Sloan Optima Solenoid Replacement Guide

Almost every single electronic faucet utilizes a few key components for operation: a faucet, a power source, a control module assembly, and a solenoid valve. In this article, we will focus on the latter – Solenoid Valves. More specifically, solenoid valve replacements for Sloan Optima Faucets. You will learn the following: common solenoid problems when to use old style versus new style solenoid valves, how to identify which solenoid you need for your Sloan Optima faucet, and where to find additional Sloan repair parts and troubleshooting resources. 

When do solenoids need to be replaced?

Sloan solenoids should last for years when used correctly. But even with proper usage, solenoids don’t last forever. At some point, faucet solenoids will need to be replaced. 

Common Solenoid Valve Problems:

  • Erratic Valve Noises
  • Partially Closed Valves
  • Valve Will Not Open

A number of things can cause the malfunctions listed above. One of those things is the faucet’s solenoid valve assembly. When a faucet is having issues and the culprit is the solenoid valve, then it is likely that the solenoid will need to be replaced entirely.

Why can solenoid replacement be difficult?

There are over 25 different Sloan Optima faucet models, and a handful of different Sloan faucet solenoids to choose from. For most of these faucets, only one style of solenoid works. For others, there are two choices. The variety of faucet styles and solenoids from Sloan can make finding the right Sloan solenoid replacement tricky, especially if you are ordering solenoids for a variety of Sloan faucets.

Old Style versus New Style Sloan Solenoids

It is important to understand that for some faucets, Sloan may have an Old Style Solenoid and a New Style Solenoid. This is important because Old and New Style Solenoids are NOT interchangeable. In other words, if you have an old style solenoid, then you cannot upgrade to the New Style Solenoid when you need to replace the solenoid. Sloan still makes Old Style Solenoids in addition to their New Style Solenoids. There are still many old style faucets in use that will eventually need their old style solenoids replaced. And of course, newer style faucets will eventually need new style solenoid replacements too.

Sloan Optima Solenoid Chart

Use the links below to buy the Sloan Optima Solenoids listed in this chart:

*Old versus New Solenoid Identification Help:

Let’s examine the Sloan EBV-650 solenoid valve because it lists two solenoids in the chart above: the new style ETF-740-A and the old style EBF-1011-A. In order to determine which solenoid your EBF-650 faucet needs, take a look at the solenoid you are removing from the unit, and see if it looks like the Old Style Solenoid shown at the very top of the chart, or the New Style Solenoid, shown in the second row. Luckily, the solenoids look nothing alike, making comparative identification easier if you still have the existing solenoid. 

When you do not have the broken solenoid that needs to be replaced, and the faucet you have can utilize more than one solenoid replacement, then you should give us a call for help. We can help you figure out the model and age of your faucet in order to identify which solenoid you need.

Need more help replacing your Sloan Optima solenoid? Give us a call. Our product experts are standing by ready to help you replace your faucet’s solenoid along with any other repair parts you may need for your faucet, flushometer, and more. 

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Silver Defender Tape

Silver Defender Products are antimicrobial protected films that can adhere to a variety of surfaces. They are designed to be used on high-touch shared surfaces in high-traffic areas. The tape is designed to cover these surfaces with an antimicrobial film to help stop the transmission of bacteria. It also prevents mold, mildew, and fungi.

How Does Silver Defender Tape Work?

Silver Defender tape is embedded with silver ions. The silver ions provide a cleaning power that is activated by light, air pressure, and touch. They create an antimicrobial layer that protects surfaces.

But how exactly do silver ions keep surfaces clean? Unlike atomic silver which is inert, silver ions are very active. According to the medical book Advanced Textiles for Wound Care, “Silver ion is a highly reactive moiety, and avidly binds to tissue proteins, causing structural changes in bacterial cell walls and intracellular and nuclear membranes.” 

This is why the silver ion is commonly used as an antimicrobial agent in a wide variety of applications. For example, it is the most common antimicrobial agent used in burn wound care in the western world. It is also used to control legionella in hospital potable water systems. In Silver Defender Tape, it is used to create an antimicrobial layer to cover high-touch surfaces. 

Silver Defender Tape only needs to be replaced every 90 days. It is easy to install and remove. Watch our installation video below to see how easy it is to apply to a push plate on a door. 


Where Can Silver Defender be Installed?

Silver Defender can be installed on nearly any smooth surface that is susceptible to becoming a germ breeding ground. Most commonly, it is used in transportation, education, business, and retail facilities. 

Currently, we carry the 2-inch and 4-inch tape rolls. Silver Defender is also available in die-cut designs, touchscreen film, and elevator button film.

Silver Defender Installation Video

Silver Defender Products

Shown in the installation video is the 4-inch Silver Defender Tape. We also carry 2-inch Silver Defender Tape. Give us a call to learn more about ordering other Silver Defender products.

2-inch Silver Defender Tape
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4-inch Silver Defender Tape
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For use on push/pull flat handles, handicap push plates, sink handles, mail cart handles, refrigerator door handles, etc.

Silver Defender Product

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Where to Buy

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