Equiparts Acquires Parts Unlimited

Since our humble beginnings in 1968 with only eight employees squeezed into a tiny building in Sharpsburg, PA, Equiparts has seen tremendous growth. In 2015, we consolidated all operations into one big warehouse located in Oakmont, PA. Our customers are now located all over the northeast, and also across the U.S. Until very recently, we had 41 employees, including both inside and outside sales representatives. But that number has changed because we have added a new chapter to our story.

We are pleased to announce that Equiparts has expanded again with a new, out of state location. We have acquired Parts Unlimited Inc. of Manassas, Virginia, and are very excited to be working with them under the Equiparts name. This brings our total number of employees to 56. With our combined resources, we can serve even more customers in the eastern U.S., with expanded inventory and customer service.

For our Equiparts customers, this change will be unnoticeable. For our new Parts Unlimited customers, there will be an adjustment period that we are working hard to make as seamless as possible. We look forward to providing all of you with the repair parts, fixtures, and tools you need, and the outstanding service you deserve.

Read the press release below to learn more about the sale and Equiparts.

Equiparts Corporation Acquires Parts Unlimited Incorporated

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania – Equiparts Corporation, located in the Greater Pittsburgh Area, announced today that it has acquired Parts Unlimited, Incorporated (PUI). Located in Manassas, Virginia, Parts Unlimited is a Plumbing Supply Distributor that has been supplying local plumbers and facility managers with plumbing parts and maintenance solutions since 1992, over 25 years.

Equiparts and Parts Unlimited have been friendly plumbing distributors since the company presidents met in the early 2000’s. Both distributors were members of the group North American Plumbing Specialties Distributors, also known as NAPSD. NAPSD is a professional group of distributors who provide specialty plumbing solutions to commercial businesses.

The addition of Parts Unlimited brings 15 new employees to the Equiparts team. It also adds a second warehouse located in Manassas, Virginia. This secondary warehouse enables Equiparts to more quickly service customers located in Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland. “We are very excited for the Parts Unlimited team to join Equiparts,” said Joel Weiss, President of Equiparts. “Our values – professional service and product expertise, align with PUI’s values, which made acquiring them an easy decision to make.”

Facts about Equiparts:

  • Equiparts has 56 employees
  • Equiparts ships throughout the US, Canada, and Caribbean.
  • Equiparts has three websites: Equiparts.net, Sloanrepair.com, and Equipartsdrinkingfountains.com.
  • Equiparts has an outside sales team that works with customers on-site throughout thefollowing states: PA, OH, NY, DC, DE, MD, VA, WV, IN, MI, KY.
  • We have counter services for our local customers at both our headquarters in Oakmont, Pennsylvania, and now in Manassas, Virginia as well.

Since 1968, Equiparts has been supplying a complete line of plumbing and mechanical specialties to solve a wide variety of maintenance repair problems. Our headquarters is located in Oakmont, Pennsylvania, which is just northeast of Pittsburgh. We distribute the following types of parts and related products to commercial and institutional facilities across the United States: plumbing, commercial heating, hardware, drinking fountain parts, window, locker, partitions, glides and casters, electrical, fasteners, tools, chemicals, and more. Our customers include plumbers and facility maintenance teams from all types of facilities including schools, prisons, national parks, apartment buildings, government buildings, restaurants, and countless other commercial businesses.

The 2019 Equiparty and Sales Meeting

The 2019 Annual Equiparty and Sales Meeting was a fantastic celebration and educational event. A big thank you to all of the individuals who traveled near and far to help make it so successful. We continue to enjoy hosting it every year. 

The 2019 Equiparty

For those of you that are unfamiliar, the Equiparty is an annual dinner party we throw each year to celebrate our team here at Equiparts. It kicks off our annual sales meeting, and is an opportunity for our employees and vendor reps to relax, get to know each other, and have fun with food, drinks, and entertainment.

This year’s Equiparty was held at Green Oaks Country Club in Penn Hills, Pennsylvania. The Equiparts team and their guests enjoyed a delicious dinner, while blues duo Soulful Femme provided excellent live music for the evening.

