Plumber Pad by Plumber’s Mate Product Spotlight

New at Equiparts: Plumber’s Mate® Absorbent Utility Pads. Easily keep your plumbing project areas clean by using these super absorbent plumber pads. Made by Rectorseal, Plumber’s Mate Absorbent Utility Pads are ideal for when needing to repair a leaking drain or pipe. They are great to use in those tight spaces under leaking sinks, drains, water heaters, faucets, or behind toilets. They feature SuperCore® technology that makes them the most highly absorbent pads available today.

Plumber Pad Product Features: 

  • Easily holds 1 quart of liquid
  • Protects cabinets and floors
  • Quick absorption of liquids
  • Great for use in tight spaces
  • Made in the USA

The patented SuperCore® technology protects surfaces from moisture damage and is an upgrade to the standard towels and buckets method. Each pad has a dry touch top layer, a dynamic liquid containment layer, and a leakproof protective layer.

What is SuperCore® Technology?

SuperCore is a patented, superabsorbent cellulose-based material that features triplelayer protection: a dry to the touch top layer, dynamic liquid containment middle layer, and a leakproof protective bottom layer.

  • Dry Touch Top Layer – Wicks away spills and prevents puddles from forming within minutes
  • Dynamic Liquid Containment Middle Layer – Absorbs all liquids and locks them in
  • Leakproof Protective Bottom Layer – Traps all moisture inside to keep surfaces underneath dry and messfree.

Avoid thousands of dollars in water damage and prevent your next plumbing project from becoming a huge mess!

Plumber Pads are a fantastic item to add to your Equiparts order so you can be prepared and keep your plumbing work area clean and prevent wet messes when completing a job. They can be used preventatively, by simply putting them down just in case there is an unforeseen leak, or strategically, by placing a plumber pad in the area that is likely to get messy from the work you are about to complete.

We recommend Plumber’s Mate Absorbent Utility Pads for all plumbers as well as facility managers and other maintenance personnel who work in kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas completing maintenance on fixtures, pipes, and other areas where water leaks are common.

Call to order Plumber Pads. Just mention Part #46920 and remember, each pack contains 6 pads that measure 24″ x 24″.

Toll-Free: 800-442-6622

Pittsburgh: 412-781-9100

Mon-Fri 7:30AM – 5PM EST

Urnex Commercial Cafe and Ice Machine Cleaner

New at Equiparts! We’ve added two new commercial cleaning products that we think every facility with ice machines and cafe equipment should have. The two items we feature here are Complete Cafe Equipment Sanitizer and FREEZ ice machine cleaner. Scroll to the bottom of the article to see prices. You can also download the Product Spotlight PDF’s we’ve made! You can then share these exciting new commercial cleaning products with your fellow employees, purchasing department, and anyone else who might need them.

Urnex Cleaner Products

Both of the commercial kitchen equipment cleaning products we share in this blog post are made by Urnex, a manufacturer of commercial kitchen cleaning products specifically for beverages with a primary focus on coffee. Urnex was founded in 1936, and has been providing Urnex cleaner products for over 75 years. Equiparts is excited to distribute Urnex products to our customers now, and help supply your patrons, students, and fellow employees with better-tasting coffee and ice throughout your commercial facilities.

FREEZ Ice Machine Cleaner

The FREEZ Ice Machine Cleaner is a cleaning product designed for use on all commercial ice systems. This cleaning product is available as a single 14-ounce bottle (Part #79954E) or a case of twelve 14-ounce bottles (Part #79954).

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) defines ice as food, which means that ice machines need to be cleaned regularly. Ice machines must be cleaned and sanitized at the frequency recommended by the manufacturer of the ice machine, which is about 2 to 4 times per year.

FREEZ Ice Machine Cleaner Features:

  • Nickel safe formula based on citric acid.
  • Each bottle contains 5 cleaning doses.
  • Green indicator dye for safety & proper rinsing.
  • For use on all commercial ice systems as cycle and soak product.

Urnex’s Directions for Use:

  1. 1. Create a solution of 3 oz. of Freez with 1 gallon of water.
  2. 2. Pump through the water distribution system for 10 minutes or as per machine manufacturer’s recommendation.
  3. 3. Purge and rinse the machine with potable water.
  4. 4. Sanitize according to local guidelines.
View FREEZ Ice Machine Cleaner on our website:
Single 14-ounce bottle: Equiparts Part #79954E (select 12 units to order a case.) *Product listing includes link to SDS sheet.
URNEX FREEZ Ice Machine Cleaner

Save, Share, or Download the FREEZ Ice Machine Cleaner Product Spotlight PDF.

