit (Part #85606)
  • EBV-550-A Optima Plus Dual Flush Side Mount Retrofit (Part #85605)
  • EBV-89-A Retrofit Side Mount with Metal Cover (Part #08532)

Additional Sloan Side Mount Information

Sloan Side Mount Auto Flush Installation Directions

Installation Directions for Side Mount Sensor Flushometers

Plus directions for how to turn on service mode when performing maintenance.

Directions for installation SMO, SFSM, and DFSM units

  1. 1. Shut the water off (although very experienced installers can make this update without shutting the water off). This avoids any possibility of tripping the relief valve and getting a rush of water. 
  2. 2. Remove the handle.
  3. 3. Install the new side mount operator. The unit comes with the wrench needed to complete the installation. 
  4. 4. Power on the unit or remove the label over the sensor. This enables the unit to enter the ‘start-up’ mode once it detects a target.

Directions for installation of SMOOTH units

  1. 1. Turn the water off.
  2. 2. Slip the unit over the handle.
  3. 3. Tighten the unit with the included allen wrench.
  4. 4. Remove the sticker from the sensor so it can detect a target.
  5. 5. Move out of the way so it can calibrate for 1 minute.

Directions for Service Mode for Side Mount Units

All side mount units can be placed in a “service mode,” which means that maintenance personnel don’t have to worry about setting off the sensor and getting surprise flushes when a unit is being cleaned or sanitized. “Service mode” can be turned on for up to 10 minutes by pushing the TMO button for 15 seconds. After cleaning is complete, press the TMO button once to exit service mode. Otherwise, the unit will return to regular service after 10 minutes.

Sloan side mount sleeve assembly

 Replacing the Sleeve Assembly: When and Why

Note: This section is applicable to Single Flush Side Mount (SFSM) and Dual Flush Side Mount (DFSM) units only.

Side Mount Sensor Flushometers require very minimal maintenance, and are also very easy to install, making them one of our most popular sensor products. However, there is one repair part that you‘ll want to keep on hand: The sleeve assembly. 

How you will know if the sleeve assembly needs to be replaced:

If water begins to leak from the nut, then the sleeve assembly needs to be replaced. This is important to do right away because, if ignored, water will get inside the unit and deteriorate the plug. Then the water will damage the electronics inside the side mount. When that happens, the entire side mount operator needs to be replaced. Directions for making this repair can be found in the “Issues and Solutions” section further down in this blog. Look for the indicator ‘Leaking at the handle coupling during flush,’ and find EBV-500-A SFSM and EBV-550-A DFSM underneath.

We highly recommend keeping sleeve assemblies in stock so you can quickly replace them when needed. If you maintain the sleeve assemblies, your side mounts can last a long time, and you can avoid the expense of replacing the entire unit.

Sleeve Assembly For Single Flush Side Mount (EBV-500-A units)
Sloan model EBV-570-A (Part #88849)

Sleeve Assembly For Dual Flush Side Mount (EBV-550-A units)
Sloan model EBV-505-A (Part #89753)

Sleeve Assembly Installation Tip: 

Be sure to place the sleeve assembly with the flat notch facing upwards into the collar nut. Failure to install flat notch correctly can result in damage to the unit. Tighten collar nut with supplied collar wrench.

Order the Sloan retrofit flush valve kits you need on our website or over the phone.

Toll-Free Phone Number: 800-442-6622  

If you would like additional help, give us a call, and one of our Sloan Repair Specialists will answer all of your questions.

Control Stop Guide for Sloan Flushometers

A control stop is a device found within a closet or urinal flushometer that functions as an on/off valve. When properly installed, it operates by either enabling or disabling water from coming into the flushometer. A common misconception is that a control stop is a regulator. It is not. This is the job of the diaphragm. A control stop is exactly what it sounds like, either controlling or allowing water through the unit or stopping it from coming through. 

How a Control Stop Works

A control stop functions like a check valve. It’s a spring-loaded mechanism that opens when pressure from incoming water is present, and it is closed when that pressure is not there. This means that the control stop disables water from moving in the wrong direction, so backflow does not occur. 

Control Stop Breakdown
Note that some control assemblies include the
vandal resistant cap assembly and others do not.

The Wrong Way to Use a Control Stop

We often see the following scenario which is a perfect example of how not to use a control stop:

What NOT to do: A facility manager, let’s call him Jimmy, has a urinal that is designed for a 0.5 flush volume, but only has a 1.5 GPF diaphragm in stock. Instead of ordering the correct diaphragm for the urinal, Jimmy installs the 1.5 GPF diaphragm he has in stock. Then in an effort to make the flushometer function properly with an incorrect diaphragm, he attempts to use the control stop (incorrectly) like a regulator. To do this, he opens the control stop incorrectly by turning the slotted screw of the control stop so it opens only partially. This causes the control stop to not fully close or open, but remain partially open.

The problem with not opening a control stop fully: Not opening a control stop fully can cause the unit to overflow. It may not happen initially, which will lead the maintenance person to believe that their ‘jimmy-rigged’ fix works, but it will not work long term, and might not even work come morning. Why? Because the pressure within a building’s plumbing system fluctuates, with higher pressure often occurring at night, when the building experiences low or no use overnight. This pressure, without a control stop in the fully open position, will cause the flushometer to overflow the urinal with water. Other factors like different fixtures flushing at the same time will also affect water pressure to the flushometer as well, which is why a control stop cannot be used to regulate water. It needs to be fully opened so it can function as intended, as an on/off valve and nothing in between.

