Plumbing Advocate Magazine Featured Equiparts as Plumbing Member Supplier

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 5.53.20 PMWe are incredibly excited to announce that Equiparts is featured in the Spring 2016 issue of Plumbing Advocate Magazine! Plumbing Advocate Magazine, which is a division of Equity Plumbing, shares industry and advertising space for plumbing and associated industry suppliers to reach plumbing wholesalers. This quarter, the magazine chose Equiparts as the featured Member Profile and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you!

In the article, you will find some truly interesting insights. Joel Weiss, Equiparts President, delves into some pretty specific tidbits of information that demonstrates why there is such a high level of employee satisfaction found throughout the team. Did you know that all employees at Equiparts, no matter the position, are eligible for profit sharing, bonuses, and a matching 401K program? It’s true. That and more. This employee satisfaction translates into a strong customer service team that truly cares about our company, our products, and our customers’ satisfaction.

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Read the full article here: ‘Turning Employee Satisfaction into Profit‘. Be sure to tell us your favorite part of the article in the comments below! Would you like to work for or with a company like Equiparts? We want to hear from you!

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For those of you who aren’t familiar with Equiparts, we are repair parts specialists. We supply a complete line of plumbing and mechanical specialties to solve a wide variety of maintenance repair problems. Take a look at the products we supply, and keep in mind, if you ever need a hard to find part, call Equiparts!


Equiparts Visits Sloan Park aka the Cubs Stadium


Sloan Park Chicago Cubs
As a Pittsburgh based company, Equiparts naturally has many employees who are sports fans. So when we found out Equiparts team member Andrew Grimwood, our Web Designer, was going on a trip to Arizona, we got him tickets to a Cubs game so he could check out Sloan Park.
 Sloan Park Cubs Stadium
For those of you unfamiliar with Sloan Park, it is the Spring training home of the Chicago Cubs and opened in 2014. It was originally called Cubs Park, but on Jan. 8th, 2015, Sloan Valve Co. bought the naming rights. Located in Mesa, Arizona, Sloan Park is the largest spring training stadium by capacity (15,000 seats) in Major League Baseball.
Andrew told us about his experience at Sloan Park:
Sloan Park Mesa, ArizonaAs I entered the park, I was astonished by its sheer size. There were people everywhere, including Cubs fans and fans of other MLB teams. There was not a bad view anywhere in the park, and the smell of great food was everywhere. Ever since I started working at Equiparts back in the Spring of 2013, I’ve learned a lot about Sloan Valve Co, so I had to go and check out the restroom facilities. It was packed, but I tried to catch a glance of all the units they had installed. The coolest thing I saw was the BASYS faucet with the Spring Training logo of the Cubs right on the head of the faucet. Before I left the park, I had to get my picture taken in front of the Spring Training version of the world-famous Wrigley Field Marquee that welcomes visitors to the park. I had a great time visiting the park. The views and the food were great, as were the facilities.
 Sloan Valve Faucet for Chicago Cubs
Andrew added, “Out of all the ballparks I visited in Arizona, Sloan Park was by far the best one!”
Equiparts was the very first Sloan Valve Repair Center and has been a Sloan Valve Master Repair Parts Distributor for almost 50 years. We stock a complete line of Sloan repair parts and units, from the smallest Sloan repair parts to custom-built Sloan flush valves, work with Equiparts, and get any Sloan fixture, part or tool you need.

4 Tools All Maintenance Personnel Need

Whether you maintain a few apartment buildings, a hospital, or a school, there are some tools that should be stocked in all maintenance departments! This list will help you keep your facilities in perfect working order, safeguard against emergency situations, and more! Find out what makes these tools great to have on hand at any facility by learning about their ability and features below!

Hinge Doctor Toolkit

1. Hinge Doctor Complete Tool Kit

Does the building you manage have doors? We thought so. Chances are, some of those doors have hinges that can benefit from being realigned. The Hinge Doctor is a hinge restoration tool, designed to adjust new, worn, and improperly adjusted hinges. If a door in your building is sagging or dragging, it’s due to an issue with the hinge. Left flawed, the hinge will wear faster, and cause damage to the door and the floor underneath the door, while also making the door difficult to open and close. This Hinge Doctor kit includes sizes for both residential and commercial doors, so you’ll be ready to tackle almost any door. Repairs with the Hinge Doctor are quick and easy, allowing you to fix sagging doors in just fifteen seconds! Get the Hinge Doctor Complete Tool Kit and never have hinge issues at the buildings you manage again!
See the Hinge Doctor in action in our ‘Hinge Doctor Review and How-to’ video:

Angle Stop Combo Wrench

2. Angle Stop Combo Wrench

The Angle Stop Combo Wrench is a new product at Equiparts that we are very excited to have in stock! This multi-purpose tool is perfect for use on angle AND straight stops! The grip is cushioned, and the wrench is adjustable up to ½”. It has a reversible jaw for an extra wide grip and comes with removable caps to protect surfaces and prevent marring on objects with plated finishes. This wrench makes installing angle and straight stops a snap! It’s a must have tool for any plumbing maintenance personnel. Get the Angle Stop Combo Wrench and make all of your angle and straight stop repairs with one great tool!

Insta-Clamp Emergency Kit

3. Insta-Clamp Emergency Kit

Insta-Clamps enable facility managers and maintenance personnel to stop leaks at the solder joints on pipes quickly and easily. With the Insta-Clamp Emergency Kit, the building you manage will never need to have an emergency shut down due to a burst pipe. You can take control of the situation by providing a fast, temporary fix, and scheduling a permanent repair at the most convenient time for you and/or the facility. Having an Insta-Clamp kit on hand is a no-brainer for maintenance professionals. There is no single clamp that is versatile enough to fit all settings, which is why having the complete kit is ideal. This kit includes one size of each Insta-Clamp™ from 1/2″ to 2″. The Insta-Clamps can repair couplings, 45s, 90s, tees, and joints. Pick up the Insta-Clamp Emergency Kit today! 

Offset Non-Marking Pipe Wrench

4. Offset Non-Marking Pipe Wrench

The Offset Non-Marking Pipe Wrench is another must have tool that we carry at Equiparts. It enables you to get to those hard-to-reach places where nuts tend to reside. This tool has a hex jaw design, which gives you a multi-sided, secure grip on all hex nuts, square nuts, unions and valve packing nuts. This Offset Pipe Wrench is non-marking, so you don’t have to worry about damaging or marking the object you are gripping, unlike wrenches with teeth that mark-up brass and remove chrome finish. The jaw is thin and smooth, so it is able to fit into the tightest of places. The wrench jaw opens to a max width of 2-⅝”, and can hold nuts up to 1½”. Get the Offset Non-Marking Pipe Wrench today, and have the tool you need for tough to reach repairs.

We stock tons of unique and specific tools for almost every application at Equiparts, and we are even better known for our wide selection of repair parts. Browse through our product categories, or give one of our parts specialists a call. Order one or all of our tools listed above, or inquire about a tool or part you’ve been looking for by calling us at 800-442-6622 Monday-Friday, 7:30 AM-5:00 PM.