Complete Cafe Equipment Sanitizer

urnex cleaner cafe equipment

Urnex’s Complete Cafe Equipment Sanitizer is the first ever Environmental Protection Agency registered sanitizer specific to the coffee retail environment. It comes in a 30-ounce bottle and contains about 128 uses, when making about a gallon of diluted cleaning solution at a time. This cleaning product is available as a single 32-ounce bottle (Part #79955E) or a case of 6 32-ounce bottles (Part #79955).

This coffee equipment cleaning product makes the coffee from your machines taste better. How, you ask? Coffee beans are oily and create build-up in coffee machines. This makes coffee taste bitter over time. Using Complete Cafe Equipment Sanitizer on & around coffee, tea and other cafe style equipment will not only sanitize the equipment, it will also, as a result, make beverages from those machines taste better. It cycles through auto-frothers, as well as traditional steam wands and steel pitchers, for easy cleanup. The built-in measuring device allows for easy portioning and PPM control.

This sanitizer can be used on the following items:

  • Coffee Urns
  • Coffee Pots
  • Hot Water Dispensers
  • Tea Dispensers
  • Milk Dispensers
  • Ice Machines

Sanitizer to Water Ratio: Use .25 oz. per gallon of water to create a 200 ppm solution.

View Complete Cafe Equipment Sanitizer on our website:
Single 14-ounce bottle: Equiparts Part #79955E (select 6 units to order a case.) * Product listing includes link to SDS sheet.

Call to order while these Urnex Cleaning Products are on sale for Spring!

Toll-Free: 800-442-6622 // Pittsburgh: 412-781-9100
Phone hours: Monday-Friday 7:30 AM-5:00 PM EST.

Sinchnut: A New Lock Nut for Easy Faucet Installation

Installing a lavatory faucet or a kitchen faucet can be backbreaking work. You need to crawl under the sink into a cramped, dimly lit space in order to thread and tighten the faucet lock nuts, and then install the supply lines. This is often done while laying on your back on a very uncomfortable, uneven surface. You may have thought to yourself, there has got to be a better way to install a faucet. Well, now there is!

Introducing the Sinchnut!

This clever, patented device will make faucet installation much quicker and easier. No longer will you need to work upside down, straining your back muscles, endlessly spinning the faucet nut or locknut up the faucet shank in order to install a lavatory faucet or kitchen faucet.

See how easy it is to install this new style faucet lock nut in our latest how-to video:

Can’t view the video? Scroll down to view the animated image below to see how the Sinchnut is installed. If you would like to read the video transcription, you can read it at the very bottom of this article. 

How the Sinchnut Works

With the Sinchnut, you can connect the supply lines to the faucet first, before you even put the faucet into the holes of your sink. Once the supply lines are attached to the faucet, you can then insert the supply lines and the faucet into the mounting holes. Next comes the Sinchnuts. Unlike regular faucet lock nuts which are usually made of solid pieces of brass, Sinchnuts are made of two plastic pieces that are linked by a hinge that allows you to open and close the nut.

Once your lavatory faucet or kitchen faucet and supply lines have been inserted into the holes of the sink, all you have to do is open your Sinchnut, wrap it high up around the faucet shank, and close the Sinchnut, locking it in place with a click. Then turn it until it is tight, just like you would an ordinary locknut, and you’re done! No more backbreaking, upside down faucet installations.


New Faucet Locknut: The Sinchnut GIF


See how easy it is to install this new faucet locknut called the Sinchnut in the image above. Simply close the clasp, lock it into place and voila! Your new faucet installation is secured with the newest and easiest faucet shank lock nut solution.

How to Order Sinchnuts

Equiparts has Sinchnuts in stock and ready to ship. Give us a call and make your next faucet installation a Sinch!

Sinchnut Locking Faucet Nut View the Sinchnut on our website to add it to your online quote, or give us a call to place your order.

Toll-Free: 800-442-6622
Pittsburgh: 412-781-9100
Monday-Friday 7:30-5:00PM EST.



Not interested in the Sinchnut? Then learn about the SaniGuard Fogger, another fabulous product that sanitizes an entire room, vehicle, or area in mere minutes.