Our senior graphic designer, Joe Eberle, was given the honor of cutting the celebratory cake. The cake was provided, of course, by our favorite bakery and fellow Oakmont resident, Oakmont Bakery.

The 2019 Equiparts Sales Meeting

Instead of our usual format of round-robin style presentations with small groups, our sales meeting this year had just a few select vendors speaking to the entire group at once. On day one, our good friend, Casey Devlin from J.B. O’Connor, accompanied by Adam Kupec, Manager of National Specialty Accounts for Sloan, gave an informative presentation about a variety of topics. Day two featured Tim Broderick from Ridgid Tools. Both days were filled with much discussion of our new 684-page catalog, a project we have been working diligently on for the last few years. 

The 2019 Equiparts Catalog

The first day of our 2019 sales meeting kicked off with a discussion of the new content in our just-released catalog. Our sales manager, Dan Martino, led the presentation, and informed our sales team about the new products and expanded sections. We would return to new catalog discussion several times throughout the two-day event.

The catalog contains a total of 684-pages, our most comprehensive catalog yet. In development for the past three years, it contains 236 more pages than our last catalog. It has more detail, content, and information than ever before. Based on feedback from customers, we expanded the content of every category to provide greater choice and more product information. And for the first time, almost all of the parts and units are displayed as full-color photographs! Our primary goal with the new catalog is to help customers make the best possible selection of parts and fixtures for their specific repair situation. In the near future, you will be able to access the catalog online! Sign up for our newsletter through the link at the end of this article to guarantee you find out once the catalog is live on our website!

Left: Casey Devlin shares the new smart Optima Faucet. Right: The permanently hydrophobic (water-repellent) and oleophobic (oil-repellent) SloanTec® glaze at work. This glaze can be specified on any Sloan fixture. It inhibits germ and bacteria growth, and will keep the fixture cleaner longer.

Sloan Valve

Casey demonstrated the latest innovation in Sloan’s line of Optima faucets. They are now equipped with Bluetooth technology that allows you to monitor and adjust faucet settings using an app on your phone. In addition, they also now have standardized components across the line, which will save you time and money on labor and replacement parts. You can learn more about these great new features in our Smart Faucets by Sloan: Optima Faucet New Technology blog post.

Sloan Rep

Casey demonstrating the Intellistation Jr., an electronic mixing valve that controls outlet temperature of water to +/- 2°F in compliance with ASSE 1017. This is much more accurate than traditional wax-based mixing valves which have a variance of +/- 7°F. The Intellistation Jr is configurable on-site with the full-color touch screen display.

Casey also discussed Sloan’s piston flushometers, the amazing SloanTec® glaze, and the new Intellistation Jr. electronic mixing valve from Powers.

Door Closers

Equiparts President, Joel Weiss, along with Purchasing Agent, Barney Delmont, educated the team about door closers. They discussed the features of different types of door closers, such as parallel arms, hold open arms, back checks, fusible links, delayed action, ADA specifications, and more. Check back soon to read our Door Closer Guide – which we will share soon! Another reason to sign up for our Newsletter to get notified when it is published!

Tim emphasized some important tips regarding drain cleaners: Never run a drain cleaner in reverse. It can crack the welding and unravel the cable. Also, never use an electric drill with a drain cleaner. Always use a cordless drill on driver mode. You need to have the clutch engaged when the cable head gets stuck.

Ridgid: Professional Drain Cleaning Tools

Day 2 of our Sales Meetings featured Tim Broderick, Territory Manager of Professional Tools from Ridgid. We learned a lot about drain cleaning tools, and the proper way to use them. Tim discussed the benefits of different cable heads, such as augers, arrow heads, “C” cutters, chain knockers, grease cutters, etc., and the type of pipes for which each head is designed.

Equiparts has supplied Ridgid products for a long time. We are excited to announce that we will now be stocking more Ridgid tools than ever before! This expanded inventory means we will be able fill orders and ship them to our customers more quickly!

Equiparts is committed to the constant education of our sales reps. We strongly believe that having an intelligent and knowledgeable team is absolutely crucial to our mission of providing the best possible customer service and technical assistance available in our industry. The education that our employees receive from our annual sales meeting helps us to achieve that goal. We look forward to sharing everything we learned at this year’s meetings with our customers.

