Quasar UVC-LED Bottle Fillers from Oasis

The Quasar UVC-LED Water Treatment Retrofit Kit From Oasis

Quasar UVC-LED Water Treatment Fixtures are unique hydration units from Oasis that use ultraviolet light to sterilize drinking water as it is being dispensed. Since pathogens in water are most harmful to people with compromised immune systems, Quasar units are ideal for facilities such as nursing homes, hospitals, recovery or rehabilitation centers, and other healthcare facilities. Quasar Fixtures are available as free-standing units, modular in-the wall units, combo units, or retrofits. This article focuses on the Oasis Quasar Bottle Filler Retrofit Kit. The Quasar Retrofit Kit is designed to adapt Oasis drinking fountain models PG8AC and P8AM.

Fight Legionella With Quasar

The Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s) of the Quasar generate high levels of UV photons which are directed at viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens in the drinking water. The photons render them harmless in seconds, making the water safe to drink.

Oasis Quasar UVC-LED Water Treatment units reduce 99.9% of water-borne pathogens such as Giardia, Cryptosporidium, and Legionella. Legionella can cause a serious type of pneumonia called Legionnaires’ disease. It can also cause a less serious illness called Pontiac fever. About one in 10 people who get sick from Legionnaires will die from the disease. According to the CDC, health departments reported nearly 10,000 cases of Legionnaires’ disease in 2018. They say that since Legionnaires’ is likely underdiagnosed, the number of true cases could be 1.8 to 2.7 times higher. Since 2000, reported cases of Legionnaires’ disease have increased by 550%.

Legionella awareness has increased during the pandemic as a result of the shutdown and reopening of certain businesses and facilities. (To learn more, read our article: Facility Shutdowns Cause Increased Risk of Legionella). Legionella is extremely common in all water supply systems. Stagnant or standing water in a plumbing system can increase the risk for the growth and spread of Legionella and other biofilm associated bacteria. Once Legionella grows and multiplies in a facility’s water system, it can spread in water droplets small enough for people to breathe in. A person can also become infected while drinking contaminated water if it accidentally “goes down the wrong pipe” and enters a person’s lungs. When the water systems of a facility have been shut down for an extended period of time, it is extremely important to execute certain safety procedures with your plumbing fixtures before allowing anyone to access the water supply. (See the above mentioned article for guidance.)

About UV Light

Germicidal ultraviolet light is already used safely in environments such as the poultry industry, bottling factories, and hospitals to disinfect the surfaces of eggs, the interior of food service bottles, and hospital rooms respectively. Now Oasis is using similar technology to deliver safe clean water in public facilities through its Quasar UVC-LED Bottle Fillers.

Ultraviolet light has the next shortest wavelength below visible light on the electromagnetic radiation spectrum. In general, the shorter the wavelength, the higher the energy of the waves. UV light is divided into three sub-bands: UVA (longest wavelength,) UVB (medium wavelength,) and UVC (shortest wavelength,). UV photons have enough energy to cause electrons to break away from atoms. This process is called ionization. The technology of the Quasar uses UV photons to penetrate into harmful microscopic organisms in the water, and damage their DNA, rendering them incapable of reproduction. The advantage of using this UVC-LED technology to sterilize water is that no chemicals are used, the system is mercury-free, and there is no heat transfer to the water.

Features Of Quasar Units From Oasis

Oasis Quasar Water Treatment Fixtures are available as free standing units, modular in-the wall units, combo units, or retrofits. See all of the models available in the table below. This article focuses on the Oasis Quasar Retrofit Kit.

Oasis Quasar UVC-LED Retrofit Kit Features:

  • Designed to retrofit Oasis drinking fountain models PG8AC and P8AM
  • Disinfects the water as it is being dispensed, reducing 99.9% of pathogens
  • Effective against a wide-range of water-borne pathogens, including Legionella, Cryptosporidium, and Giardia
  • Disinfects the water without the use of chemicals or altering the taste
  • Mercury free
  • Freshield: The alcove plastic is manufactured with Oasis’ exclusive silver-based antimicrobial compound
  • Extremely low power: UVC-LEDs do not transfer heat to the treated water
  • Constant Protection: UVC-LEDs pulse on every 10 minutes to keep the dispense point sanitized
  • Fail safe: Prevents water from dispensing if the Quasar unit becomes disconnected or fails
  • Long life: UVC-LEDs will last 10 years or more

Purchase Quasar Units

The Oasis Quasar UVC-LED Retrofit Kit is available in both filtered and non-filtered models listed below.