Read the Sinchnut (Faucet Lock Nut) Introductory Video transcription below. This is for those of you that cannot view the video.

Hi this is Jim with Equiparts, I’m here to show you a new item called the Sinchnut. The Sinchnut helps you install a lavatory or a kitchen faucet faster and easier than traditionally. We are here at our test station and normally, what you do is when you install your faucet, you put your faucet in the holes and you tighten up the faucet lock nut. Then you go back under and add your supply lines. In this case with the Sinchnut, you can install your supply lines first, put them down through the holes, and then, you snap on your Sinchnut(s), do a few turns, and it’s tight. As you can see, this is hinged. So you can wrap it around the shaft of the faucet. It opens and closes easily. Call Equiparts today for your new Sinchnuts and thank you for watching. Reference part #68691. 800-442-6622.

SaniGuard Fogger Commercial Disinfectant Spray

The SaniGuard® Total Release Fogger sanitizes an entire room, vehicle, or area in mere minutes. It’s easy to use fogger spray that gets rid of disease-causing microbes almost instantly.

The SaniGuard Fogger commercial disinfectant spray is the world’s first and only dry on contact spray sanitizer and deodorizer. It has the same kill on contact power of the conventional SaniGuard® sprays. SaniGuard® effectively kills 99.99% of the top 39 germs, bacteria, viruses & fungus in mere seconds. It is safe on any surface, including fabrics & electronics, making it great for use in transportation vehicles. It does not leave any residue behind. Get rid of disease-causing microbes quickly and easily with the SaniGuard Fogger.

SaniGuard Fogger Ingredients and SaniGuard Fogger SDS Sheet

The SaniGuard Fogger ingredients are listed here: Proprietary propellant, proprietary alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, quaternary ammonium compounds, benzyl-C12-16-alkyl dimethyl, and chlorides.

*Note: This information comes directly from the SaniGuard MSDS Sheet. Some of the ingredients are proprietary information (trade secrets), so name and identifier are listed as proprietary. The classification of the material is listed in the composition/information on ingredients chart on page two of the SDS sheet. Click the link to view the full SaniGuard Fogger MSDS sheet PDF.

SaniGuard Fogger Best-Use List

Great for use in:

  • Transportation Vehicles
  • Ambulances, Buses, & Cruisers
  • Eating/Food Prep Areas
  • Dorm Rooms
  • Hotels
  • Nursing Homes/Hospitals
  • Classrooms
  • Showers/Restrooms
  • Locker Rooms
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Stations & Offices
  • Workout Areas/Equipment
  • Holding/Jail Cells
  • Fire Station Living Areas

SaniGuard Fogger is the Best Commercial Disinfectant

Disinfecting areas where people work, play, and eat is important, especially in areas where bacteria, viruses, and funguses are likely to grow. SaniGuard foggers kill the following list of bacteria, viruses, and germs.

EPA Efficacy Kill List

Bacterial Efficacy
Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
Staphylococcus Aureus
Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)
Salmonella Choleraesuis
Brevibacterium Ammonagenes
Chlamydia Psittaci
Enterobacter Aerogenes
Enterobacter Cloacae
Enterobacter Coli
Escherichia Coli
Escherichia Coli (Methicillin Resistant)
Klebsiella Pneumoniae
Klebsiella Pneumoniae (Methicillin Resistant)
Proyeus Vulgaris
Salmonella Schottmuelleri
Salmonella Typhi
Salmonella Choleraesius
Serratia Marcescens
Shigella Dysenteriae
Shigella Sonnei
Shigella Flexneri
Acinetobacter Calcoaceticus
Staphylococcus Epidermidis
Streptococcus Faecalis
Streptococcus Faecalis (Methicillin Resistant)
Streptococcus Pyogenes

Viral Efficacy
HIV-1 (AIDS Virus)
Herpes Simplex-Types 1&2
Influenza –A/Brazil
Influenza –A/PR
Hepatitis B

Fungicidal Efficacy
Trichophyton Mentagrophytes
Aspergilis Niger (Mold & Mildew)
Candida Albicans

SaniGuard Fogger Instructions

Directions for use:

Close all outside windows and doors. Use one (1) container for each area depending on which size fogger you are using. Elevate fogger by placing on a stand or table if possible (maximum 2’ off ground). Tilt away from face before activating (container sprays straight up). Press down firmly on the edge of the actuator tab until it locks into place, then set fogger on floor, stand or table. Leave the area immediately after activating fogger. Keep treated area closed for at least 15-20 minutes before returning.

