The Clogged Roof Drain Solution: Mifab RoofGuards

Standing water on flat roofs is a major problem, especially for large commercial facilities that have multiple buildings to manage. As a distributor of a variety of plumbing and maintenance fixtures and repair parts, we like to show you how … Read More

Fire Extinguisher Cover Replacement Guide

Is the fire extinguisher cover at your facility broken? Then you probably should replace it. Read this article and use the Fire Extinguisher Cover Measurement PDF to get the proper replacement for your broken fire extinguisher cover. It’s important to … Read More

Equiparts Company Booklet

  Equiparts Repair Part Specialists   Supplying a Complete line of plumbing and mechanical specialties to solve a wide variety of maintenance repair problems.   The Equiparts Company Booklet is an introductory piece about Equiparts as a company. Equiparts is … Read More

Fat Ivan Portable Doorstops: A Useful Gizmo

“When you need a door held open, you need a Fat Ivan!” Invented by a firefighter, the Fat Ivan doorstop is an ideal tool for anyone who frequently carries things in and out of doors without a free hand to … Read More

New Product Announcement: the Step-n-Wash

Most public restrooms are not kid-friendly. Lavatory sinks are not designed with the height of a child in mind. But it is very important for children to be able to wash their hands since that is one of the best … Read More

Hinge Repair Screws

Fix your loose door hinges without drilling new holes! Hinge Repair Screws are the most efficient option when making hinge repairs caused by stripped screws. These specially made screws have a #12 Phillips undercut head with a #14 oversized body that … Read More

Equiparts 2017 Fall Sales Meeting

Equiparts recently held our Fall 2017 Sales Meeting in Oakmont, Pennsylvania. It was a very productive two-day event that included vendor presentations, new product demonstrations, technology updates, and a review of the state of Equiparts as a company. The meeting … Read More