Part #47447 (PWEBQ) Non-Filtered

Part #47448 (PWF2EBQ) Filtered

For questions or to place an order, just give one of our product specialists a call, and they will be happy to help you.

Toll-Free: 800-442-6622
Pittsburgh: 412-781-9100

Phone hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM EST

Elkay Bottle Filler Reset Filter and Bottle Count Directions

Two of the most common Elkay bottle filler maintenance questions we get are “How do I reset the filter monitor?” and “How do I reset the bottle counter?” The answer to these questions can be found in the ‘Installation and Use Manual’ that is shipped with the unit, however that manual is easy to misplace or accidentally throw away after installation. So, we have pulled Elkay’s instructions for resetting the filter monitor and resetting the bottle counter here in this article. These directions are for EZWS and LZWS model units. 

Reset Elkay Bottle Filler Filter Monitor

1) Instructions apply to filtered units only.

2) Depress the program button* for approximately 2 seconds until the display changes then release. The display will change and scroll through two messages:

“RST FLTR” – Reset Filter Monitor

“SETTINGS” – System Settings Sub Menu

If the program button is not pushed again the display will scroll through the two messages above for three cycles and then default back to bottle count and be back in run mode.

3) When the display changes to “RST FLTR”, depress the button again. The display will change to show “FLTR =”. Depress the button again and the display will show “FLTR =0”

4) The Green LED should be illuminated indicating that the visual filter monitor has been reset.

*Where is the program button? To access the program button you must remove the top cover of the bottle filler. Do this by removing the two screws that hold the top cover of the bottle filler with a 5/32” allen wrench then removing the top cover. The programming button is located on the top right side of the unit on the control board.

Reset Elkay Bottle Filler Bottle Counter

1) Depress the program button for approximately 2 seconds until the display changes then release. The display will change and scroll through two messages:

“RST FLTR” – Reset Filter Status LED

“SETTINGS” – System Settings Sub Menu

If the program button is not pushed again the display will scroll through the two messages above for three cycles and then default back to bottle count and be back in run mode.

2) When the display changes to “SETTINGS”, depress the button again. The display will change to show:

“RNG SET”- Range set for IR sensor.

“UNIT TYP” – Type of unit (REFRIG or NON-RFRG) “FLT SIZE” – Select filter capacity

“RST BCNT” – Reset bottle count

If the button is not pushed again the display will scroll through the four messages above for three cycles and return to run mode.

3) When display shows “RST BCNT” push program button once the display will show current value, e.g. “0033183”.

4) Once display shows current value push the program button once more to reset back to 0. The display will show BTLCT = 0 for approximately 2 seconds and then return to run mode showing 00000000 bottles. NOTE: Once the bottle count is reset to zero there is no way to return to the previous bottle count.

5) Testing the bottle counter:

REFRIG units: Place bottle or hand in front of sensor for approximately 9 seconds to see bottle counter count 00000001, (This is based on filling a 20 oz. bottle).

NON-RFRG units: Place bottle or hand in front of sensor for approximately 6 seconds to see bottle counter count 00000001, (This is based on filling a 20 oz bottle).

Elkay Bottle Filler Filter Replacement and Reset Filter Light Video

Watch the video below to see how to replace the Elkay bottle filler filter and also reset the filter light on an Elkay LZWSSM Surface Mounted Bottle Filling Station. This process will be identical for all EZ and LZ filtered bottle fillers by Elkay. 

Buying Elkay Bottle Filler Parts and Filters

Equiparts is a master distributor of Elkay. We sell all of the units, repair parts, and filters Elkay makes, with many of them in stock and ready to ship. Listed below are related parts and filters for EZWSR and LZWSR units:

Elkay Repair Parts:

View our online selection of Elkay repair parts on our drinking fountain website.