We recommend using the treated room again one hour after treatment was started.

Where to Buy the SaniGuard Fogger

Buy SaniGuard Foggers from Equiparts! We carry two different sizes: the 3-ounce fogger, which is designed to sanitize areas up to 125 square feet (12 x 12 x 8-foot dimensions), and the 8-ounce fogger, which is designed to treat up to 625 square feet (25 x 25 x 8 foot dimensions). Both of these sizes are available in 12 pack cases. See the part numbers below for the various sizes and quantities. Be sure to reference the part numbers when calling to place your order.

SaniGuard Fogger 3 ounce

3 oz. SaniGuard Fogger

3 oz. SaniGuard Fogger (Case of 12)

Saniguard Fogger Disinfectant

8 oz. SaniGuard Fogger

8 oz. SaniGuard Fogger (Case of 12)

Call to Order your Saniguard Fogger Disinfectant Today!

Toll-Free: 800-442-6622
Pittsburgh: 412-781-9100
Mon-Fri 7:30am – 5pm EST

View, save or share the Saniguard Fogger Product Spotlight PDF

SaniGuard Fogger Information Sheet


New MaxiFlex Ultimate Cooling Gloves

The Newest Glove from Protective Industrial Products: MaxiFlex® Ultimate™ Cooling Gloves

If you’re looking for a glove that offers top-of-the-line comfort and dry grip, MaxiFlex Ultimate Cooling Gloves are the answer. MaxiFlex Ultimate Cooling Gloves are made with AD-APT™ technology that keeps hands 31% cooler than the standard MaxiFlex Ultimate gloves.

How Do MaxiFlex Ultimate Cooling Gloves Keep Hands Cool?

MaxiFlex Ultimate Cooling Gloves have a unique design that enables the following:

  • Regulation – Keep hands cool to reduce sweat

  • Circulation – 360-degree breathability moves air in and out

  • Ventilation – Channels heat away

  • Excellent Dexterity – Rounded fingertips and increased sensitivity allow for detailed work

What exactly is “AD-APT technology”?

AD-APT technology is a proprietary system that releases microencapsulated, natural cooling agents as the temperature rises on the inside palm area of the glove. This keeps your hands dry, comfortable, and more productive all day long. Patented AIRtech® channels give these gloves the ultimate ventilation.

MaxiFlex Ultimate Cooling Gloves

When should you wear MaxiFlex Cooling Gloves?

This style of MaxiFlex gloves are designed to be worn in primarily dry environments, but they can also be worn when working with light oils. They have micro-foam nitrile coated palms and fingers, giving you excellent grip and dexterity in chemicals including oils, petrochemicals, fuels, and most acids. Here are some example situations when MaxiFlex Cooling Gloves should be worn:

  • Maintenance tasks
  • General assembly
  • Micro-engineering
  • Automotive components
  • Painting
  • Horticulture
  • Warehousing

MaxiFlex® Ultimate Cooling Gloves Sizes and Equiparts Part Numbers:MaxiFlex-Ultimate-Cooling-Gloves

#38349  SM MaxiFlex Ultimate with AD-APT
#38350  MED MaxiFlex Ultimate with AD-APT
#38351  LG MaxiFlex Ultimate with AD-APT
#38352  XL MaxiFlex Ultimate with AD-APT
#38353  XXL MaxiFlex Ultimate with AD-APT


View, Save or Share the Ultimate Cooling Gloves Product Spotlight PDF

MaxiFlex Ultimate Glove Size Chart

MaxiFlex Ultimate Glove Size Chart

*Note: We do not stock the XS size of this glove. To inquire about ordering XS in bulk, please give us a call.

Why does Equiparts love MaxiFlex Gloves?

Equiparts has supplied our customers with MaxiFlex Gloves by Protective Industrial Products for many years. We like MaxiFlex gloves mainly because they provide excellent dexterity. In fact, we have found that most MaxiFlex gloves, like the cooling gloves featured in this article, pass the “Dime Test”. This means that while wearing MaxiFlex Gloves, you can pick a dime up from a flat surface. This proves that the gloves enable the wearer to be nimble. This is the opposite of some thicker, looser gloves that make the wearer more clumsy and unable to grip small items, like screws or hand tools. We also like MaxiFlex and MaxiDry gloves because they are comfortable, high-quality, reusable and long lasting gloves.