Control stop opened and closed

Left: Control Stop Closed. Right: Control Stop Opened

When the correctly sized diaphragm is used and the control stop is fully opened, then and only then will the flushometer function properly and reliably. 

How Often Do Control Stops Need to Be Replaced?

There is no direct answer to how long a control stop should last or will last. How long a control stop lasts is dependent on a variety of factors including water quality, pressure, usage, water main breaks, and even the weather. The good thing is, when a control stop is no longer working, there will be tell-tale signs like the signs listed below in our troubleshooting control stops section. 

Troubleshooting Control Stops

Flushometer Continuously Runs/ Valve Will Not Shut Off

One sign that a control stop is not fully opened is a unit that continuously runs. This occurs when a control stop does not open all the way when the unit is flushed, which then causes the water pressure to not be high enough for the diaphragm to function properly and reset. This causes water to continuously run into the unit. To fix this, the control stop needs to adjusted so it can fully open as intended. If the control stop is fully opened but still not functioning properly, the control and/or the diaphragm kit may also need to be replaced. The diaphragm will also need to be replaced if the wrong sized diaphragm was initially installed.

Control Stop No Longer Opens/Closes

If the control stop on your flushometer no longer opens or closes all the way, then the control stop needs to be replaced. This is the most common reason why a control stop needs to be replaced. It occurs for one of three reasons: 

  1. The screw on the control stop is stripped. This happens because the metal screw goes into plastic. 
  2. The rubber portion of the bottom of the control stop wears away and no longer seals the unit when in the closed position. 
  3. The spring within the control stop breaks.

How to open and close a control stop

The image above illustrates how to open or close the stop valve

How to Adjust a Control Stop

Control stops are fairly easy to adjust. Read the directions below to learn how to adjust a control stop in a flushometer.

  1. If a stop cap is present, you will first need to remove the stop cap. Below are directions from Sloan on how to properly remove a vandal resistant stop cap: 
    Use a large flat screwdriver as a lever to remove the cap from the control stop. Insert the screwdriver blade between the bottom edge of the cap and the flat surface of the control stop body as shown. Push the screwdriver handle straight back toward the wall to gently lift the cap. If necessary, work the screwdriver around the diameter of the cap until you can grasp the cap and lift it completely off the sleeve. The sleeve should remain attached to the bonnet of the control stop.
  2. Use your flat head screwdriver to either open (turn counterclockwise) or close (turn clockwise) the stop valve. 

How to Replace the Control Stop

Follow the directions below to replace the control stop in your flushometer. The directions here are for a sloan flushometer, however, they most likely will not differ for other flushometers either.

  1. Gather the items needed to complete the replacement. You will need the following: the control stop repair kit, a flat blade screwdriver, a smooth jaw wrench, and a bucket. 
  2. Turn off the water supply.
  3. Flush the valve to clear the flushometer of any remaining water in the unit with the bucket placed underneath. 
  4. Remove the cap. (use directions from Sloan in the adjustment directions above if vandal proof cap is present)
  5. Use the smooth jaw wrench to remove the bonnet nut. 
  6. Then remove the stem, along with the spring and the rubber button. 
  7. Install the new control stop in the reverse order you removed the old control stop: First the button, then the spring, then the stem. It may be easiest to do this all together, by placing the constructed control stop into the opening altogether. 
  8. Replace the cap nut and screw it back on and use the wrench to tighten it into place.
  9. Then use the flat head screwdriver and turn the screw in the center of the cap nut clockwise until it will no longer turn to close the stop valve. 
  10. Turn the water supply back on, and test the unit to make sure the control stop in the correct setting. Adjust as needed.
  11. Replace cap.

How to Disable Water Flow Using the Control Stop

The control stop can be used to disable the water flow to the flushometer when servicing the rest of the unit. Simply remove the stop cap and turn the stop screw clockwise until it can’t turn anymore. Flush any remaining water then complete your repairs. When finished servicing the unit, open the control stop again by turning the stop screw in the opposite direction until it can fully open once more. 

Sloan Control Stop Repair Kits

Sloan control stops are available in two basic inlet sizes:

  • 3/4” NPTF — Fits urinal flushometers (pre 2013)
  • 1” NPTF — Fits water closet flushometers new urinal flushometers (post 2013)

In 2013, Sloan changed their flushometers so that all closet and urinal flushometers use the same control stop repair kit (Part #08032 / Sloan Model H541ASD). Closets always use this size, and new Sloan urinals made after 2013 use this size now as well. Older urinals use the ¾” stop assembly (Part #08033 / Sloan Model H543ASD).

If you are unsure whether your urinal flushometer was made before or after 2013, then you will need to shut off water to the restroom, remove the bonnet and pull out the control stop to see if it is a ¾-inch or 1-inch control stop. 

Order Control Stop Repair Kits

Control Stop Assembly Repair Kit for 1″ or 3/4″
Sloan Model Number: H541ASD
Part #08032

The 08032 control stop assembly is by far the most common stop assembly purchased today. This is because Sloan consolidated all of its urinals (which use ¾” stops) into using the same body as the 08032.

Control Stop Assembly Repair Kit for 3/4″
Sloan Model Number: H543ASD
Part #08033

The 08033 Sloan Control stop is used in old style sloan urinal flushometers. In 2013, Sloan switched their urinals over so they can use #08032, the same control stop used for closets. The 08033 unit is designed for use on Sloan urinal flushometers built prior to 2013.