Filter Replacement:

Buy EWF3000 Watersentry Plus Filter units on our drinking fountain website.

Elkay Bottle Filler Units:

View our online selection of Elkay bottle filler units on our drinking fountain website.

If you cannot find the repair parts or units you need, give us a call to place your order. Elkay makes many variations of their bottle fillers and we do not have every configuration listed online. Know that when you call in for help with Elkay units or parts, we will connect you with an Elkay repair parts specialist. We have worked with Elkay for many years, and know their units very well. 

Toll-Free: 800-442-6622 / Pittsburgh: 412-781-9100

Hours: Monday-Friday 8AM-4PM EST

Here is the full 19-page Installation and Use Manual for EZWSRK and LZWSRK ezH2O Bottle Filling Stations. These control board instructions as well as additional instructions concerning the control board can be found on page 17 including:

  • Verifying the control board software
  • Accessing the programming button
  • Setting range of the IR sensor where applicable
  • Setting unit type
  • Setting filter capacity

Equiparts has been a master distributor of Elkay units and repair parts for over 25 years. Work with us to get expert support for your Elkay drinking fountain and bottle filler needs.

Murdock Fountains: Learn Product Info + View How-to Service Video

How would you like to service your drinking fountain without disassembling the unit? With Murdock water coolers, you can! In this article, you will learn about what differentiates Murdock water coolers from other water cooler brands, how easy it is to service Murdock Maintenance Advantage Water Coolers, the different options now available, and why you should order your Murdock units from Equiparts. We also have an informative video of Bob Murdock during his most recent visit at Equiparts that shows you how easy it is to service Murdock units.

Why Choose Murdock Manufacturing Fountains

Easy to Maintain

Murdock water coolers are designed to make life easier for the maintenance people who service them. The simple configuration of their drinking fountains, water coolers, and bottle fillers allows for easy access to the parts that need attention most often. In addition, there are less moving parts to potentially repair, making maintenance calls less frequent. For example, instead of three push buttons on a water cooler, Murdock fountains have only one.

Service tasks like turning off the water, cleaning the strainer, changing the filter, adjusting water stream height, and replacing the cartridge can be completed easily and without disassembling the unit. See how easy it is to complete these tasks on a popular Murdock Water Cooler model in the video below.


Many Murdock units that were installed over a century ago are still fully functional today. They are a testament to the high-quality craftsmanship and durability of Murdock units.

How to Service Murdock Water Coolers

See just how easy it is to service a Murdock water cooler, and learn about some of the features and options available for the Murdock model A171408F-BF2S water cooler with bottle filler in the how to video above.

The Murdock unit shown is a refrigerated water cooler that has an all-stainless steel cabinet, with a flexible bubbler that supplies users with 8 GPH. The unit has an all-stainless push button activated bottle filler. View this unit on our website: Barrier Free Water Cooler with Bottle Filler (EC Part #66861)

Murdock Fountains

Series and Options

Murdock has 15 different series of water stations available. Below is a sampling of the different series and the various models and additions available for that series.

The Classic series is designed in likeness to the original Murdock fountains. This series includes tulip-filigree-style pedestal outdoor fountains with brass polished bowls and bubblers and manual foot pedal operation. These units are available in barrier-free, ADA-compliant, and freeze resistant configurations. Other features include child height, dual height, push buttons, and pet fountain attachments with three bowls, as well as other additions.

The Outdoor Bottle Filler Series contains a collection of outdoor hydration stations with bottle fillers. The models in this series are stand alone bottle fillers, bottle fillers with pet fountains, drinking fountain bottle filler combination fountains, and many other variations. These outdoor bottle filler units are available in manual or sensor activation, with finish options including stainless steel or powder coated steel in a variety of colors.