Other MaxiFlex Gloves

MaxiFlex® Elite™ – Ultra Lightweight Seamless Knit Nylon Glove

The lightest, fully breathable coated glove

#36967  XS MaxiFlex Elite
#36968  SM MaxiFlex Elite
#36969  MED MaxiFlex Elite
#36970  LG MaxiFlex Elite
#36971  XL MaxiFlex Elite
#36972  XXL MaxiFlex Elite


MaxiDry® – Ultra Seamless Knit Lightweight Nitrile Glove

MaxiDry GlovesPrecision handling in oily and wet environments

#36962 SM MaxiDry
#36963  MED MaxiDry
#36964  LG MaxiDry
#36965  XL MaxiDry
#36966  XXL MaxiDry



MaxiFlex® Ultimate™ – Seamless Knit Nylon/Lycra Glove

Precision handling in dry environments

#36973  XSM MaxiFlex Ultimate
#36974  SM MaxiFlex Ultimate
#36975  MED MaxiFlex Ultimate
#36976  LG MaxiFlex Ultimate
#36977  XL MaxiFlex Ultimate
#36978  XXL MaxiFlex Ultimate

*Note: This is the earlier version of the MaxiFlex Ultimate glove and does not have AD-APT cooling technology.

Where to Buy MaxiFlex Gloves

Want to Buy MaxiFlex Gloves in Bulk?

At Equiparts, we buy MaxiFlex Gloves in bulk, which means that we have them in stock and ready to ship. Inquire about buying MaxiFlex Gloves in Bulk by submitting a quote online or giving us a call.

View our online selection of gloves now or call to place your order.

Toll-Free: 800-442-6622

Pittsburgh: 412-781-9100

Mon-Fri 7:30am – 5pm EST

Block-Aide Restroom Out of Order Sign and Stall Lock

Fixing out of order toilets and urinals is probably not your favorite repair job. But unfortunately, toilets and urinals do clog and leak. Flushometers need to be repaired or replaced. Whatever the problem is, the restroom stall will be out of service while you get the fixture back in working order. This is where the Block-Aide comes in handy. It can do the following simultaneously, and in a more professional manner:

  1. 1. Inform patrons that the restroom stall is out of service
  2. 2. Locks patrons out of the stall so that they don’t see the broken fixture or accidentally use a non-functioning unit.

Watch our video to learn more about the reusable Block-Aide door lock and sign.

Can’t see the video? Read the article below to learn the features of the Block-Aide and see how it works as 2-in-1 out of service sign and stall lock.

The next time you have a restroom out of order and you need to let people know, instead of making a handwritten restroom out of order sign on a piece of cardboard, or covering the fixture with a garbage bag, you should use a Block-Aide door lock and out of service sign.

What is the Block-Aide?

It’s a nifty little device that is a 2-in-1 out of order sign and door lock designed specifically for out of order partition stalls. The Block-Aide sign has the following dimensions: ⅝”H x 3”W x 1-½”D.

Block Aide Features

  • Professional ‘Sorry, Out of Service’ signage
  • Constructed of sturdy ABS resin
  • Unique design that locks the stall door when in use

The unique locking design of the Block-Aide makes it so patrons cannot open the stall door when it is in use. It locks people out of the restroom stall, so that they cannot go in and see the out of order fixture, or worst yet, use it by mistake.

Learn how the BlockAide works as a restoom stall out of order sign and stall lock

How to Use

The Block-Aide is very easy to use. You just slide it down between the pilaster and door. The placement of the sign then works as a stall lock, blocking customers, students, patrons and the like from entering the out of order restroom stall.

You already have enough to deal with when a fixture stops working. Fix broken fixtures faster by focusing on the problem at hand instead of making a sign. With the Block-Adie, you can quickly slip the bathroom out of order sign and stall lock between the pilaster and the partition door. Then you can move on to complete the repairs you need, and focus on getting the toilet or urinal working again. Make your job easier by keeping a couple of Block-Aides in stock so you can easily inform and lock-out patrons when a stall is temporarily out of service.

Call to Order The Professional ‘Out of Order’ Restroom Stall Block-Aide Sign

Keep a couple of Block-Aides in stock, and make your next out of order restroom stall repair job easier on yourself, and professionally identify the situation to restroom users. Call to place your order.

