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TOTO Washlet: The World’s Best Bidet

TOTO Washlet Blog Article Banner Image

TOTO’s Washlet is the #1 selling electronic bidet seat on the market. TOTO has sold over 50 million Washlet units worldwide. Anyone can use a bidet. They promote good hygiene and they are comfortable and easy to use. Oftentimes, they are used by the following groups of individuals: People with disabilities or mobility issues, seniors, […]

Sloan Waterfree Urinal Cartridge Replacement Instructions

Waterfree Urinal Replacement Instructions

If you are a maintenance person who services Sloan Waterfree Urinals, then this article is for you! Sloan waterfree urinals are fantastic fixtures to install if you want to save water, lower sewage bills, and attain LEED certifications. This blog will show you the most up to date Sloan waterfree urinal cartridge information with step-by-step […]

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