Wipe Off Vandalism Mark Remover

The Wipe Off Vandalism Mark Remover (EC Part # 79643) is a graffiti remover, spray paint remover, marker ink remover, scuff remover, and more, all in one handy 16.5 ounce can. It’s a great item for facility managers, janitors, and building operations managers to have on hand. It removes a variety of media from a multitude of surfaces, and drastically reduces the labor involved in removing those marks. Not only does it remove common vandalism materials like spray paint and marker ink, but it also makes clean up easy for other, less common items like wax based lipsticks and crayons, as well as ink based items like ball point pens. This Vandalism Mark Remover can also remove wear and tear marks like tape residue and scuff marks.

In general, the less porous the surface, the better the Vandalism Mark Remover will work. Example surfaces that respond well to the mark remover include, but are not limited to, the following: baked enamel and powder coated steel, plastic, hard rubber, and porcelain surfaces.

Call to order the Vandalism Mark Remover now at 800-442-6622 Monday-Friday, 7:30AM-5:00PM EST. Be sure to mention the EC Part number (79643) when placing your order. Save/share the Wipe Off Vandalism Mark Remover PDF with your colleagues.

Add-a-Stop Repair Valve


This add-a-stop Dahl valve makes it so you can perform maintenance on your water outlet without having to shut off the water. When an existing stop valve is leaking, or not working properly, and it would be difficult to remove it, the Add-A-Stop Repair Valve is the perfect solution. It piggybacks on the existing stop, so there is no cutting or resoldering needed. If the old stop valve is leaking just slightly, you can just disconnect the supply hose, screw on the Add-A-Stop to the old stop, and reconnect the hose. If the old stop cannot close at all, turn off the water supply elsewhere, and then connect the Add-A-Stop to the malfunctioning stop valve. Then connect the supply hose to the new valve, turn the water back on, and you’re back in business! The Add-A-Stop is a quick and easy solution that every plumber should keep in their truck or van.

RetrofitValve-Dahl-EquipartsDahl Add-a-Stop Repair Valves are made of lead-free brass and have a chrome plated finish. Dahl retrofit valves are known for their high-quality components and the limited lifetime warranty. At Equiparts, we stock two different sized Add-a-Stop Repair Valve by Dahl:

The  3/8″ Straight Stop Valve (EC Part #51407) which has a ⅜” Inlet Female OD by ⅜” Outlet OD. (Dahl Model #111-41-31)

The 1/2″ Straight Stop Valve (EC Part #56885) which has a 1/2” OD x 1/2” OD. (Dahl Model #111-42-32)

We can order other sizes to meet your needs as well. Give us a call to learn more about the Dahl products we offer and their many applications: 800-442-6622 Monday-Friday, 7:30AM-5:00PM (EST). View our downloadable Add-a-Stop Repair Valve PDF

Fixture Out of Service Bonnet


OutofServiceCover-EquipartsThis Out of Service Bonnet (EC Part #81951) is a quick and sanitary method to designate that a variety of fixtures are out of service. This temporary cover notifies employees and/or patrons that a fixture is currently unavailable for use. It is made out of spun bonded polypropylene, and is inexpensive and disposable. It adhere’s to the out of service unit with an elastic band and elastic ties, enabling the plumber or maintenance department to securely wrap the bonnet around a variety of size and shape fixtures.

The Out of Service Bonnet can be used on the following fixtures:
• Urinals,
• Toilets,
• Drinking Fountains,
• Kitchen Equipment,
• And Many Other Applications.

Sooner or later, the equipment at your facility will stop working and need to be serviced. Are you prepared to signify that your fixture is out of service in a professional manner? Out of Service Bonnets are the professional out of service covers all facilities should keep in stock. The multifunction nature of this item makes it ideal for many commercial businesses including hotels, restaurants, small businesses, industrial plants, and many other locations.

The Out of Service Cover is an item we recommend all facilities to keep in stock. Not only is it a professional item to notify your patrons of an out of service fixture, but it also increases employee efficiency by having a cover on hand.

It eliminates employees needing to take the time to create a makeshift sign and cover that would likely be an unsightly combination of masking tape, trash bags, and/or cardboard.

Share the out of service bonnet with your facility manager or purchasing department easily by sending them the Urinal Out of Service Bonnet (#81951) PDF or view it on our website: Out of Service Bonnet.


Rothenberger Emergency Pipe Repair Clamp



Save the Day

Be prepared to repair pipes with the Emergency Pipe Repair Clamp – The quick, easy, and professional way to temporarily repair a burst, perforated, or leaky pipe. This Emergency Pipe Repair Clamp is a great item to have in virtually any building. In cases of emergency, such as when a pipe has burst in an area where the water supply cannot be shut off, this clamp can reduce water damage and save a lot of time, energy, and money, not to mention water!

Rothenberger-RepairClamp-EquipartsNo tools required!

Simply open the device, center it around the problem area, firmly close both housing members, engage the latch mechanism and close the device around the problem area with a squeeze of your hand.

Use On:

• Use on Copper, CPVC or PEX piping
• Both domestic and commercial heating & water pipes
• Frost damaged or perforated water pipes

The Emergency Pipe Repair Clamp is now on sale at Equiparts! To place your order, give us a call on our toll-free number: 800-442-6622 Monday through Friday, 8AM-5PM EST. Or add the products to your quote request on our website! Available in two sizes:

Emergency Pipe Repair Clamp for ½” Pipe
 (EC Part #38012)

Emergency Pipe Repair Clamp for ¾” Pipe (EC Part #38013)

Know someone who needs the Rothenberger Repair Clamp in their toolbox? Share the Pipe Repair Clamp PDF with them!