Control Stop Assembly Repair Kit for Old Style w/ Bonnet
Part Number: #08718 / Sloan Model Number.: H39ASD 
Call to order Part # 08718.

For very old flushometers that were built in the 1950-1960’s and earlier, there is a different control stop repair kit. It can be purchased as a full kit with bonnet (listed below) or just the inner mechanisms (call to order).

Order Complete Control Stop Assemblies

Sloan makes complete control stop assemblies in a variety of sizes and styles to match different flushometer models. Control stops are also available with different features like vandal resistant cap assemblies, BAK-CHEK®, and other features.

Although there are different styles and features suited to match different flushometer models, control stop assemblies are interchangeable as long as the inlet tee measurement matches the size of the water supply inlet pipe you are installing the assembly on.

Sloan H-700-A Control Stop Assembly – Angle 3/4-inch with Vandal Resistant Cap for Royal or Regal
Part #08460

Sloan model H-700-A / Sloan code number: 3308384
H-700 Stop, chrome plated: Screwdriver Angle Stop with H-1010-A Vandal Resistant Cap. 3/4” NPTF inlet for adjustable tail

Control Stop Assembly – 1-inch with Vandal Resistant Cap for Royal or Regal
Part #08029

Sloan model H-710-A / Sloan code number: 0388022
H-710 Stop, chrome plated: Screwdriver Angle Stop with H-573-A Locking Vandal Resistant Cap. 1” NPTF inlet for adjustable tail

Control Stop Assembly – 3/4-inch for Royal or Regal
Part #08469
Sloan model H-790-A / Sloan code number: 3308875
H-790-A Stop. 3/4” Screwdriver Bak-Chek® Stop CP – complete

Control Stop Assembly – 1-inch for Royal or Regal
Part #08471

Sloan model H-790-A / Sloan code number: 3308876
H-790-A Stop. 1’’ Screwdriver Bak-Chek® Stop CP – complete

Control Stop Assembly – Angle 3/4-inch with BAK-CHECK Screwdriver and Vandal Resistant Cap for Crown and GEM 2
Part #08037
Sloan model H-700-A / Sloan code number: 0388001
H-700-A Stop. 3⁄4” (20 mm) Bak-Chek® Control Stop

Control Stop Assembly – 1-inch with BAK-CHECK for Crown and GEM 2
Part #80791
Sloan model H-700-A / Sloan code number: 0388000
H-700-A Stop. 1” (25 mm) Bak-Chek® Control Stop

Call to Order

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Zurn EZ Gear Electronic Flushometers

The EZ Gear Flush Valve harnesses technology from Zurn’s three proven solutions: E-Z Flush®, AquaSpec®, and GO BLUE®. They combined the dual action of E-Z Flush’s motor-gear operation and AquaSpec’s ceramic disc cartridge to create a flush valve with no solenoid! Zurn’s tough and chemical-resistant GO BLUE® diaphragm, gaskets, and seals are also utilized in these new flushometers. The result? The next generation of optimized gear-driven sensor technology.

EZ Gear Flushometer Features

E-Z Flush®
No Solenoid – Motor gear technology from the E-Z Flush eliminates the use of solenoids and reduces moving parts in the waterway. 

Long Lasting – EZ Gear technology uses a ceramic disc cartridge that is the pulse of the AquaSpec faucet line. Together with the motor gear, it withstands heavy use. Count on it to last up to 1,000,000 uses! 

Chemical Resistant – Zurn’s TPE GO BLUE diaphragm, gaskets and seals resist chemicals and last 8-10 times longer than traditional rubber parts. Clog and Chloramine resistant.

Additional Features

Durable Brass Body – The heavy-duty brass body has a polished chrome finish that stands up to extreme wear without losing luster. The brass body is made with a proprietary dezincification-resistant, low-lead brass alloy.
Actuator – Electronic automatic sensor, battery-operated (standard).
Manual Override Button
Control Stop – Internal siphon-guard protection, vandal-resistant stop-cap sweat solder kit. Cast wall flange with set screw.
Vacuum Breaker – High back pressure, one piece hex coupling nut.
Chloramine-resistant internal seals
Adjustable tailpiece
Spud coupling and flange – For top spud connection

Compliance and Certifications:

  • ADA Compliant
  • ASSE 1037/ASME A112.1037/CSA B125.37
  • cUPC
  • Texas Accessibility Standard (TAS)
  • WaterSense Compliant

Zurn EZ Gear Electronic Flushometer Units

Available in 0.125-1.6 GPF flow rates for urinal and closet applications. Dual flush options are also available. The units have a polished chrome-plated finish, modern top-mount design, and quiet diaphragm operation.

Closet Flushometers:
1.1/1.6 – Part #48653
1.1 GPF – Part #48655
1.28 GPF – Part #48654
1.6 GPF – Part #48657

Urinal Flushometers:
0.125 GPF – Part #48659
0.5 GPF – Part #48658
1.0 GPF – Part #48660

Zurn EZ Gear Sensor Retrofit Kits

Retrofit kits are also available to turn manual flushometers into sensor-operated EZ Gear flush valves. These conversion kits are available for Zurn flushometers and Sloan flushometers in dual flush and single flush options with flow rates from 0.125 to 1.6 GPF. All EZ Gear Retrofit kits also include a strap wrench for installation.