The Water Cooler Series has a variety of wall mounted water cooler units with models that include single manual water coolers and bi-level water coolers with sensor operated bottle fillers and bottle counter displays. This series also contains indoor recessed and semi-recessed sensor and push button bottle fillers as well. These units are available in stainless steel or galvanized steel powder coated finishes. There are different bubbler options and vandal resistant push buttons available for these units as well.


Murdock offers lots of customization options. They can add your logo or mascot onto your fountain, cooler, or bottle filler as a vinyl sticker. They can also leave an area of your unit uncovered during powder coating which will leave the shape of your logo or mascot in stainless steel on your unit.


Every Murdock unit is tested for leaks and other potential problems before it is approved for shipping. In many situations when a Murdock unit in the field needs repair, the company will send a service team to inspect the unit or units and perform any necessary repairs.

Murdock fountains and Equiparts

Murdock and Equiparts

Equiparts is a direct distributor of Murdock fountains, water coolers, bottle fillers, and repair parts. Bob Murdock, the owner of Murdock Manufacturing, visits Equiparts frequently to showcase products and teach our sales managers what makes Murdock fountains different from other drinking fountains on the market. He provides detailed information on the various models available in each series, the options available for each model, and how each unit functions internally, as well as how to service them.

Equiparts carries a variety of fountains, water coolers, bottle fillers, filters, and repair parts in stock. We can supply you with any model, including custom orders. At Equiparts, we work with Murdock to fulfill your order accurately, and we’ll ship it to you as quickly as possible.

Give us a call at 800-442-6622 Monday through Friday, 7:30AM-5:00PM EST to learn more about Murdock fountains and place your order. 


Murdock fountain

Photo from Murdock Manufacturing

Murdock Manufacturing Information

Murdock has been manufacturing fountains and hydrants for over 160 years, since 1853. In 2005, Murdock began a new partnership with Morris Group International (Acorn). Today, Murdock carries a variety of fountain lines, including classic and retro units like they made in the 1800s and 1900s, and new modern lines including bottle fillers, water coolers, pet fountains, contemporary round and square series, and more.


View our selection of Murdock fountains and find out what’s on sale now!

Case Study: Pittsburgh International Airport

Pittsburgh International Airport Updates

Congratulations to Pittsburgh International Airport for being the very first United States airport to be named Airport of the Year by Air Transport World Magazine! We are thrilled to have such a first-class facility in Pittsburgh, and we are proud to have contributed to their success by providing them with modern plumbing fixtures and upgraded drinking water solutions.

Equiparts has facilitated many updates to the Pittsburgh International Airport to increase traveler comfort and improve airport ambiance. Major updates included selecting and procuring new drinking fountains, bottle filler units, and new restroom fixtures. With support from our vendors such as Sloan and Elkay, we helped the airport choose the best solutions for their facility.

One of our knowledgeable representatives, Joe Ferraro, worked directly with the head of plumbing, as well as other key maintenance personnel at PIT Airport to implement these upgrades. As an outside sales rep at Equiparts, Joe frequently works with our Pittsburgh area customers on site to provide hands-on support. Joe continues to work with the maintenance department at PIT airport as a knowledgeable source for all of their plumbing and maintenance needs.


Additional Drinking Fountains and Bottle Filling Stations

Patrons of the airport cannot bring opened containers through checkpoint locations. That is one of the reasons why it is important that an airport has water coolers placed directly before and after security checkpoints, as well as throughout the airport, to make drinking water easily accessible. So far, Equiparts has added over 30 new water coolers throughout the airport. We have also added over a dozen bottle filler water cooler units to the Airside concourses where the majority of the shops and restaurants are located. The water cooler and bottle filler units we supplied are made by Elkay Manufacturing. These stainless steel units include the Vandal Resistant Bi-Level Water Cooler and EZH2O Bottle Filling Stations (View on our website). These multi-level units accommodate children and adults and allow two people to drink simultaneously, which is ideal for an airport, given the heavy traffic and the need for ADA compliance.