Equiparts Part #16764

Toll-Free: 800-442-6622
Pittsburgh: 412-781-9100
Mon-Fri 7:30am – 5pm EST

Want to Share the Block-Aide Restroom Out of Service Sign and Stall Lock?

Save, Download or Email the Block-Aide PDF.

Block-Aide PDF






Better than Rubber and Wax Gaskets: New Elastomer Gaskets

Elastomer Gaskets for toilet and urinal installations are a revolutionary new sealing option for plumbers and facility managers. We are excited to provide our customers with this innovative new gasket that will most likely make wax and rubber gaskets obsolete. Watch our video and read our article below to learn more about Elastomer Gaskets by Tight Seal, and gain a full understanding of Elastomer Gaskets in comparison to Wax and Wax-Free Rubber Gaskets. Know your options when it comes to gaskets, and why more and more of our plumbing and facility maintenance customers are switching to new Elastomer Gaskets.

Tight Seal Elastomer Gaskets Video

The Best Gasket Material: Elastomer

Tight Seal Elastomer Gaskets are named after the material they are made of: Elastomer. Elastomer is a sticky, springy material that bounces back after being compressed. Elastomer Gaskets share the best qualities of wax and rubber gaskets, without the drawbacks. They provide an airtight seal like wax gaskets, while maintaining their shape under pressure. They also hold up under hot/cold temperatures like rubber gaskets. Read on for the full benefits of Elastomer Gaskets by Tight Seal.

The Benefits of Elastomer Gaskets

  • Won’t melt in hot weather or become hard
    in cold weather
  • Reusable
  • Springs back into shape after being squeezed
  • Allows repositioning of fixture
  • Sticky Elastomer ensures a tight seal
  • No more scraping messy wax off of fixtures

Now that you know what makes Elastomer Gaskets so great, let’s take a look at other gasket types and compare their pros and cons for a full picture of toilet and urinal sealing options. (Or skip down to find out How to Purchase)

The Pros and Cons of Wax Gaskets

Wax Rings are used as a gasket for toilet and urinal installations for three reasons:

Wax Ring Pros

  • The wax material conforms to the fixture, creating a seal that is airtight.
  • They are cheap.
  • They can be stacked.

Wax Ring Cons

  • A wax gasket needs to be lined up completely accurately when installing, or else you may need to use an entirely new wax gasket when repositioning the fixture.
  • Wax gaskets can melt. Leave them in your truck in the Summer, or install them near a floor with radiant heat, and a wax seal will melt, losing its shape and its ability to properly seal.
  • Wax toilet and urinal gaskets can also freeze in the winter.
  • Wax rings can become misshapen. For example, when a heavier person sits on a toilet with a wax ring, the ring can flatten in an area, and then fixture will become tilted which in turn can break the seal of the gasket.
  • Wax rings leave a waxy residue that creates a mess.

Rubber Gaskets: The Pros and Cons

Rubber Gaskets are chosen as gaskets for toilet and urinal installations mainly for the following reasons:

Pros of Rubber Gaskets

  • Rubber gaskets can help direct flow with angled flanges, which helps deter potential leakage.
  • Rubber gaskets are wax-free, which means they are less messy.
  • Rubber gaskets will not flatten or become misshapen, which helps to keep the drain open and the fixture in the correct position.
  • When toilets or urinals need to be replaced, or when maintenance requires the fixture to be disconnected, then that rubber gasket can be easily removed

Rubber Gasket Cons

  • Rubber gaskets don’t have as tight of a seal as more sticky gaskets do
  • Rubber gaskets are more expensive than wax gaskets

Why Choose One Gasket Type Over Another?

Gasket choice really comes down to personal preference, which is why we carry wax gaskets, wax-free or rubber gaskets, as well as our latest offering, the newest innovation in gasket material, Elastomer Gaskets.

Elastomer Gaskets in different sizes and styles

3/4” Elastomer Closet Gasket #67931
1-1/8” Jumbo Elastomer Closet Gasket #67933
1/2” Elastomer Tank To Bowl Gasket #67935
1/2” Elastomer Urinal Gasket #67938
3/4” Elastomer Closet Gasket With Flange #67932
1-1/8” Jumbo Elastomer Toilet Gasket With Flange #67934

We highly recommend trying out these new gaskets.