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Spring 2018 Equiparts Sales Meeting

Spring 2018 Equiparts Sales Meeting

The Spring 2018 Equiparts Sales Meeting was a very motivational and informative event. Big thanks to all of our presenters and attendees! These meetings are an important part of the ongoing process that keeps our sales reps up-to-date about the products and manufacturers we carry, as well as changes in the industry.

This year, we had a motivational speaker address our sales team to energize and inspire them. We also had six round-robin style vendor presentations, which further educated us about plumbing repair products, installation requirements, and industry codes. Read on for more details about what we learned during this successful sales meeting.


Speaker – Kelly Roach Coaching


Our motivational speaker was Kelly Roach from Kelly Roach Coaching. Our President, Joel Weiss, and Yolanda Frank, our Purchasing Manager, saw Kelly speak at a North American Plumbing Specialty Distributors (NAPSD) event earlier this year. They were very impressed by her presentation and decided to ask her to speak at our sales meeting. Kelly’s “Rituals of the Most Successful Sales People” were very inspiring. She spoke of the importance of spending time with your customers, listening carefully to their needs, and using your expertise to make informed recommendations.

Vendor Presentations

  • Kevin Morrisey

          Watson McDaniel

  • Casey Devlin and Adam Kupec

          Elkay and Sloan

  • Scott Dolgos

          Haws and Chicago

  • Marie Helene Pernin and Rose McCullough


  • Jesse Smyers






Watson McDaniel is a manufacturer of steam traps, condensate pumps, pilot-operated and direct-operated regulators, control valves, liquid drainers, and other specialty products. They are a family-owned company based out of Pennsylvania that does 90% of their production in the United States.

Watson McDaniel presented by Kevin Morrisey

Kevin Morrisey, our Watson McDaniel rep, reviewed a variety of problem-solving products made by Watson McDaniel. He explained how a Watson condensate pump saves water and money by keeping steam loss to a minimum. He also demonstrated how a thermostatic trap works. He said that many pump parts (except discs) made by other manufacturers can be repaired by high-quality, made-in-the-USA Watson McDaniel parts at a lower cost.

Fact: Watson McDaniel makes parts that fit all of the industries biggest heat pump manufacturers.




Elkay is a leading manufacturer of drinking fountains, water coolers, and bottle fillers. Equiparts has been a Master Distributor of Elkay for 25 years. We have many Elkay units, repair parts, and filters in stock and ready to ship.

Casey Devlin, our Elkay rep, talked about the best applications for a variety of Elkay water coolers, which Elkay water coolers can be retrofit with bottle fillers, and information about filters.



Sloan is a well-known manufacturer of plumbing fixtures and parts. Equiparts is a Master Distributor of Sloan products, and we have been selling Sloan for over 40 years. Sloan is most famous for their timeless flushometers, innovative electronic faucets, high-quality china and sink systems, and hands-free technology.

Sloan parts information

Sloan presented by Casey Devlin

Casey is also our Sloan rep, and he reviewed Sloan sink systems, new faucet-soap dispenser pairings, the benefits of Sloan’s AER-DEC system, and the differences between regular Sloan flushometers and the new reclaimed water system flushometers.

Haws is a manufacturer of drinking fountains, bottle fillers, emergency equipment, and tempered water systems. We carry a variety of Haws products at Equiparts.

Scott Dolgos, our Haws rep, reviewed the new requirements for eyewash and facewash units. He demonstrated how eyewash stations work, how to install them, and where to best utilize them.

Chicago Faucets is one of the top commercial faucet manufacturers. We have carried their units and parts for many years. They continue to create products that push the evolution of the faucet industry. One example is their new line of faucets that have a thermostatic mixing valve integrated right into the faucet.

Chicago Faucet presented by Scott Dolgos

Chicago Faucet presented by Scott Dolgos

Scott, who is also our Chicago Faucet rep, discussed the newest 410-T Thermostatic faucet option. He also reviewed the EQ faucet series, citing where and how to make sensor and aerator adjustments, as well as water temperature adjustments.