Restroom Updates

Joe used his experience and expertise to help Airport personnel select the best new fixtures for the airport’s needs.  Fixtures such as new faucets, flush valves, urinals, as well as American Standard sinks and soap dispensers were provided to upgrade the airport’s restrooms. Most of the new units chosen for these updates were from Sloan, for which Equiparts is a master distributor. PIT Airport updated their restrooms with top of the line Royal flushometers for urinals and closets, as well as electronic sensor faucets. All of these fixtures provide the highest quality in terms of functionality, appearance, and longevity.  

The PIT International Airport is constantly striving to improve the user experience for all of its travelers. We will be there to support them in any way we can, as their #1 source for plumbing and maintenance repair parts and fixtures!



Oasis Green Water Filter System

An Environmentally Friendly Water Cooler Filtration Systemreusuablefilter-watercoolers-equiparts.net

The Green Filter System by Oasis is an eco-friendly, economical, easy to use filter system that functions unlike most drinking fountain filters. What sets the Oasis filter apart from other filters? The Oasis Green Filter System features a reusable outer filter housing, so when the filter needs to be replaced, only the completely biodegradable interior filter media is disposed of.

Save Money + Reduce Environmental Impact

According to Oasis, over 6 million plastic filters are disposed of each year equating to over 1.1 thousand tons of non-biodegradable plastic waste. By using the Oasis Green FIlter System in your school or facility, you can save both money and energy, while decreasing plastic waste.

EZTurn-GreenFilter-OasisEZ-Turn and InLine EZ-ClipEZClip-GreenFilter-Oasis

There are two types of Green Filter® Systems: EZ-Turn, and InLine EZ-Clip. The EZ-Turn is an easy-to-install filtration system ideal for replacing pre-existing filter applications. To hook up this system, you simply push the tubes into place at the water entry and exit valves.

The InLine EZ-Clip is also easy to install and is ideal in situations where space is limited, and simplicity is important. The filter body is secured to the wall or unit with the EZ-Clip bracket.  Both Green Filter® Systems are compatible with most every device including water coolers, drinking fountains, bottle fillers, refrigerators, under sink filtration systems, and even coffee machines.


Filter Options

Both Green Filter® Systems utilize a range of interior filters which utilize different medias corresponding to various performance levels. The various filter types are as follows: sediment, carbon block, carbon/phosphate, carbon/lead/silver, carbon/lead/silver/phosphate, ceramic, galaxi (carbon and synthetic fiber), galaxi/phosphate, remedi (Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) and electro-adhesion), and remedi/phosphate. Each filter performs differently in regards to which media categories they efficiently filter. For example, the carbon/phosphate filter has a 0.5 Micron rating and proficiently filters chlorine, taste, and odor (CTO), scale reduction, and particles (including rust, sand, and stones). Review the graph below to find out how each interior filter performs for specific medias.


When you choose to provide the patrons and employees of your establishment, school, or facility with clean, filtered water, you are providing them with a healthy and safe drinking water access point. When you make the decision to utilize Oasis Green Filter® Systems, you benefit yourself with cost reduction in filter replacement, reduce your carbon footprint with less plastic waste, and provide the individuals who drink your water with safe, tasty drinking water.

Green Filter® Systems feature a Reusable Design that are Eco-Friendly, Economical, Easy to Install & Maintain, and Customizable with a range of filter media & filter performance.

Call one of our product specialists today to learn more about Oasis water filter systems. We carry the Oasis Green Filter® System as well as other Oasis water cooler filter replacement systems as well. Find out which filter system and media type is t: he best solution for your water cooler, drinking fountain, and/or bottle filler by speaking with one of our product experts: 800-442-6622 (M-F, 7:30AM-5:00PM EST). View more Oasis Filters. The filter kits shown below are listed in our online store. For specific filter medias, please call to order. 

GreenFilter-EZTurn-Oasis                     GreenFilter-Oasis-InLine

Additional Resources:
• Standards and Regulations Regarding Drinking Water Contaminants
• How and Why to Test Water for Chemicals, Bacteria, and Other Pollutants 
• Approved Drinking Water Analytical Methods
• Lowest Concentration Minimum Reporting Level (LCMRL) Calculator
• Drinking Water Contaminant Candidate List (CCL) and Regulatory Determination 

Best Commercial Water Fountain Webstore – EquipartsDrinkingFountain.com

Exciting News From the Equiparts Team: We Have a New, Informative, and Dynamic Website Specifically for Drinking Fountain, Water Cooler, and Bottle Filler Units and Parts!