Kits for Zurn Units:
Closet Kits
1.1/1.6 GPF – Part #48661
1.1 GPF – Part #48663
1.28 GPF – Part #48662
1.6 GPF – Part #48664

Urinal Kits
0.125 GPF – Part #48666
0.5 GPF – Part #48665
1.0 GPF – Part #48667

Kits for Sloan Units:
Closet Kits
1.1/1.6 GPF – Part #48661S
1.1 GPF – Part #48663S
1.28 GPF – Part #48662S
1.6 GPF – Part #48664S

Urinal Kits
0.125 GPF – Part #48666S
0.5 GPF – Part #48665S
1.0 GPF – Part #48667S

Learn More and Buy EZ Gear Units

We carry all items made by Zurn, with many units in stock and ready to ship today. To learn more about individual EZ Gear units, click on the links above. You’ll see more product information, as well as a link to their spec sheet. To place an order, either submit a quote request online and we will get back to you with pricing, or for a more immediate response, simply give us a call.

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Offset Adapter for Sloan Flushometers

Avoid split grab bars and expensive wall modifications with Sloan’s new Offset Adapter! This adaptor enables you to install grab bars above a closet flushometer without relocating the inlet pipe. You can stay in ADA compliance without ripping into the wall. It is designed for use with G2, SOLIS®, and ECOS® flushometers.

How Does Sloan’s Offset Adapter Work?

This unobtrusive adapter lowers the total height of the flushometer by 1-1/2 inches. This creates enough space for an ADA-compliant grab bar without having to relocate the water supply inlet pipe. It’s a simple update that saves your facility from the costs and complexities of opening walls or workarounds like split grab bars. It also helps keep your facilities accessible and aesthetically pleasing while keeping labor costs to a minimum. It is also precisely engineered to maintain full pressure and flow to the flushometer.

Where Can the Offset Kit be Used?

The Offset Adapter is designed for use with G2, SOLIS®, and ECOS® flushometers. It’s great for restroom stalls that require ADA compliance, such as those in healthcare facilities, airports, stadiums, schools and universities, convention centers, and other commercial facilities. 

Make sure the adapter kit can be installed in accordance with applicable codes and regulations by reviewing Sloan’s Offset Adapter Installation Instructions PDF. The instructions will help you determine whether recessed sweating is required, and which wall flange to use in conjunction with the adapter. 

Sloan H-1018-A Offset Adapter

Sloan H-1018-A Offset Adapter Features, Specs, and Compliances


  • Updates flushometers to enable ADA grab bar installation
  • Lowers total height of flushometer by 1-1/2″
  • Avoids costly wall modifications
  • Includes mud guard and flange for easy installation
  • Extensively tested for optimal performance and pressure 


  • 1″ Female x 1″ Male 1-1/2” Offset Adapter      
  • 1″ FPT Inlet           
  • 1″ MPT Outlet           
  • Standard 1″ NPT connection to the control stop 


  • The offset adapter shall be in conformance with ASTM Alloy Classification for Red Brass
  • Low lead compliant          

Save, Share, or Download the Sloan Offset Adapter Product Spotlight PDF

Where to Buy

View the Offset Adapter product page on our website where you can request a quote. If you’re ready to place an order, give us a call. Mention Part #48691 when ordering. Bulk orders may qualify for discounted pricing.

Toll-Free: 800-442-6622 / Pittsburgh: 412-781-9100

Smart Fixtures in Commercial Restroom Facilities

We live in an era of smart technology. Not only do most people in the United States carry around a mini computer with multiple camera lenses in their pockets, but they also wear prescription glasses that become shaded when they go outside, and utilize a device in their homes that plays music and even orders groceries through voice commands. These convenient and automated systems are found in all aspects of modern-day life. What is most important to understand as a person in the facility management or maintenance, is that these modern expectations do not end when it comes to commercial restroom facilities. In fact, this is where they are most expected.

The modern patron of today expects commercial restrooms to carry out more efficient and technologically advanced processes. Commercial restroom patrons take note of when a facility is ahead or most likely behind the curve of automated fixtures throughout their restroom facilities.

According to the Healthy Hand Washing Survey conducted by Bradley Corporation this year, 45% of Americans will operate a flush valve with their foot instead of their hand, so they don’t have to touch it. This tells us that unless sensor-operated fixtures are present, manual fixtures will be misused nearly half of the time, resulting in more broken fixtures, more maintenance and more repair parts needed to fix said misused fixtures. This is just one of the reasons why we recommend installing smart fixtures throughout your facility.

In this article, we will share some of our most popular and newly added smart fixtures in a few different categories: hands-free flushometers, sensor-activated faucets, sensor soap dispensers, and automated hand driers. Read one to see and learn more about our most popular fixtures in each category.

Sloan Sensor Flushometers

Complete Hands-Free Sensor Flushometers

When it comes to sensor activated flushometers, there are two ways to make the change: installing new complete flushometer units or retrofitting existing manual flushometers into sensor flushometers. Either one of these options enables touch-free sensor operation, so patrons will no longer touch or kick the handle to flush the toilet. Other benefits of sensor flushometers include a dual-flush design that flushes less water for liquid waste and more water for solid waste. This helps buildings become more water efficient and meet water-saving requirements for LEED certifications.

For new installations, complete flushometer kits like the units shown above will be purchased and installed. This is also a popular choice for restrooms that are updating to the new sensor flushometers when the fixtures are also being replaced at the same time, or when the old flushometers are completely outdated or overly worn, and need to be replaced entirely. Otherwise, facilities updating from manual to sensor flushometers will likely choose retrofit options like the retrofit flushometer parts shown below, which are the less expensive option.