Did you know that thermostatic mixing valves are a requirement for every faucet in public buildings within Allegheny County?

Neoperl is a manufacturer of aerators, check valves, and flow regulators. At Equiparts, we have a large number of Neoperl aerators in stock and ready to ship. Neoperl creates a variety of traditional, cache (hidden, vandal resistant,) and special faucet aerators.

Neoperl presented by Marie Helene Pernin and Rose McCullough

Neoperl presented by Marie Helene Pernin and Rose McCullough

Marie Helene Pernin and Rose McCullough, our Neoperl reps, reviewed the complete line of Neoperl products. They focused primarily on their aerators, describing the various types, which faucets they fit, the benefits of utilizing aerators, and their water saving capabilities. They also reviewed the application of pressure compensating aerators as well. Much of the information Marie and Rose discussed in their presentation can be found in our Commercial Faucet Aerator Guide.

Trerice is a well-known manufacturer of pressure gauges, thermometers, valves, regulators, controls, and more. Trerice products meet the needs of a variety of specialized commercial and industrial markets. They have been manufacturing specialty commercial products since 1923.

Trerice presented by Jesse Smyers

Trerice presented by Jesse Smyers

Jesse Smyers, our Trerice rep, described different types of gauges available from Trerice, and which styles are best for a particular customer application. He also explained the benefits of various parts and features. For example, the liquid in liquid filled gauges reduces the vibration of the needle, and are highly recommended for water pumps. Also, pigtail siphons are a must have for steam systems. Pigtails reduce the temperature of the steam by creating a water barrier. This prevents the 500-degree steam from damaging the gauge by cooling it down to around 300 degrees. He also explained that the ideal setup for a steam system includes a pressure gauge, a snubber, and a needle valve. The needle valve is a shut-off valve that can allow you to change out a gauge without shutting down the system.

Tip: When buying a gauge, you should select a model whose maximum number is twice the operating pressure of your system.

At Equiparts, we continually strive to educate ourselves about the products we sell so that we can provide the best recommendations to fit our customers’ needs. If you’re interested in any of the manufacturer product lines featured in our Spring Sales Meeting, give us a call so we can help you choose the best option. See the other manufacturers we carry in our Product Line Card, or give us a call to start working with one of our knowledgeable product specialists: 800-442-6622 Monday-Friday, 7:30AM-5:00PM EST.

View our current sale now: the Summer Spectatular.


Equiparts Company Booklet

Equiparts Repair Part Specialists

Supplying a Complete line of plumbing and mechanical specialties to solve a wide variety of maintenance repair problems.

The Equiparts Company Booklet is an introductory piece about Equiparts as a company. Equiparts is made up of Repair Part Specialists who supply a complete line of plumbing and mechanical specialties to solve a wide variety of maintenance repair problems.
Equiparts employee photos
This booklet is an educational quick guide to Equiparts that highlights what we sell, how we sell it, and who we primarily sell to. It also sheds light on Equiparts principles, our history, and the benefits of working with us.
Throughout the booklet, we showcase a few of our top manufacturers, including the following:
• ASI (American Specialties, Inc.)
• Bobrick Washroom Equipment
• Chicago Faucet
• Elkay Manufacturing
• Sloan Valve
• Zurn Industries

Want to view the booklet full screen: view it here: Equiparts Company Booklet

Page through our company booklet now to learn more about Equiparts. Then give one of our sales reps a call to open an account or place an order. Call us at 412-781-9100 or 800-442-6622 Monday-Friday, 7:30AM-5:00PM EST.

Equiparts 2017 Fall Sales Meeting

Plumbing Supply Company in Pittsburgh PA Equiparts

Equiparts recently held our Fall 2017 Sales Meeting in Oakmont, Pennsylvania. It was a very productive two-day event that included vendor presentations, new product demonstrations, technology updates, and a review of the state of Equiparts as a company. The meeting was held at Riverside Landing, a beautiful venue in Oakmont, located on the Allegheny River, just north of Pittsburgh. It was attended by our inside and outside sales reps, managers, and purchasing employees.