So Why is This New Site So Exciting?

Incredibly Informative 

This site is chock-full of all of the hydration station information you need to make an educated purchase!

Easily find out if a unit will suit your needs. Product information and features like Manufacturer, Manufacturer Number, Installation Type, ADA Compliance, Finish, Filter Inclusion, GPH, Vandal Resistance, Operation (Manual or Sensor), and Shipping weight are listed. Then, there is a description of the unit that includes differentiating features, how it is installed, its warranty, etc. All available options for the unit are also listed, such as the recommendations from our manufacturers like Elkay, Oasis and Haws regarding the best installation locations. Click this link to view an example product listing.

Useful Dynamic Features


Product Comparison Tool

Easily compare product features of water coolers, bottle fillers, and drinking fountain units side by side-by-using the “Add to Compare” function. Learn how to use this tool step-by-step on our ‘How to Compare Units‘ page, then try it out for yourself on any category page.

Multiple Search Methods

  • Main Navigation Bar: The top or main navigation bar of the site differentiates units and parts by type (Water Coolers, Drinking Fountains, and Bottle Fillers). Then the drop down menus lead you to more specific categories like Brand or Type of Unit.
  • Search Bar: The search bar is a great place to find specific units by part number, manufacturer number, or other specific attributes.
  • Left Navigation List: The navigation list located on the left is a great place to search for units based on what location they will be installed in, or other attributes you desire. Click any single check box to narrow your search.

Unit ResourcesElkay-ezH2O-unitinformation

Every unit has a resource section to the right of the description which contains links to various helpful items like the Unit Spec Sheet, Parts Breakdown, or User Manual. Some units even have links to How-To Videos.

Hard to Find Part Photo Upload

Looking for a part for your drinking fountain, water cooler, or bottle filler but not sure what to search for or what the part is called? Send us a photo using our contact form, and one of our drinking fountain specialists will get back to you with an answer!

On Equipartsdrinkingfountains.com, we use high quality images and dense product information, with more information from a knowledgeable product specialist only a phone call or quote form away. Not only does our site supply you with high quality and up-to-date information about the hydration station parts and units we carry, we also have a strong, customer service oriented team that knows our products well. We strive to stay informed of our products with frequent visits from our manufacturer reps to review product features and updates.

Thanks for reading! Please share the new site on Facebook and help us spread the word!


Go Green with Elkay’s ezH2O Energy Saving Bottle Filler

Save Water and Decrease Plastic Use

Decrease plastic waste and encourage environmental responsibility by becoming an advocate for bottle filling water fountains.

Introducing: Bottle Filling Hydration Stations.

Elkay EZH20 Bottle Filling Drinking FountainThese units encourage the use of refillable water bottles instead of buying plastic and then throwing it away. Bottle filling stations, such as this ezH2O unit by Elkay, can be placed in your workplace cafeteria, your child’s school hallway, or in your university campus classroom. EZ Bottle Filling Stations come in a wide variety of styles, including vandal resistant units, bi-level fountain units, retrofit units for existing EZ water coolers, surface mounted or in-wall units, architectural units, as well as outdoor bottle filler units, (including units with low fountains for dogs). No matter what location you have in mind, there is a unit that fits it. These units can be used as just a fountain, supplying room temperature water, or they can also be used as a water cooler and supply refrigerated water. 

Elkay ezH2O units are Green Spec Listed. They have unique features that make them one of the most “green” bottle fillers available:

  • Energy Saving Mode: Water Cooler Bottle Filler units can be scheduled to turn off refrigeration during times of low or non-use to save energy, and simply dispense ambient water during set times.
  • Green Ticker™: Most units have an electronic indicator that counts the number of 20-ounce bottles saved, known as a Green Ticker™.
  • Sensor Controlled/Automatic Shut-Off: Some units are sensor activated, allowing touchless, sanitary operation, with an automatic 20 second shut off.
  • Low Energy LED Filter Status: Filtered units come with a visual filter monitor with green, yellow, and red LED lights that signify when a filter needs to be changed.