Retrofit Flushometer Options

Retrofit Sensor Flushometer Kits

There are a variety of retrofit options available to convert your current manual operation flushometer into a sensor activated flushometer. Some options are easier than others. Side mount retrofit kits are the easiest options as they require the least amount of exchanged parts – mainly just replacing the handle with a side-mounted operator and a couple other replacement parts. Some of our most popular side-mount retrofit kits include the following Equiparts part numbers: #85605, #85606, and #08532. Other retrofit options include replacing the head of the flushometer with a new G2 retrofit kit (like the #08700) so you can use some of the units preexisting vacuum breaker and replace select parts.

*Whether you are replacing your complete flushometer or taking the retrofit route, remember that one of the benefits of working with us at Equiparts is that as a distributor of all of the top flushometer manufacturers, we will help you choose the right solution for your needs out of all the options available. Call us for help choosing the right sensor flushometers or retrofit parts for your restrooms.

Sloan Automatic Faucets

Sensor Activated Automatic Faucets

Sensor activated faucets automatically distribute water when hands are sensed in the faucet area. This enables users to wash their hands without touching a faucet. It also makes it nearly impossible to leave a faucet running due to its sensor activated operation. There are a variety of easy to install sensor operated faucets available today. The faucets shown in the montage above are just some of the Sloan automatic faucet options. We carry all Sloan faucets, as well as automatic faucets from other manufacturers as well. Note that all units shown here are battery operated automatic faucets.

Learn the differences between the models shown above or learn about even more automatic faucet options by calling in and speaking to one of our product specialists.

Sensor Operated Soap Dispensers

Sensor Operated Soap Dispensers

Sloan recently came out with a new line of matching sensor-operated soap dispensers that match their existing automatic faucets. Sink mounted soap dispensers are a great option because they keep the soap within the sink, instead of on the counter or wall, where soap tends to build up and require more maintenance. We also like how Sloan designed these soap dispensers to match their faucets.

Give us a call to learn more about new sensor operated soap dispensers by Sloan.

Automatic Hand Dryers

Automatic Hand Dryers

Especially after washing one’s hands, public restroom users try their hardest not to touch anything in the restroom. Automatic hand dryers help patrons easily dry their hands without touching anything, and also without paper towels, something that creates unnecessary paper waste and also requires more maintenance. At Equiparts, we sell over 100 different types of hand dryers by a variety of manufacturers including ASI, AJW, Bobrick, Excel, Sloan, Xlerator, World Dryer, and more.

Call us to learn more about our automatic air dryer solutions and find the right air dryer for your facility’s restrooms.

Creating a Hands-Free, Sensor Operated Experience

In today’s world, there are sensor operated options for all of the major fixtures in a restroom. It is not uncommon to use a public restroom with sensor operated flushometers, automatic faucets, sensor soap dispensers, and a sensor operated hand dryer. Now is the time to switch from manual operation to touch-free, sensor operated fixtures. They will help you save water, energy, and time with less maintenance, and smarter technology.

Speaking of maintenance, we also carry a large variety of cleaning supplies designed to keep restrooms clean, because nobody likes to use a dirty restroom that might be harboring germs and bacteria. Here are 3 of our most popular restroom and drain cleaners and disinfectant foggers:

Crystal Drain Cleaner
Our non-acid drain opener clears drains in minutes. It totally destroys hair and grease, clearing drain pipes of organic debris that slow drainage. Unlike other drain cleaners, this drain cleaner will not damage sinks, tubs, brass, copper, steel, cast iron, plastic, or sewer cables.  It can be used in drains, grease traps, and septic tanks.

Equiparts part #60802200 – Crystal Drain Opener
Equiparts part #60802200CS – Crystal Drain Opener (Case of 24)

Saniguard Commercial Disinfectant Fogger
SaniGuard Fogger Commercial Disinfectant Spray

The SaniGuard® Total Release Fogger sanitizes an entire room in minutes. It’s an easy to use fogger spray that gets rid of disease-causing microbes almost instantly, killing 99.99% of the top 39 germs, bacteria, viruses & fungus in mere seconds. The fogger comes in a 3 ounce and 8-ounce size. The 3 ounce is for areas up to 125 square feet, and the 8-ounce is designed to treat areas up to 625 square feet. Both sizes are available in 12 pack cases. Using this fogger on your restrooms at least once a month ensures that your restrooms aren’t harboring germs year round.

Equiparts part #60350001 – 3 oz. SaniGuard Fogger
Equiparts part #60350001CS – 3 oz. SaniGuard Fogger (Case of 12)
Equiparts part #60350002 – 8 oz. SaniGuard Fogger
Equiparts part #60350002CS – 8 oz. SaniGuard Fogger (Case of 12)

Urinal Scale Remover

Urinal Scale Remover

Our Urinal Scale Remover removes uric acid as well as limescale, calcium, and rust build-up. This spray is great to use on urinal fixtures. It does not harm pipes or release fumes when using.

Equiparts part #60800115 – Urinal Scale Remover
Equiparts part #60800115CS– Urinal Scale Remover (Case of 12)

Get help converting your restroom into a hands-free experience and keeping your restrooms clean and germ-free by giving the Equiparts product experts a call. We help facility managers nationwide who manage hospitals, schools, government buildings, college campuses, prisons, and commercial buildings. We are here to help. Make the change to smart fixtures throughout your commercial restroom facilities with our help today!

Toll-Free: 800-442-6622 // Pittsburgh: 412-781-9100
Phone hours: Monday-Friday 7:30 AM-5:00 PM EST.