At Equiparts, we pride ourselves on our technical knowledge and product support. In order to continue as an industry leader in this area, we make educating our sales force a top priority. The more that our team understands the products we sell, the better we can serve our customers. That’s why we invite a variety of vendors to every Sales Meeting. We are extremely grateful for their participation. They educate our employees about new and existing products, explain the features, benefits, and applications for each item, and outline the industry requirements for installation and use. These presentations keep our sales team up-to-date on important information that we are able to pass along to our customers. By keeping our customers informed, they are able to make better purchasing decisions for their particular situation.

Metcraft and Armstrong gave presentations to the group as a whole, while other vendors held individual discussions with our employees in a round robin format. These vendors included the following:

• Wheeler-Rex / Rust-Oleum / SAS
• National Marker
• John Guest
• R. C. Musson
• Rector Seal / Mifab / Brasscraft
• Flex Hose


Metcraft Anti Ligature Equipment


Metcraft Industries

Metcraft Industries, Inc. is an industry leader in anti-ligature fixtures.

Presenter: Stacey Wade

Stacey introduced some exciting new products from Metcraft, like the stainless steel sink and toilet combination unit (pictured below,) and an anti-ligature deck metering faucet he brought to the meeting. He also discussed proper maintenance practices for stainless steel fixtures, updates to obsolete products, new industry codes, what sets Metcraft apart from its competitors, and more.

View our online selection of Metcraft fixtures and repair parts. If you are interested in a Metcraft fixture or repair part that is not listed on our site, give us a call and we will order the Metcraft part you need.

Metcraft anti ligature sink and toilet unit

Here’s Stacey explaining how the faucet in the the new multi-use stainless steel Metcraft unit is designed to be anti-ligature.


Armstrong pump repair parts distributor


Armstrong Pumps

Armstrong Fluid Technology is a leader in HVAC systems including a wide range of pumps and related equipment.

Presenter: Steve Heid

Steve’s presentation included a lot of great information about Armstrong pumps. He discussed the most popular part that fails in a bearing or motor (the coupler), what it means when you hear a coupler rattling, when to replace motor mounts, when to perform preventative pump maintenance, the problems created by air bubbles in pumps, and other useful insights on pump maintenance and troubleshooting.

Armstrong Repair Parts and Pump Distributor Equiparts

Here’s Yolanda, purchasing manager at Equiparts, inspecting an Armstrong bearing assembly, one of the many Armstrong parts we carry at Equiparts.


Plumbing Manufacturer Company Distributor

Below are photos taken of the various manufacturers who participated in our round robin presentations.


Station 1: Manufacturers: Wheeler-Rex, ,Rust-Oleum, SAS

Round Robin Presenter: Mike Powell

Wheeler Rex Tools for sale at Equiparts

Here is Mike discussing a new Wheeler Rex product now available from Equiparts that freezes water lines, enabling customers to form single or double ice plugs to perform maintenance on water pipes.

Here is Mike discussing a new Wheeler Rex product that freezes water lines. It enables customers to form single or double ice plugs so that they won’t need to drain the system to make repairs. It’s now available at Equiparts!


Station 2: Manufacturer: National Marker

Round Robin Presenters: Jim Nestell & Chad Riccelli

National Sign Distributor Equiparts

Chad showcasing the new National Sign sign line now available through Equiparts.

Station 3: Manufacturer: John Guest

Round Robin Presenter: Russell Brundridge

John Guest Push Fittings for Sale at Equiparts

Russell discussing the application of John Guest push fitting elbows.


Station 4: Manufacturer: R. C. Musson

Round Robin Presenter: Trent Segers

RC Musson Stair Treads for Sale at Equiparts

Charlie, outside sales rep at Equiparts, asks Trent about the material of the raised entrance mats he’s holding.


Station 5: Manufacturer: Security Door Solutions (SDC)

Round Robin Presenter: Ryan Wilt & Mary Hester

Door Security Components SDC for Sale at Equiparts

Mary shares the SDC app that enables us to share images of doors with her to help our customers figure out their security options.