How to Purchase Elastomer Gaskets from Equiparts

Call to place your order or submit a quote through our online quote system and we will get back to you.

Toll-Free: 800-442-6622
Pittsburgh: 412-781-9100
Mon-Fri 7:30am – 5pm EST

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Guardian Dome Drain Lock

The Best Commercial Drain Dome

The Guardian Dome D-Lock™ is designed to withstand the ultimate abuse in high volume restaurants, school and commercial facility cafeterias, and other kitchen environments. It prevents debris from entering the drain lines. This drain allows water to flow despite debris build-up in the sink. This incredibly durable drain lock is constructed of a glass filled polypropylene base, cast aluminum dome top, brass nut, and a tamperproof pin-in-head stainless steel bolt.

Easy Installation of the Guardian Dome D-Lock

The Guardian Dome D-Lock™ doesn’t require assembly, training, or a plumber to install. Simply insert the Dome D-Lock™ into the floor sink drain, and tighten the Torx tamperproof bolt with a ratchet. Install time is as quick as 10 seconds. Save money on repair bills and keep your kitchen running smoothly with the Guardian Dome D-Lock™!

Guardian Drain D-Lock 2", 3" and 4"View, save or share the Guardian Dome D-Lock PDF, which highlights the different drains available. Click on the blue part numbers on the PDF to get to the specific drain listing on our website or view them through the links listed below.

View the Guardian Dome D-Lock’s on our website. Submit a quote through our website for the drains you need, and a sales rep will get back to you shortly. You can also give us a call to speak with a rep directly and place your order. 800-442-6622 M-F 7:30AM to 5:00PM (EST).

Guardian Dome D-Lock Strainer 2” – EC Part #88218

Guardian Dome D-Lock Strainer 3” – EC Part #88219

Guardian Dome D-Lock Strainer 4” – EC Part #88220

The Clogged Roof Drain Solution: Mifab RoofGuards

The Clogged Roof Drain Solution: Mifab RoofGuards

Standing water on flat roofs is a major problem, especially for large commercial facilities that have multiple buildings to manage. As a distributor of a variety of plumbing and maintenance fixtures and repair parts, we like to show you how our most innovative products make maintenance tasks easier, and solve the problems you face at your facility. This RoofGuard by Mifab will greatly reduce the number of maintenance visits you will need to make to the rooftop. It virtually eliminates standing water on flat roofs because it’s almost impossible for these well-designed drain covers to clog and cause water dams – an occurrence that happens regularly with the less-than-perfect design of regular roof drain domes.

Watch the video below starring Brian Tupper of Triumph Sales. He explains the problems that occur on flat roofs, why they happen, and how the new, patent-pending RoofGuard by Mifab is designed to solve the expensive and maintenance-intensive problems caused by regular dome-shaped roof drains.

The Problem with Regular Roof Drain Domes

Regular roof drain domes often get clogged by leaves, plastic bags, and other debris that collects on flat roofs. This creates a water dam, and prevents rainwater from flowing down the roof drain. This results in standing water on the roof, which can cause a variety of expensive problems.

As described in the video above, the dome shape of regular roof drains is not ideal for preventing clogs and enabling proper water drainage. The tall shape, vertical drain ports, and 12” diameter of dome-style roof drain covers is what makes them less than effective roof drain covers.

The Damage Caused by Clogged Roof Drains

Standing water can occur on flat roofs when roof drains or roof drain covers become clogged. The water around them has nowhere to go, so it simply collects on the rooftop and causes big, expensive problems. Since this standing water occurs on the roof, a place where people don’t usually frequent, it may collect for long periods of time before it is noticed. This leads to water damage that causes discoloration, sagging roofs, leaks and roof damage that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix.

The damaged caused by clogged roof drains is such a large problem that building codes for buildings with flat rooftops require a secondary overflow roof drain. However, even with a secondary roof drain, both dome-shaped roof drain covers can become clogged, and cause water to collect.

This is where Mifab’s new Roof Drain’s come in.

The Solution for Better Roof Drain Covers: Mifab RoofGuards

Mifab RoofGuards are the covers that are placed over Mifab roof drains and other roof drains, and prevent debris from entering and clogging roof drains. Roofguards are ideal for replacing existing roof drain domes on the roofs of schools, warehouses, factories, office buildings, and any other building that has standing water on the roof due to clogged roof drain domes. The horizontal slots of the RoofGuard design are much more effective than the vertical slots of other roof drain domes in preventing clogs and keeping the water flowing down the drain instead of collecting on the roof.