Sloan Maintenance Schedule

PDF Viewer not working? Click here to view or read the article excerpt from the Sloan Maintenance Schedule Booklet below.

How Does a Sloan Royal Flushometer Work?

Flushometers are strange looking pieces of engineering. Few people know how these essential fixtures of a restroom work, or what lies within their chrome plated exteriors.   There are two types of flushometers: piston type and diaphragm type. In this article, we will take you inside a Diaphragm Type Sloan Manual Flushometer to show you its various parts, and explain what those parts do.

Diaphragm Assembly

The heart of the flushometer is called the Diaphragm Assembly. It’s the “engine” that drives the whole unit. It’s also known as a retro kit, inside parts kit, or a drop-in kit. (We don’t recommend you actually drop the kit into your valve, because it could result in damage. Just lower the kit carefully onto the valve seat.) The diaphragm assembly regulates the pressure inside the valve. It is the change in pressure that causes the valve to flush when the handle is pulled. The assembly also controls the volume of the flush.

WhatDoesADiaphragmAssemblyDoWater sits inside two chambers in the valve body – the upper and lower chambers. When a flushometer is idle, the pressure in the upper chamber is greater than the pressure in the lower chamber due to its greater surface area. This keeps the diaphragm pushed down against the valve seat, and prevents any water from flowing down into the valve. When the handle is pulled, a plunger inside the handle assembly pushes against the bottom part of the relief valve stem. This causes the relief valve to push the diaphragm up and release the pressure. As a result, the water in the chambers flows down into the valve and then into the toilet or urinal.  The volume of water that is released is determined by the type of diaphragm assembly in the valve. Once the flush is initiated and water flows out of the valve, water from the supply line begins to fill the valve chambers again. A small bypass hole in the diaphragm allows that water to flow into the upper chamber. As the water pressure in the upper chamber begins to build, it gradually pushes the diaphragm back down onto the valve seat. Once the diaphragm lowers back onto the valve seat and the upper chamber is sealed, the flow of water from the inlet stops. The valve is now ready for the next flush.

If your flushometer won’t shut off and continues to flush, it could be because there is dirt or debris blocking the bypass hole. Watch this video to learn how to clean the diaphragm. Over time, the diaphragm will eventually wear out, and will need to be replaced. Permex diaphragms last up to four times longer than the old rubber diaphragms. Sloan has been installing Permex diaphragms in its Royal flushometers since 1998, when it introduced the dual-filtered bypass assembly. The dual-filtered bypass filters the water twice before it reaches the bypass hole, which greatly reduces the possibility of dirt or debris clogging the hole. Using dual-filtered bypass assemblies will also cut down on the time spent servicing a Sloan Royal flushometer. Dual-filtered bypass assemblies only come installed on Royal Flushometers, not Regal. However, when the time comes to replace your diaphragm assembly, dual-filtered bypass replacement kits can be installed in Royal or Regal flushometers.

There are many different diaphragm kits available with different GPFs (gallons per flush) for different Sloan Flushometers. Visit our Sloan Manual Parts page to see which one will work for your valve.

Inside CoverRoyal Flushometer Repair Parts

The hard plastic Inside Cover serves as a barrier between the diaphragm and the outside metal cover, and helps to seal the upper chamber of the valve. If a crack develops in the cover, it breaks the seal and disrupts the pressure, and so it will result in non-stop flushing, or water leaking around the outside cover. Order part #08050 to get your valve back in proper working order. Life expectancy is five to seven years.

Control Stop

The Control Stop is where water flows into the valve from the supply line. You can turn the water on and off by removing the stop cap, and turning the stop screw clockwise or counterclockwise until it can’t turn anymore. You can also control the water pressure by turning the screw to a position between full on or full off. If water is splashing out of the fixture, reduce the water pressure by turning the screw clockwise. If there is not enough water flowing to adequately flush the fixture, then turn the screw counterclockwise. There are many types of control stops and stop repair kits available.

Handle Assembly

The Handle Assembly is what initiates a flush. When the handle is pulled, the plunger inside the assembly is pushed into the relief valve, which raises the diaphragm and releases the water from inside the valve. Handle assemblies have a life expectancy of four to six years, depending on usage. If you begin to see leaks around the handle, or if the handle is sagging, you probably need to repair your handle assembly. For Royal, order Sloan Handle Repair Kit #08439and for Regal, order part #08007. For a complete Sloan Handle Assembly, order part #08069 for Royal, and #08008 for Regal.

Vacuum Breaker

HowDoesAVacuumBreakerWorkThe job of the Vacuum Breaker is to make sure all of the water is eliminated from the tube during a flush, and prevent water from flowing back up the pipe and contaminating the water supply. During a flush, water flows down through the black rubber part of the vacuum breaker. But if the water were to flow back up the tube, the design of the rubber part closes off and doesn’t allow water to flow through it in the opposite direction of the flush. To prevent water from staying in the tube, there are vent holes at the top that allow air to flow into the tube. This breaks the vacuum and lets all of the water flow out of the tube into the fixture. Over time, the rubber part of the vacuum breaker will deteriorate, and you will notice water leaking out of the tube from the vent holes under the nut. When this happens, it’s time to get a Vacuum Breaker Repair Kit. For Royal, order #08438, and for Regal, order #08012.

Coupling Assembly

The Coupling Assembly connects the flushometer to the spud in the closet or urinal. If you notice water leaking in this area, then it’s time to replace the coupling gaskets. If the chrome on your coupling is also worn, you can order a complete Coupling Assembly. All of these parts are available in sizes 3/4″, 1-1/4″, and 1-1/2.”