Station 6: Manufacturer: Rector Seal / Mifab / Brasscraft

Round Robin Presenter: Brian Tupper & Rick Faulk

Mifab Distributor Sales Meeting

Here’s the Rector Seal, Mifab, and Brasscraft table, where the features and applications of roof vents, floor drains, and leaf catchers were discussed.


Station 7: Manufacturer: Flex Hose

Round Robin Presenter: Kevin Morrissey

Flex Hose Flanges for Sale at Equiparts

Here is Kevin showing the expansion hose/flange of a Flex Hose.


Our 2017 Fall Sales Meeting was a great success!

A huge thanks to our vendors for taking the time to participate. And many thanks to our team for their efforts in staying educated about our expanding line of plumbing and maintenance products. Give us a call to find out about all the interesting new things we’ve learned: 800-442-6622

The Benefits of Working with Plumbing and Maintenance Experts



The Equiparts team is comprised of educated product specialists with unparalleled knowledge and technical expertise. In addition to many years of industry experience, our team receives ongoing training from our manufacturers in order to stay up-to-date with new products, revisions, and industry standards. This allows us to make intelligent recommendations that get the job done right.


Large InventoryWe have thousands of parts and units in stock, including all of the large most popular brands, as well as our specialty: hard-to-find parts. Our comprehensive product lines and ready-to-ship positioning make us a strong source for businesses, large or small.




CustomizationEquiparts puts extra effort into acquiring uncommon, non-stock items that our customers need. We always tell them, if you don’t see it in our catalog, just ask us for it! Our strong vendor relationships enable us to request custom modifications to meet our customers’ unique requirements. We’re not just order takers. We do what it takes to provide outstanding customer service.




Equiparts is part of an industry-specific network. As a member of TMS, Total Maintenance Solutions, we have greater buying power with our vendors. That enables us to pass the savings on to our customers. This network also gives us access to multiple warehouses, giving us support for very large orders. Our customers benefit by getting expedited shipping and reduced shipping costs.



The Benefits of Equiparts Sales Reps Graphic

Sales Reps at Equiparts
There are a lot of advantages to working with an Equiparts Sales Rep. Our team is comprised of knowledgeable repair parts specialists, many of whom have worked in the industry for more than 10 years. They know our parts, the industry, and the best way to solve your maintenance repair problems. We’re not just “order-takers.” Our technical expertise is what sets us apart, and keeps our customers coming back.

Give us a call to start working with one of the knowledgeable sales reps at Equiparts. Our office hours are 7:30am-5pm, Monday through Friday, EST  toll-free at 800-442-6622 or on our local Pittsburgh line at 412-781-9100.

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Best Commercial Water Fountain Webstore – EquipartsDrinkingFountain.com

Exciting News From the Equiparts Team: We Have a New, Informative, and Dynamic Website Specifically for Drinking Fountain, Water Cooler, and Bottle Filler Units and Parts!

So Why is This New Site So Exciting?

Incredibly Informative 

This site is chock-full of all of the hydration station information you need to make an educated purchase!

Easily find out if a unit will suit your needs. Product information and features like Manufacturer, Manufacturer Number, Installation Type, ADA Compliance, Finish, Filter Inclusion, GPH, Vandal Resistance, Operation (Manual or Sensor), and Shipping weight are listed. Then, there is a description of the unit that includes differentiating features, how it is installed, its warranty, etc. All available options for the unit are also listed, such as the recommendations from our manufacturers like Elkay, Oasis and Haws regarding the best installation locations. Click this link to view an example product listing.

Useful Dynamic Features


Product Comparison Tool

Easily compare product features of water coolers, bottle fillers, and drinking fountain units side by side-by-using the “Add to Compare” function. Learn how to use this tool step-by-step on our ‘How to Compare Units‘ page, then try it out for yourself on any category page.

Multiple Search Methods

  • Main Navigation Bar: The top or main navigation bar of the site differentiates units and parts by type (Water Coolers, Drinking Fountains, and Bottle Fillers). Then the drop down menus lead you to more specific categories like Brand or Type of Unit.
  • Search Bar: The search bar is a great place to find specific units by part number, manufacturer number, or other specific attributes.
  • Left Navigation List: The navigation list located on the left is a great place to search for units based on what location they will be installed in, or other attributes you desire. Click any single check box to narrow your search.