So help us decrease the average plastic bottle usage from 167 a year per American, to 1 bottle that we refill. That one bottle you use every day could be a statement too, like these beautiful, heavy duty reusable bottles from S’well.

S'well Reusable Bottles

Make an impact where you live, work, and play. Share the power of the Energy Saving Bottle Refill Station, and help your facility become more environmentally responsible while supplying an amenity to your students, faculty, and/or patrons. Share this article on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, or email it to your boss, the owner of your building, your friend on the school board, and the facility manager that lives down the street. Be an advocate for an environmentally friendly water source and help make a positive change in your corner of the world this Earth Day, and every day thereafter.

Find out which bottle filling unit is best for your unique situation by consulting with an Equiparts water fountain specialist: 800-442-6622 Monday-Friday, 7:30 AM-5:00 PM EST, or filling out our contact form and a specialist will get back to you with more information.

Get Motivated to Become Water and Energy Responsible in 2016. What will you do to make a difference?

Become Water and Energy Responsible in 2016

What Positive Change Will You Make this Earth Day?

Make a Major Positive Impact at Your School, Job, or Organization. Learn how to decrease plastic waste, and simultaneously help your fellow students or colleagues save money. Last Year, the average American used 167 disposable water bottles and only 38 of them were recycled.

In total, the U.S. consumes approximately 31 billion liters of bottled water per year. About 4 billion of those bottles end up in the U.S. waste streams, which costs municipalities about $70 million annually in disposal costs.

So, how can we decrease plastic waste, and encourage environmental responsibility?

Plastic Water Bottle Waste in AmericaBy utilizing new technology that encourages the ideals of reducing our footprint, reusing products, and recycling materials. Hopefully, you are currently doing this yourself by recycling at home and drinking tap water. But let’s go a step beyond you, and talk about how to encourage environmental responsibility on a larger level.
How do the places you frequent – your workplace, your child’s’ school, even the park you walk your dog through – encourage sustainability? Is there anything in place that perpetuates the idea of reduce-reuse-recycle? If not, then here is your opportunity to make a positive environmental impact where you live. Become an advocate for change and push for bottle filler water fountains.


Instead of using 167 disposable water bottles, encourage a sustainable change to one reusable bottle that can be used year after year. Learn what makes ezH2O bottle filler units Green Spec certified, and the eco-friendly features of these particular units by reading Part 2 of Becoming Water and Energy Responsible in 2016: Go Green with Elkay’s ezH2O Energy Saving Bottle Filler. Plus find out about a company that makes really cool reusable water bottles, too!

Commercial Drinking Fountain and Water Cooler Solutions

Bubbler Assembly - Flex Rubber GuardShop Equiparts today for drinking fountains, water coolers, and bottle fillers from Elkay & Oasis + repair parts/accessories from Elkay, Oasis, Central Brass, Universal and others.

Elkay EZH20 Bottle Filling Station and Water CoolerEquiparts is a distributor of Elkay and Oasis indoor and outdoor drinking water fountains, water coolers, and bottle fillers. It’s never been easier to find the right drinking water fountain or water cooler for your needs. Our inventory includes refrigerated water coolers, ideal for supplying chilled drinking water at any educational or healthcare facility, fitness club, office space, or hospital. We also carry non-refrigerated drinking fountains in a variety of styles to fit any application or environment.

Our bottle fillers help reduce plastic waste and protect the environment. Our Elkay and Oasis water coolers include barrier-free ADA compliant units, split level coolers with bottle filling stations, freestanding and wall-mount units, and vandal-resistant drinking fountains. Additionally, we offer an extensive line of repair parts for both manufacturers including bubblers, push pads, cartridges, solenoids, filters, valves, hoses, spouts, handles, and much more.

Visit our Drinking Fountain website to easily compare units, buy repair parts online, order filter replacements, and read our helpful blog articles that share troubleshooting information and more useful resources.