Sloan Repair Kits

As you can see, a Sloan Manual Flushometer has many parts that must work together in harmony to keep it functioning properly. While Sloan does manufacture high-quality parts and units, many of those parts are not meant to last forever and will need to be replaced in time. How soon you will need to replace those parts depends on how often the flush valve is used. In response to plumbers who like to be prepared for any situation, Equiparts has created two Sloan Master Repair Parts Kits that contain just about anything you would ever need to repair a Sloan manual flushometer. These kits are a great way to be prepared for any situation when you are repairing a Sloan flush valve. They are a must have for any plumber or maintenance man who services a building or facility that utilizes a large number of Sloan flushometers. Our most popular kit is the #08066, A 101 piece kit that contains parts for Regal and older Royal flush valves. We also have kit #08730, a 71 piece kit for newer Sloan Royal flush valves that use the dual-filtered bypass. You can order them by clicking on their part numbers in this article, or as always, you can give us a call at 800-442-6622 if you have any questions. Our technical experts will be happy to help you.

The Tools Needed to Complete Flushometer Repairs

Flushometer Tool Diagram

The right repair parts aren’t going to help you much if you don’t have the proper tools to install them. At Equiparts, we have all the tools you need for repairing your Sloan flushometers and other flush valve brands.

The tools needed to repair Sloan flush valves are described in detail below. They are also shown in the diagram above to help you identify which tool(s) you need to help you repair all of the different areas of a flushometer. Utilize the flushometer repair picture above to find out which flush valve tools you need to complete your necessary repairs. Read on below to learn more about each flushometer repair tool in the diagram.

Sloan Super Wrench

Sloan Super Wrench

Equiparts Part #08047

This wrench can be used on every exposed nut and hex on any Sloan flush valve. Each area of the Sloan Super Wrench is marked with the Sloan OEM number of the part of the flushometer the tool is meant to fix. It can also be used on Zurn and Toto flush valves too. View the Sloan Super Wrench in our online store.



Cover and Nut Removing Tool Plumbing Tool

Equiparts Part #08010

This tool allows you to, (you guessed it,) remove nuts and covers from Sloan flush valves. It provides a different grip from the Sloan Super Wrench, and can give you more leverage, depending on the situation. View the Cover and Nut Removing Tool on our website.


Flush valve repair toolNon-Marking Offset Adjustable Pipe Wrench

Equiparts Part #08070

This wrench can do everything the Sloan Super Wrench can, and more! Since it’s adjustable, it can be used in a large variety of plumbing repairs. The non-marking feature allows you to use this wrench on units with chrome plating or other specialty finishes without damaging the finish. The offset design helps you access awkward spaces with ease. Use on flush valves, faucets, fittings, tubular, etc. See the Non-Marking Offset Adjustable Pipe Wrench product listing.


Tailpiece Removing Tool 

Equiparts Part #08063

This is an absolute MUST HAVE if you need to remove tailpieces from a Sloan flush valve. Sometimes when you’re upgrading a urinal, you need to change the rough-in from the standard 2-3/16″ in order to make it fit, and so the tailpiece needs to be removed. Attempting this with a pipe wrench or any other tool can be a nightmare. The Tailpiece Removing Tool will save you a ton of effort and frustration. It works internally which prevents marring of the chrome. Do yourself a favor and pick one of these up today. View the Tailpiece Remover Tool on our website.


Spud Wrench

Spud Wrench

Equiparts Part #03118HD

Yes, this tool does just that – removes spuds. This heavy-duty tool is rugged and adjustable, and works for most any spud. Makes removal simple! View the Spud Wrench in our online store.



Work with Equiparts to get these handy tools as well as the repair parts needed to service your flushometers. Place your order by giving us a call toll-free at 800-442-6622 Mon-Fri 7:30am-5pm EST or submit a quote through and we will contact you to complete your order.

Download or Share the Flushometer Tool Diagram PDF with other facility maintenance professionals, plumbers, or other professionals who perform maintenance or repairs on flush valves and help others find the tools they need easily and quickly by utilizing our plumbing tool picture.

New Product from Moen: The M•POWER™ Sensor Operated Flush Valve


At a recent Lunch-n-Learn, Randy from Moen stopped in to show us the new M•Power™ Sensor Operated Flush Valve. There have been a variety of changes from the previous version. The big news is that it has been reengineered to make the batteries last eight years under normal usage  – an impressive five years longer than the industry standard of three years. It runs on four AA batteries that are included with the valve. The technology that drives the valve is proprietary to Moen. The innovative new design makes it very easy to install and maintain.

Features include:Moen-NewMPoweredFlushValve-Equiparts

• 8 year battery life under normal usage

• Uses piston technology

-No diaphragm maintenance or replacement parts to worry about

-Self-cleaning, will not clog

• Utilizes a pressure independent flush rate

-Changes in water pressure will not affect the M•Power™ flush valve

-Units on the top floor will flush at the same rate as those on the bottom floorMoen-SensorOperatedFlushometer-Equiparts

•The flow rate is adjustable and easy to change

•Only one piston is needed for all flush rates

• No longer uses dip switches

• The all-metal angle stop uses a double o-ring design

• All of the settings and functions can be adjusted using hand gestures

• Buy American Certified (BAA)

• 5 year warranty















M•Power™ Sensor Operated Flush Valves are perfect for ADA closet installations because of their compact design that allows them to fit under grab bars. And the sleek, modern look gives it great aesthetic appeal, making it a smart choice for updating and modernizing your facility!