Unit ResourcesElkay-ezH2O-unitinformation

Every unit has a resource section to the right of the description which contains links to various helpful items like the Unit Spec Sheet, Parts Breakdown, or User Manual. Some units even have links to How-To Videos.

Hard to Find Part Photo Upload

Looking for a part for your drinking fountain, water cooler, or bottle filler but not sure what to search for or what the part is called? Send us a photo using our contact form, and one of our drinking fountain specialists will get back to you with an answer!

On Equipartsdrinkingfountains.com, we use high quality images and dense product information, with more information from a knowledgeable product specialist only a phone call or quote form away. Not only does our site supply you with high quality and up-to-date information about the hydration station parts and units we carry, we also have a strong, customer service oriented team that knows our products well. We strive to stay informed of our products with frequent visits from our manufacturer reps to review product features and updates.

Thanks for reading! Please share the new site on Facebook and help us spread the word!


Improve Your Facility’s Air Quality with AeraMax Pro


Did you know that the air inside your facility is up to 5 times more polluted than air outdoors? It’s true!  According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air pollution is one of the top 5 environmental risks to public health.

The public spaces we share with others like offices, schools, assisted living, restaurants, and hospitals are breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses that make you sick. Dust and allergens can irritate sinuses, and odors can leave a bad impression. This is why improving indoor air quality is an essential part of your building’s maintenance.

AeraMax® Professional is a commercial grade air purifier that will help you take your facility to the top level of cleanliness. At Equiparts, we have an AeraMax Pro Filtration System stationed in our work stations, lunch room, and restrooms, ensuring that our team is always breathing clean air while in our facility.

A cleaner facility will increase productivity, improve the perception of your facility’s cleanliness, and help employees and patrons breathe easier.

By stopping the spread of germs, allergens, and other irritants present in your facility’s air, you will reduce the amount of sick days taken, while simultaneously creating a cleaner and more positive experience for your patrons, patients, students, and customers.  

Product features of the AeraMax® Professional include the following :

  • • Mode Selection utilizes EnviroSmart Technology to adjust performance based on sensor feedback. It scans the room for occupancy, noise level, and the presence of airborne contaminants. You can set the unit to the specifications appropriate to the unit’s location.

Normal Mode: Use this mode in highly populated areas like cafeterias, break areas, play areas, fitness centers, locker rooms, and restrooms. When these areas are occupied and a strong odor is present, rapid purification occurs. When the room is empty, the unit will lower to a standby mode.

Quiet Mode: Quiet mode should be selected for classrooms, waiting areas, conference rooms, and general office spaces. In this mode, the unit is on standby when the room is occupied, and then it cleans the air once the room is empty.

  • • Vandal-Resistant Reinforced Design to deter tampering, and elongate the life of the unit.
  • • Four-Stage Design which removes 99.9% of Airborne Contaminants through the AeraMax® Professional air purifiers.
    • Stage 1: A pre-filter, which helps elongate the life of the inner filters.
    • Stage 2: A carbon filter, which captures volatile organic compounds (VOCs,) odors, and other contaminants.
    • Stage 3: A true HEPA filter with antimicrobial treatment which captures particles as small as 0.3 microns. These particles include viruses, bacteria, mold spores, dust mites, and allergens.
    • Stage 4: The PlasmaTrue™ Bipolar Ionizer, which removes bacteria, viruses and molds, and breaks down odors.

Watch the video below to see what the facility’s manager of a health care center has to say about his experience with the installment of AeraMax® Pro in the center’s restrooms:

AeraMax® products are now available at Equiparts! Both wall mounted and floor standing AeraMax® Units are currently listed on our website. Request a quote online, or call to learn more. Place your order at 800-442-6622 Monday-Friday, 7:30AM-5:00PM EST.
Aeramax Pro AM III

The Annual 2016 Equiparty and Sales Meeting

Last week, Equiparts celebrated 41 years in existence with the annual Equiparty! Our sales team attended various vendor presentations throughout the next week. A big thanks to our ever-growing team for making this year’s events better than ever!