Mifab RoofGuard Diagram

They enable the debris like leaves that collect and clog regular roof drains to float above the guard when there is a surplus of water, enabling the water to flow below the debris and into the roof drain. The diagram above shows how horizontal Roofguards by Mifab enable water to flow down through the drain, with debris floating to the top.

Two Types of Mifab Roof Drains

Mifab makes two different styles of RoofGuards. One is plastic and adheres to the roof with an adhesive (included), and the other is made of cast iron and attaches to the roof with hardware (also included). The roof is not penetrated with either of these guards. They are both universal in the sense that they fit most any roof drain on a flat roof. Compare these two Mifab Roof Drain RoofGuards below:

Mifab RoofGuard PlasticPolyethylene RoofGuard
Equiparts part #66298PK
Mifab model RG2016DDC


  • Made of Polyethylene, which is a tough, light, flexible synthetic resin.
  • Patented design increases surface area by up to 5x or more, making a RoofGuard protected drain virtually uncloggable.
  • Guard diameter size is 19 inches.
  • Eliminates leaks and costly repairs caused by clogged drains.
  • RoofGuard can replace any roof drain dome strainer up to 15″ in diameter.
  • Removable top allows easy access to drain and piping without detaching Roof Guard.
  • Installation is fast, simple, and requires no tools.
  • Attaches to the roof with an Adhesive. Adhesive is included. No tools required.

Cast Iron Roof Drain CoverCast Iron RoofGuard
Equiparts part #68004
Mifab model RG2016DDC


  • Made of heavy-duty cast iron
  • The patented design increases surface area by up to 5x or more, making a RoofGuard protected drain virtually uncloggable.
  • Guard diameter size is 19 inches.
  • Eliminates leaks and costly repairs caused by clogged drains.
  • RoofGuard can replace any roof drain dome strainer up to 15″ in diameter.
  • It is bolted to the roof drain body and membrane. Hardware is included.

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Interested in the Poly RoofGuard Scupper Drain shown in the video? Call to order and mention part #68090.



The Step-n-Wash: A Commercial Grade Step-Stool

The Step-n-Wash: A Commercial Grade Step-Stool

Most public restrooms are not kid-friendly. Lavatory sinks are not designed with the height of a child in mind. But it is very important for children to be able to wash their hands since that is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of germs and viruses. However, the adult height of most lavatories makes hand washing for children a difficult task. Most parents know the struggle of lifting a 30 to 40 pound child up to the sink. After a long day of shopping or traveling, carrying bags, loading and unloading strollers, etc., this can be quite exhausting. In addition, it almost always results in an inadequate cleaning, along with water soaking the child’s clothes and the floor. Parents tend to patronize businesses that cater to their needs and help reduce their stress. If your building includes amenities that can help create a better customer experience, that makes your business a much more attractive place to go.


Introducing the Step-N-Wash:

The Commercial Retractable Step-Stool for Children

The Step-N-Wash is designed to do just that. This self-retracting step allows children to stand at the sink and wash their hands without any assistance.  No more lifting and straining for mom and dad. The parent or child can use their foot to pull the step down, and then the child can step up to the sink. When the child is finished and steps down, the step retracts back under the sink and out of the way.

The Step-N-Wash is a very sturdy, stable, and safe addition to your public restrooms. It is constructed of type 304 stainless steel, and contains no pinch points. A marine grade non-slip rubber tread provides good traction. The whole unit is bolted into the floor, and can hold a static load of up to 800 lbs. No part of an adult’s body will ever come in contact with the Step-N-Wash while it is retracted. When it is installed in a restroom with two or more lavatories, it is in full ADA compliance.

The Step-N-Wash is also very cost effective. If the Step-N-Wash is used just 15 times a day, that works out to less than two cents per use over a five year period. The Step-N-Wash is used significantly more often than a diaper changing table. It will also help keep your restrooms dry, thereby reducing your liability for slips and falls.

There are many businesses where the Step-N-Wash is already in use all around the country; places such as shopping malls, airports, restaurants, amusement parks, museums, aquariums, churches, and schools. Create a better customer experience by making your business a more stress-free place for parents. They’ll thank you by becoming returning customers.

More Information

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How to Order

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