Equiparts stocks an extensive line of Moen products, including more Moen flush valvesMoen faucets and faucet repair parts such as faucet stems and cartridges, faucet handles, Moen shower & tub units and repair parts, We carry repair parts for Moen flush valves as well.

Give Equiparts a call to learn more about this beautifully designed flush valve from Moen!

How to Clean Chrome Plated Flush Valves and Faucets


Why Flush Valve Polish Doesn’t Exist

You may ask yourself, why can’t I simply buy flush valve polish, or faucet polish to make my flushometer or faucet shiny again? Simply put, chrome plated metals cannot be polished because chrome is an inert or chemically inactive metal. As a matter of fact, using chemicals or rough cleaning techniques on chrome plated fixtures can potentially cause more harm than help. Here’s why: the majority of chrome plated faucets and flush valves have a very thin coating of chrome over their brass body. When maintenance personnel uses harsh chemicals on flush valves and flushometers in an attempt to clean them well, they can actually damage the chrome plating, causing it to become pitted. Likewise, when custodians or maintenance technicians scrub chrome plated fixtures too roughly, they can also damage the finish, in some cases even remove the finish entirely.

Read on below to find out how we recommend cleaning the chrome plated fixtures in your facility.

How to Clean Chrome Plated Flush Valves and Faucets

At Equiparts, we recommend that our customers clean their chrome plated flush valves and faucets with good ole soap and water. Since chrome is a soft, inert metal that does not rust, it does not need any type of polish to make it shine like new. Instead, it just needs the grime, dust, and dirt removed to get it back to its prime.

In Sloan’s Care and Cleaning Instructions in their Repair Part and Maintenance Guide for chrome plated flushometers, they state the following:

DO NOT USE abrasive or chemical cleaners (including chlorine bleach) to clean flushometers that may dull the luster and attack the chrome or special decorative finish. Use ONLY mild soap and water, then wipe dry with a clean towel or cloth.
While cleaning the bathroom tile, protect the flushometer from any splattering of cleaner. Acids and cleaning fluids will discolor or remove chrome plating. 

We recommend wiping down the surface of the fixture with warm, soapy water, then using a microfiber cloth or towel to dry the surface.

Next time you are wondering what you should use to clean your flushometer, or how to make your faucets shiny and like new, remember to keep it simple, and just use soap and water so you don’t cause any permanent damage to your chrome plated flush valves and faucets.

At Equiparts, we carry all of the maintenance and plumbing repair parts, fixtures, and tools you need to outfit and maintain your facility. We carry products from all of the top plumbing and hardware companies and also carry hard to find parts as well. Our staff consists of experts, not order takers. Browse through our website or give us a call 7:30AM-5PM M-F EST toll-free at 800-442-6622.
Shiny Flush Valves 3
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New Products from Sloan Valve: Reclaimed Flushometer and Hybrid Urinal

Sloan Valve is a premier partner of Equiparts. One of the reasons Sloan Valve is such a strong partner here is because we like supplying our customers with their innovative, premium performance products. Here we will take a look at Sloan Valve’s Reclaimed Water Flushometers, as well as the new Sloan Hybrid Urinal with Jetrinse Technology.

Casey Reclaimed Drop-in Sloan Valve kitReclaimed Water Flushometer

Sloan’s new Reclaimed Water Flushometer uses rainwater and gray water to conserve potable resources. “However, using reclaimed water is not without its challenges. With higher chemical concentrations than potable water, reclaimed water can damage plumbing components that use yellow brass (high zinc content) and organic rubber, potentially leading to increased maintenance requirements and premature failure,” as stated by Sloan on their website. That is why using solutions specifically designed for reclaimed water is important.
Casey Devlin, pictured above, spoke about this and other new Sloan products at the most recent Lunch-n-Learn we hosted at the Equiparts Main Office in Oakmont, Pittsburgh. Reclaimed water flush valves and parts can be recognized by their distinctive purple color. Although reclaimed water must be filtered and treated, Sloan has created a special diaphragm to prevent potential clogging by any sediment that may slip through. Other parts are also specifically designed to withstand the challenges of reclaimed water.

Equiparts carries both Manual and Sensor Flushometers and Flushometer Parts parts by Sloan Valve. So go green by going purple, and use the correct flushometers and parts for longer production and less maintenance.

Sloan Hybrid Urinal with Jetrinse Technology

hybrid_urinal_-_casey_2Sloan Valve Hybrid Urinal with Jetrinse TechnologyDid you ever wish you could occasionally flush your waterfree urinal just to eliminate odor and wash down the old pipes? Now you can with the new Sloan Hybrid Urinal with Jetrinse technology.
This innovative new product is basically a waterfree urinal that automatically flushes up to one gallon of water once every 72 hours. You still save thousands of gallons of water a year, but now it’s easier to keep your lines clean, hygienic, odor free, and clog free! At the recent Equiparts Lunch-n-Learn, Casey used a demonstration model to show the inner workings of the Sloan Hybrid Urinal. There is a manual override button underneath that can be used to initiate a flush more often if necessary.

Give us a call at Equiparts to learn more from one of our team members who attended the Lunch-n-Learn. We can tell you more about Sloan Valve’s Reclaimed Water Flushometer, and/or Hybrid Urinals. Call 800-442-6622, or check out our online inventory to see all the categories of maintenance repair parts that we carry!