Equiparts Repair Parts Specialists Pittsburgh

Once a year, our outside sales reps travel from as far as Virginia, Missouri, New York, Indiana, and New Jersey to celebrate with the rest of our Pittsburgh team and attend seminars throughout the week from our new and top manufacturers.

Equiparts Annual Party

Our 2016 Equiparty was held in RIDC Park at the Comfort Inn & Suites Ballroom. All of our team, our vendors, and management, came with guests in tow to a fun night of dinner, dancing, good company, and even a performance by Blues Brothers Entertainment. (See more photos from the event here!). This year we celebrated with our biggest Equiparts team yet – 40 employees and counting!


Throughout the week after the Equiparty, our sales team attended dozens of presentations from top manufacturers like Sloan, American Standard, Chicago Faucet, and many more. Our sales team learned more about products from new vendors such as Busch Systems and Fellowes (see the full list of vendor presentations below). During these presentations, vendors discussed everything from new products and existing product updates to changing industry standards, and products that will be available soon. Our sales team used this opportunity to asks questions and further get to know our manufacturer Equiparts-PlumbingSuppy-Pittsburgh-SalesMeetingreps so they can continue the strong ongoing relationship Equiparts has with our vendors & manufacturers. These annual presentations, along with the Lunch-n-Learns are what keeps our team knowledgeable about the products we carry and able to continue providing our customers with valuable product support.

See the list below to learn which manufacturers attended this year’s sales meetings, and a brief mention of their presentations’ focus.

Equiparts’ Vendor Presentations:

  • – Sloan Valve Company – Hybrid Urinal and More
  • – Busch Systems – Recycling and Waste Containers
  • – Burns Manufacturers – Kickplates and Corner Guards
  • – General Tool – New tools, electronic maintenance tools
  • – Jones Stevens – Closet flange spacer kit, urinal flange, full face gaskets, PVC ball valves, shower drains, disposable pipe plugs,
  • – Mill-Rose – Brushes and Blue Monster
  • – Moen – Disposers, Cleveland Faucets
  • – Zurn- New faucets, flush valves, general repair, and more
  • – Liberty Pump – Pumps
  • – Fellowes – AeraMax
  • – Midland Metals – Education on fitting
  • – National Guard Products – Threasholds, weather stripping
  • – American Standard – 3-bolt unit electronic faucets and flush valves
  • – Chicago Faucet – New Faucets KSD
  • – Elkay – New products, filters, troubleshooting sensor operated bottle units, review top 5 questions asked to Elkay tech services


A big thank you to the Equiparts team and our vendors for making this year’s Equiparty and sales meetings a major success! We can’t wait to see what next year brings. (See the full album of sales meeting photos here!)

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Plumbing Advocate Magazine Featured Equiparts as Plumbing Member Supplier

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 5.53.20 PMWe are incredibly excited to announce that Equiparts is featured in the Spring 2016 issue of Plumbing Advocate Magazine! Plumbing Advocate Magazine, which is a division of Equity Plumbing, shares industry and advertising space for plumbing and associated industry suppliers to reach plumbing wholesalers. This quarter, the magazine chose Equiparts as the featured Member Profile and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you!

In the article, you will find some truly interesting insights. Joel Weiss, Equiparts President, delves into some pretty specific tidbits of information that demonstrates why there is such a high level of employee satisfaction found throughout the team. Did you know that all employees at Equiparts, no matter the position, are eligible for profit sharing, bonuses, and a matching 401K program? It’s true. That and more. This employee satisfaction translates into a strong customer service team that truly cares about our company, our products, and our customers’ satisfaction.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 5.41.28 PM

Read the full article here: ‘Turning Employee Satisfaction into Profit‘. Be sure to tell us your favorite part of the article in the comments below! Would you like to work for or with a company like Equiparts? We want to hear from you!

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For those of you who aren’t familiar with Equiparts, we are repair parts specialists. We supply a complete line of plumbing and mechanical specialties to solve a wide variety of maintenance repair problems. Take a look at the products we supply, and keep in mind, if you ever need a hard to find part, call Equiparts!